Taking in the intake

Carlsbad Lagoon

A view appreciated by all.

photo by Mike Pierro.

…not a boy, but a girl

carlsbad bird lady

There was a bird
that was named Giavanti.
He had colorful feathers
and lived in park with his family.

His kin liked to drink,
laugh and smoke cigars—
They often got into trouble
and thrown behind bars.

These troublesome nights were often,
but one was like no other.
Givanti was thought to be in harm
and was stripped from his mother.

He was taken to a vet
where his life was sent into a twirl.
His name was changed to Giavanta,
because all this time he was not a boy, but a girl.

The Motorcycle Cannonball finishes in Carlsbad



















photos by Bryan Snyder

Learn more about the Motorcycle Cannonball.

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Carlton Lund installs Kindness Meters in Carlsbad




Carlsbad Sign lighting






Carlsbad realtor Carlton Lund installs two kindness meters at base of the Carlsbad sign on Thursday, September 23.

The collection of one meter’s “kindness” will finance the .15/hr. cost to light the overhead Carlsbad sign. Local organizations will receive funds form the other meter.

Carlsbad Music Festival Photos

Carlsbad Music Festival


Carlsbad Music Festival

A couple favorite shots from the 2016 Carlsbad Music Festival.

Sand One paints the Carlsbad Art Wall

Sand One art Carlsbad
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sandWEB39On Saturday, August 27, prolific street artist and entrepreneur Sand One painted one of her signature “doll” character on the Carlsbad Art Wall (CAW) located on the east facing wall of Señor Grubby’s in the Carlsbad Village.

Sand One art CarlsbadFans of Sand promptly arrived at the CAW on Saturday, but were surprised to find a blank wall with no sign of the visiting artist. Due to the overwhelming response to a recent product launch on her website, Sand was stuck in her LA based studio fulfilling 1,000+ orders of her newly released art themed air-fresheners.


Sand One street artSand arrived at the CAW on Sunday as a steady fan base of Latina women trickled in. Before she had time to unpack her supplies, a large crowd had gathered. Sand’s social media audience of 85,000+ followers on Instagram, and just as much on all other social channels, watched Sand’s every move through an ongoing stream of daily updates. They know her favorite foods, her beliefs, her art’s story and a slew of personal stories some might sheepishly share to only the closest of friends. Sand is an open book and her followers read every single word.

sandWEB18Sand, a 5ft. tall Mexican woman from East LA wore short jean shorts and a tight bodysuit showcasing one of her signature “doll” characters, is a personality made for the stage. Her thick Mexican accent can be heard at all times sharing stories, personal beliefs and jokes, all which the growing crowd of loyal fans listen to very closely.


sandWEB19Sand’s art and humor is not the only reason why the growing crowd had a smile throughout the day. Many of Sand’s fans, if not all, have triumphed through difficult times in their lives because of Sand’s empowering message behind her art. Sand encourages women to leave abusive relationships, start their own businesses and take control of their lives. The gratitude behind the dozens of smiles that surrounded Sand even before she sprayed a single color on the bare wall is in itself a piece of art.

sandWEB21Lucky assistants are chosen from the crowd. They celebrate this heightened position from just a fan to a team member and instantly begin organizing the colorful spray cans from the front line. There is an unspoken competition for Sand’s attention. This promotion secures a full day of privileged status—one which Sand will always remember.


sandWEB2While the chosen helpers excitedly worked, Sand inquired about Carlsbad. Within seconds, and without a preliminary sketch, Sand decided on a mermaid. She bounced around the wall in an eruption of creativity while outlining her character. After only minutes and within a cloud of dust and paint fumes, her composition was mapped, her cans were organized, and she was back off the wall in full conversation with the newest arrivals.

sandWEB30Every artist approaches large scale painting in the public space differently. Some put on their headphones diving deep into their own isolated world whiles others acknowledge spectators with a polite nod and short introduction. Sand is an anomaly. She aggressively sought out meaningful conversations, often leaving the wall in the midst of creative outbursts. She continuously worked on memorizing each of the many names that watched her every move and she learned of their backgrounds, their hardships and their personal triumphs—responding quickly with brash advice—all gladly accepted.


Sand One artThe steady flow of fans continued to arrive throughout the day. While Sand made progress on her design, adding hints of shadows and highlights, the crowd thickened. As if Sand had eyes in the back of her head, she twirled away from the wall and identified each of the newest arrivals, many whom awaited with gifts of Sand’s favorite almond milk, flowers and an assortment of food neatly packaged to Sand’s liking. Being called out by Sand is something of a rite of passage—the moment you graduate from an online follower, or even a collector, to a mural assistant who will forever be part of one of Sand’s creations.

sandWEB42Sand grabbed a black spray can and began outlining her character—bringing it to life with exaggerated eyelashes, oversized eyes and bright plump lips. The crowd cheered with each new eyelash, many fans shared that those are their favorite part. The womanly figure came to life in a colorful combination of cartoon and comic aesthetics.

Sand One art

sandWEB69Sand has always been an artists since she was a child. She first found inspiration from Michael Turner comic books on the shelves of the grocery store she would frequent with her family as a young girl. This early inspiration was found in the sexy female characters of Turner’s Fathom and Witchbalde. Her “dolls” including the one that she continued to paint between conversations, reflect these early inspirations, along with influences of her heritage in a Mexican family growing up in East LA.

sandWEB51The mural was completed with a quick signature, the same one that currently dries on the shirts, phones and roller-skates of the many watching fans. Sand proclaimed her finished mural to the crowd, as well a to her SnapChat audience, and was greeted with a loud roar of applause. Each fan got a welcomed opportunity to state their name on Sand’s live social media feed.

sandWEB68A selfie and signature frenzy continued for the next hour while passersby questioned the purpose of the hype. Sand’s fans quickly explained the importance of Sand’s message behind each artwork.


Sand is an artist, a rock star, a performer, an entrepreneur and a therapist. She is one of the most prolific artists in LA with murals around every corner and an online store her team can’t keep stocked. She can be credited for empowering woman all over LA, possibly saving lives in the process. She has mastered the art of human interaction producing passionate followers through meaningful conversations. Sand is 100% real and tells it as it is. Her confidence is borderline arrogant; her advice is brash and her forwardness is intimidating—and her army of fans love it!

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Started in March 2015, Carlsbad Village based artist Bryan Snyder will be bringing a street artists/muralist every 2 months to paint a mural on the east facing wall of Señor Grubby’s in the Carlsbad Village.
The goal of the Carlsbad Art Wall is to serve as a conduit between aspiring artists and professional artists, to provide a platform to engage and educate the Carlsbad community in the creative act of large scale public painting and to introduce a variety of new art and creative processes to the Carlsbad community.

Official Press Release

Directions to the Carlsbad Art Wall located at Señor Grubby’s

Sand One to paint the Carlsbad Art Wall

Sand One Carlsbad

WHEN: Friday, Aug. 26 and Saturday, Aug 27 (all day)
WHERE: Señor Grubby’s in Carlsbad Village (map)

After the last mural by a San Diego based artist, the Carlsbad Art Wall (CAW) is bringing a Los Angeles muralist to Carlsbad. LA based artist Sand One is scheduled to begin painting Friday, August 26, 2016 at Señor Grubby’s in the Carlsbad Village. Sand will be painting all day. Mural to be completed Saturday, August 27.

Sand One’s website

Sand One’s cartoony females called “dolls” can be found painted large-scale all over Los Angeles with over-sized eyelashes, acrylic-painted nails, fruity colors and LA-themed tattoos. The “dolls” that Sand paint represent the empowerment of females within the fast-paced hustle of everyday. Her strong “doll” characters remind us that being a woman does not inherently equal being fragile.

Raised by a single mother, graffiti maven Sand is of proud Mexican and Guatemalan ancestry, something that is reflected heavily in her work. Along with being one of the most prolific muralists in Los Angeles, Sand is also a successful fine artists with loyal collectors. She is also an active entrepreneur release clothing, phone accessories and handbags all showcasing her artwork.

Sand’s art has taken her all across the globe, from Miami to Japan, Mexico, Guatemala and Thailand. She has collaborated with some of the biggest companies including Urban Decay, Jeffrey Campbell Shoes, Sheikh Shoes, Red Bull, Levi’s and NBA Cares.

In 2015, the east facing exterior wall of Señor Grubby’s rotated through 5 different CAW murals—each painted by a new Los Angeles street artist. Each artist was curated by Carlsbad village based artist Bryan Snyder with the goal of introducing new urban art to the Carlsbad community, as well as providing an educational setting for aspiring urban artists. In its 2nd year, the CAW will be painted by both local San Diego and Los Angeles artists.

Annie Preece
Devin Liston
Skye Walker
Sebastien Walker
Gloria Muriel

Huffin’ and puffin’ in the mornin’

Carlsbad powerplant

Carlsbad powerplant

The Encina Power Plant exhaling some early morning smoke.

Snyder’s Doodle Art Hunt PHOTOS


On Sunday, August 14, Carlsbad Village resident-artist Bryan Snyder sent Carlsbad Art in the Village attendees on an art hunt through the Carlsbad Village in search of a chance to win an original painting based on his signature character named Doodle.

Each of the eight Doodle paintings hung over the entrance to Snyder Art booth located on State Street awaiting there new home.

100+ Doodle reproductions on wood hung on the facade of Snyder’s booth—each containing a clue guiding art hunters in the general area of a hidden wooden disk—ultimately awarding a painting when returned to Snyder.

See below for photos of all the Doodle winners, as well as a collection of photos capturing the entire day’s Doodle Art Hunt excitement:

doodle win2
doodle win1
doodle win8 doodle win7 doodle win6 doodle win5 doodle win4 doodle win3

doodle15 doodle11 doodle10 doodle9 doodle8 doodle12doodle7 doodle6 doodle4 doodle3 doodle2 doodle1doodle5

Read the Coast News newspaper article!

Watch Snyder create Doodles in studio!

Snyder’s Doodle Art Hunt: Aug. 14

Snyder Doodle Art Hunt

Doodle Art Hunt coming to the Carlsbad Village

WHERE: booth 332 at the Carlsbad ‘Art in the Village’ street fair
WHEN: Sunday, Aug. 14 (all day)

Village based artist Bryan Snyder will be hosting an art hunt featuring his signature character named Doodle during the biannual ‘Art in the Village’ street fair on Sunday, August 14, 2016—all day.

Eight original Doodle paintings on canvas will be hidden in the local Carlsbad Village streets. Hunt participants will be guided to these hidden paintings through clues available at the ‘Snyder Art’ booth #332 located on State Street at the entrance of the State/Grand parking lot. Original paintings and clues will only be available during the Aug. 14 art themed fair.

“Each hidden Doodle will not be visible to the naked eye,” Snyder says. The clues will lead you to a general area. At that point it is up to you to look in, under and around to find your newest piece of original art.”

Although the hidden pieces of art are limited to only eight, each participant receives a collectable souvenir. Each clue is a Doodle reproduction on wood piece of art with a glossy finish and convenient hook for easy hanging. Doodle clues are $10 each, or two for $15.

In addition to the hidden original Doodle paintings, Snyder will also hide a painted sculpture in his signature “drip art” style. Those who find this sculpture, take a photo, and post it to Instagram tagging @SnyderArt and #SnyderBonusClue will receive a direct message containing a single additional clue.

The Snyder Art booth will also showcase a variety of Snyder’s artwork including a collection of his drip paintings on canvas, Doodle artwork and other select pieces.

Art in the Village: Carlsbad Village

Carlsbad Art in the Village

WHAT: Art in the Village
WHEN: Sunday, Aug. 16 | 9–5pm
WHERE: Carlsbad Village

Held on the second Sunday every August, The Carlsbad Village Association (CVA)’s 18th Annual Art in the Village will return this Aug. 14, 2016, bringing over 125 local and regional artists for a one-day, open air event.

Celebrating the dynamic art culture in Carlsbad Village and the surrounding areas, the event attracts thousands of residents and a diverse selection of fine artists in mediums such as oil painting, watercolors, photography, mixed media, new media, classical and contemporary sculpture, as well as artisans who work in the mediums of jewelry making, woodworking, furniture, pottery, and hand-painted clothing and accessories.

Starting at 9 a.m. attendees can browse exhibits and listen to live music along State Street and Grand Avenue right in the heart of the Village, just blocks from Carlsbad State Beach.

More info at:

A hug, a bench and the ocean

carlsbad beach lover

The summertime streets are cluttered and the beaches are crowded, but keep calm—an empty bench with a view is just around the corner.

Dripping a Trail by Bryan Snyder


Dripping a Trail by Bryan Snyder

Once dominated by the beach lifestyle, extreme sports and high school football, the Carlsbad Village community has evolved over the past 10 years into a thriving art scene. Murals now cover the local walls, art themed events scatter the calendar and a steady flow of street art installations keep the locals on their toes—and the tourist returning.

Carlsbad Village resident artist Bryan Snyder installed his most recent street art interruption along Carlsbad Boulevard on July 12.

In Snyder’s signature drip style, a missing brick on a well traveled sidewalk was replaced with one painted in his omnipresent drip art technique. Snyder exaggerates the artistic qualities in all that surrounds us, event the most mundane and overlooked.

This is just one of the many street art interruptions Snyder has installed in the streets of the Carlsbad Village over the past decade—each trailblazing a path for the development of a more artistic culture within the local streets.

A California to go

Carlsbad skateboard

California burritos to go down Carlsbad Village Drive.

Flicks at the Fountain returns

Flicks at the Fountain Carlsbad

WHAT: Flicks at the Fountain
Where: The Fountain at Grand Avenue and State Street (map)
WHEN: Thursdays starting July 7: film starts at dusk

It’s outdoor movie time! Carlsbad Village Association is pleased to announce the return of Flicks at the Fountain, a series of weekly family-fun films that show behind the Village’s prominent fountain on the corner of State Street and Grand Avenue. The free movies make their big screen debut on July 7 and continue each Thursday evening at dusk until Aug. 25, 2016.


Snyder repaints Carlsbad Village Theatre sign


Snyder repaints Carlsbad Village Theatre sign

Snyder Carlsbad TheatreCarlsbad Village resident and artist Bryan Snyder has dedicated the past decade to introducing more art and encouraging the development of a more artistic culture within the Carlsbad Village.

Snyder Carlsbad TheatreAlong with introducing new murals, organizing community events, implementing street art projects and promoting the village as a whole through creativity, Snyder has served as the unofficial village art grounds-keeper—maintaining all sorts of visuals.

Snyder Carlsbad TheatreOn May 23, Snyder repainted the exterior Carlsbad Village Theatre sign on the south facing wall of the historic local building. The sign was first painted nearly a century ago and repainted a number of times. The last time it was painted was by local sign painter Tom “The Brush”.

Carlsbad Village Theatre

The new mural sign was completed over a two day period. The first day was dedicated to scraping previous sign and weathering surrounding paint exposing a cement 100 years old. Snyder spent the entire day 2 repainting the letters in an identical design.

Carlsbad Music Festival: Village Music Walk












On Saturday, June 18, the Carlsbad Music Festival‘s Village Music Walk took over the Carlsbad Village with 30+ adventurous music performances.

Photos by Bryan Snyder.

Village Music Walk

Carlsbad Music Festival

WHAT: Carlsbad Music Festival Village Music Walk
WHEN: Saturday, June 18 | 2:30–10pm
WHERE: Carlsbad Village


All aboard, next stop the Carlsbad village!


At one point, the City of Carlsbad attempted to remove the local homeless population in preparation for each summer tourist season by distributing free train tickets.

From all the new faces, it seems like surrounding cities had the same idea.

Royally High Spirits in Carlsbad

carlsbad tall man

carlsbad tall man3

carlsbad tall man2

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