Carlsbad’s Groin Removal

The Encina Marine Oil Terminal extended in a straight line from the Encina Power plant beneath the northern entrance to the parking lot, beneath Carlsbad Boulevard and under the beach. Just west of the highway it’s marked by a chest-high, rusted conical vent. At the surfline it’s covered by a short, rock jetty or groin, which was removed today to extract the remaining pipeline.

A Carlsbad Mural Tour by Bryan Snyder

photos by FlyByPhotography

On Sunday, February 11, Carlsbad artist and culture enthusiast Bryan Snyder led a Carlsbad Village mural tour—organized by Kristine Schindler of Walk + Bike Carlsbad.

Starting at Choice Juciery, the tour twisted through the Village with stops at each of the 31 murals where Snyder provided names, dates, artists bios and stories of each urban masterpiece.

“The murals are much more than colors on walls,” Snyder said. “Each one is a supporting character within the story of a Village who found its artistic identity.”

Each of the 35+ tour attendees listened attentively as Snyder shared personal stories of each mural. As a life-long Carlsbad resident, a Village business owner and a family man and husband raising two kids in the Village, Snyder’s stories went well beyond the murals expressing his love for the community.

“Your “back stories” yesterday were so interesting and made our appreciation for the piece that much more meaningful,” Dave Mulgrew of Vista said. “Fantastic job of narration/explanation and your personal connection/love for each mural was really appreciated. I applaud you (especially) and the city of Carlsbad for such enthusiasm and support of public art in the village. As a forty year resident of North County,  I thought I have seen and known most things about the North County Cities. I experienced a WHOLE NEW Carlsbad!”

Tour organizer Schindler and crew kept tour attendees safe and provided bike safety education at each stop as well as during critical Village intersections.

Would you like to take the Snyder Art Mural Tour?


Walk + Bike Mural Tour by Bryan Snyder

WHAT: Bike Mural Tour by Bryan Snyder
WHEN: Sunday, February 11, 10am
WHERE: Tour begins at Choice and ends at Park 101

On Sunday, February 11, Carlsbad based artist Bryan Snyder will be leading a bike tour of more than 30 murals scattered around the Carlsbad Village.

The tour begins promptly at 10am from Choice Juicery and will conclude at Park 101 where participants will receive a 10% discount.

Click here to learn more!

The tour will be documented by local drone photography company FLYBY Photography.

‘Doodle’s Valentine’ original edition release by Bryan Snyder

Give your valentine the gift of an original hand drawn piece of Doodle art by Bryan Snyder.

Submit you loved one’s name to have it added to the illustration!

Print info
• 12in x 9in
• pencil on paper
• personalized to your loved one
• unframed
• $50 (limited time special)

CLICK HERE to purchase!

Email to pick up directly from Snyder Art Studio.

Sarah Spinks Paints the Carlsbad Art Wall

Sarah Spinks Carlsbad Vista

On Saturday, January 20, Vista artist, professional tattooer and City of Vista Arts Commissioner Sarah Spinks painted a mural titled Love and Confidence on the east facing wall of Señor Grubby’s in the Carlsbad Village.

Spinks stays busy as a devoted community leader in Vista where she has her hands in all Vista public art, stays closely informed on local politics, organizes trash cleanups, curates art shows at her Backfence Society art clubhouse and rallys the community to tackle the emerging concerns of community responsibility at the local skateparks—she was actually balancing all this simultaneously while painting the Carlsbad Art Wall.

To help her along, Sarah invited friends and family to Carlsbad for a sunny weekend on the coast. Sarah, along with her parents, began painting the base of her brightly colored mural on Wednesday between tattoo appointments and her son’s school schedule.

Large flowers soon emerged in a warm palette heavily outlined in black showcasing the aesthetics of her tattoo art. The outlines made each flower jump off the turquoise background, which was painted in a comforting matte finish.

Spinks’ mother focused on the trim of the wall filling every nook and cranny of the many panels with attention yet to be seen from any of the 15 previous CAW artists.

With day one coming to a close, and the center of the wall left for passersby to only guess at what might appear in the next days, Spinks and I spoke about the mutual love for each of our hometowns—the concerns and our aspirations.

Like Carlsbad, Vista’s art scene is strengthening thanks to the dedication of the community. In addition, both communities are experiencing increasing development and gentrification. Spinks does not necessarily consider the quickly changing urban landscape of her hometown negative as she sees it providing benefits to local business and property, as well as potentially fixing an increasing problem with trash, homelessness and urban blight.

She shared her aspirations for her newly founded Backfence Society art clubhouse, a nonprofit art hub where one can participate in live figure painting, attend art shows and talk freely about Vista art and community.

With more days to come on the mural, Spinks and I paused our conversation to resume the following day.

Over the next days, Spinks continued to build her bright and flat colors. Spinks shifted gears and introduced new shapes with outlines varying in colors departing from the thick black outlines of the previous day’s flowers.

The CAW center took shape into a beautiful bouquet of feathers arranged in a welcoming selfie opportunity. Passersby immediately recognized the opportunity to pose within the fanned tail transforming themselves into a flirtatious peacock strutting down Carlsbad Village Drive.

As a community member always looking to engage and invite neighbors into her projects, Spinks nodded with a smile—this was part of her plan all the time. Spinks organized some friends to bring their kids to the CAW to actively help paint.

With a wide collection of paints and brushes carefully organized on a drop-cloth at the base of the wall, Spinks began orchestrating the community project. Kids of all ages helped paint whimsical butterflies, leaves and outlines, each with wide smiles and contagious laughter.

As the kids painted, Spinks bounced around dedicating time to both the painting and conversations with parents, onlookers and myself.

We continued our conversation, often comparing Carlsbad and Vista and discussing what makes each community unique, as well as the direction we see each community shifting toward. We talked about the role each City plays in public art. I learned of Spinks’ aspirations to find more City funding for public art projects and local artists.

Vista’s annual public art fund is capped at $40K. In addition, Vista does not offer a community arts grants program. For Carlsbad, it is not uncommon to award public art contracts well north of $100K, as well as awarding an additional $80K to local organizations via the annual City of Carlsbad Community Arts Grant program.

Although Spinks’ is frustrated with some aspects the role of local government in her hometown, she does not let it deter, if anything, she feeds off it. She struts her colorful feathers and welcomes the weird wherever she goes—Carlsbad is lucky to have been a stop within her parade.

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Started in March 2015, Carlsbad Village based artist Bryan Snyder will be bringing a street artists/muralist every 2 months to paint a mural on the east facing wall of Señor Grubby’s in the Carlsbad Village.

Click HERE for photos of Snyder’s street art workshop: August 8

The goal of the Carlsbad Art Wall is to serve as a conduit between aspiring artists and professional artists, to provide a platform to engage and educate the Carlsbad community in the creative act of large scale public painting and to introduce a variety of new art and creative processes to the Carlsbad community.

Directions to the Carlsbad Art Wall located at Señor Grubby’s

Sarah Spinks to paint the Carlsbad Art Wall

Sarah Spinks to paint the Carlsbad Art Wall

WHEN: Friday and Saturday, Jan. 19 & 20
WHERE: Señor Grubby’s (map)

Sarah Spinks has been tattooing since 2005. She lives and works in her hometown Vista and volunteers her time as Chair of the Public Arts Commission, president/founder of the Backfence Society (Art organization dedicated to community engagement) and Alley Art Festival co-organizer.

Sarah loves her family and friends, karaoke, craft beer and walking.

View Sarah Spink’s website!

Carlsbad Marathon observations


Teen Street Art Workshop by Snyder: Jan 2018





On Thursday, January 12, 2018, Bryan Snyder organized another Teen Street Art Workshop in collaboration with the Carlsbad Art Wall and the Boys and Girls Club.

Snyder organized these workshops every 2 months.

Bryan Snyder studio visit by Carlsbad High School

On December 11, 2017, students from the Carlsbad High School broadcasting department visited the studio of Carlsbad Village based artist Bryan Snyder.

2018 Carlsbad Village Calendars now available


7th Annual Carlsbad Village Locals’ Calendar now available for FREE?
Carlsbad’s favorite calendar is now available for FREE at Clever Element on State Street as well as other locations announced on Social Media.

Carlsbad Village artist and community enthusiast Bryan Snyder has released the 7th annual Carlsbad Village Locals’ Calendar.

Each calendar consists of 13 iconic photos captured through the lens of a lifelong Carlsbad resident and professional artist.

“I live, work and raise a young family in the Carlsbad Village,” Snyder said. “This calendar consists of my favorite artistic observations documented during my many daily adventures during the past year—each photo attempting to capture the personality of our Village.”

Each calendar is financed and distributed free thanks to a collection of local business sponsorships. Each month is sponsored providing a unique opportunity for local businesses to promote their brand for 30 consecutive days directly on the walls of their community members.

Snyder takes great pride in the collection of each year’s sponsoring local businesses consisting of some legacy sponsors who have supported this calendar for 4+ years including Señor Grubby’s, Skylar Home and Patio, Museum of Making Music, Paradise Pizza, Mas Fina Cantina, O’Ireland and Beach City Smoothies. Additional 2018 sponsors include surfboardbroker, Viz Art Ink, Super Donuts, DM Building, Inc. and Flood Solutions, Inc.

The work does not finished once the 500 calendars are printed. Snyder distributes the calendars to the public at public locations announced via social media. In addition, Snyder mails calendars across the US through requests and also hand delivers calendars across Carlsbad.

“My favorite part about this calendar project is that it provides an opportunity for me to connect directly with the community,” Snyder said. “I dialogue directly with the community on topics ranging from local politics to the last swell. I am thankful for every conversation.”

Art at the Shoppes curated by Snyder: December

On Saturday, December 9, Carlsbad based artist Bryan Snyder continued his partnership with The Shoppes at Carlsbad to provide the third and final live painting experience at the east end of the mall titled Art at the Shoppes.

Snyder chose LA based artist LeBA, Mexico artist Panca and Cardiff based artist Skye Walker as the third group of Art at the Shoppes artists.

Previous ‘Art at the Shoppes’ experiences:

Bryan Snyder doodles Super Donuts in Carlsbad

Bryan Snyder Carlsbad art

One Sunday, November 26, Carlsbad Village artist Bryan Snyder painted his signature Doodle character at Super Donuts.

The piece titled ‘Doodle’s Christmas Gift to Carlsbad’ was painted as a gift to the Carlsbad community, but also hopes to inspire the gift of a Christmas morning swell.

Snyder’s window mural wraps around the corner just as you exit the Super Donuts drive-thru.

by voting for Super Donuts!

Augmented Reality comes to the Carlsbad Art Wall

Make the Carlsbad Art Wall come to life using Augmented Reality!

I am proud to announce that the Carlsbad Art Wall experience is now using Augmented Reality to bring the wall to life!

Are you stumped by some of the portraits in the current Carlsbad Art Wall mural? Now there is a way to make each portrait name appear directly on the mural via your mobile device!

1. Download the ‘Aurasma’ App on your mobile device
2. Create an account (it’s very easy)
3. Search ‘SnyderArt’ and follow
4. Visit the Carlsbad Art Wall and view the mural through the Aurasma App
5. Click the purple ‘magnifying glass’ and point your mobile device at the mural
6. Watch the names of each portrait appear!

Watch the Teachr interview!

View all the photos!

Art at the Shoppes curated by Snyder: November

art at the shoppes carlsbad snyder

On Saturday, November 11, Carlsbad based artist Bryan Snyder continued his partnership with The Shoppes at Carlsbad to provide the second of three live painting experiences at the east end of the mall titled Art at the Shoppes.

Snyder chose Vista local artist Scott W. Prior, San Diego based artist Carly Easely and Parisian artist Sebastien Walker as the second group of Art at the Shoppes artists.

The next live painting experience coming in December 9.


Art at the Shoppes curated by Bryan Snyder

WHAT: Art at the Shoppes curated by Bryan Snyder
WHEN: Saturday, Nov. 11, 12pm-6
WHERE: The Shoppes at Carlsbad (map)

Art at the Shoppes celebrates artistic expression by welcoming a selection of local and regional artists curated by Bryan Snyder to the Shoppes at Carlsbad for a day of live painting for shopper’s enjoyment.

Experience the creative process of:
Carly Ealey
Scott W. Prior
Sebastien Walker

Teachr paints the Carlsbad Art Wall

teachr street art carlsbad

click to enlarge photos
On November 4 and 5, Los Angeles street artist Teachr completed a brightly colored mural consisting of some of his most iconic stencil imagery on the Carlsbad Art Wall (CAW) on the east facing wall of Señor Grubby’s in the Carlsbad Village.

The sun shined surprisingly bright considering the forecast for rain. A few clouds tumbled, but Saturday morning began warm and pleasant.

A large figure stood at the base of the Carlsbad Art Wall staring at the recently buffed canvas. His eyes scanned while his mind mapped out a preliminary composition. Suddenly, as if a schoolyard dare shouted from the bare wall, the visiting artist stepped back and darted to his vehicle.

He returned with a box of spray cans, each as bright as the colors you find sprayed on the roadside asphalt mapping the underbelly of a city.

Teachr instantly grabbed an orange can and began spraying the outline of a giant letter, beginning where the grass-less dirt meets the wall and extending into the apex high overhead.

Working outward from the initial letter in both directions, Teachr continued with additional outlines, ultimately spelling an abbreviated version of his moniker, which is also his plea to local and federal governments to end education budget cuts.

The fresh scent of spraypaint caught the attention of many passersby as Teachr quickly covered the entire wall. The word TEACH became consumed by a vibrant abstraction of over-saturated shapes.

The sloppy white buff paint bled through the top of the wall reminiscent of the many past walls, electrical boxes and billboards Teachr has painted across the urban Los Angeles landscape. Old layers, cracking paint and peeling wheatpastes are the surfaces Teachr frequents—and this aesthetic followed him to Carlsbad.

teachr street art carlsbadA large grin found Teachr’s face as his put the final touches of his colorful background. He shared that it is rare for him to paint leisurely, freehand and on a large scale as many of his LA pieces are unsanctioned. Just as soon as Teachr found the tranquility of a permission piece, the shriek of a nearby siren snapped him back on guard.

The first day came to an end with an edgy background completed in a palette of insanely bright letters, shapes and freehand experiments.

Teachr returned to the wall Sunday morning while the early clouds burned off in the awakening sun. Along with the Carlsbad Art Wall mural event, the Carlsbad Street Faire began its early morning setup. 100,000 attendees started to fill the Village streets as the nation’s largest single day faire kicked into gear—the perfect opportunity for Teachr to do what he does best.

Teachr is known for remaining on top of the street art game for many years, being one of the most prolific street artists of our time and for developing a signature stencil technique, but many consider his desire to teach his creative process as his masterpiece. Teachr documents and shares each project on social media teaching aspiring artists all of his tricks. With 100,000 in the Village, Teachr could not pass on the opportunity to share his signature stencil technique with each and every one of them.

A large tarp was placed at the base of the wall. Teachr disappeared, but quickly returned with dozens of old stencils cut over many years, each one preserved through an ingenious stencil and mesh technique.

Rather than limiting himself to the traditional stencil technique of “islands” held in place by “bridges”, Teachr has introduced screen mesh and glue to his stencils allowing him to cut freely while maintaining design. Not only does this technique allow him to cut in more detail, but it preserves the stencil after use and during storage.

On occasion, a stencil artist will go into the archives to bring an old design back to the streets, that is, if the stencil survives the initial spray. Luckily, Teachr’s technique preserves even the most detailed designs.

The ephemeral nature of street art can vanish masterpieces at any moment. Weather, gentrification or urban “beautification” projects usually eliminate art placed in the urban environment. For the Carlsbad Art Wall, Teachr decided to bring back some of his favorite pieces, ultimately creating an urban retrospect mural showcasing designs that once lived in the LA streets.

In addition, Teachr provided an opportunity for the thousands of passersby to experience his creative process and stencil technique. Dozens of stencils hand picked from his archives were placed on the large tarp exhibiting his masterful arsenal. Inquisitive onlookers were given the opportunity to help spray stencils on the wall and others delved into the stacked designs questioning the artist’s inspiration.

A collection of portraits sprayed in black quickly spread across the wall. Teachr sprayed a faint white background behind some portraits, while others let the vibrant colors of the background shine through.

Teachr’s goal is to make his message heard. His passion pushes his talents and the well-being of his young twins motivates him. With a can and stencil in hand, Teachr strives to convince the importance of his messages on the most viewed canvas in the world—the streets.

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Started in March 2015, Carlsbad Village based artist Bryan Snyder will be bringing a street artists/muralist every 2 months to paint a mural on the east facing wall of Señor Grubby’s in the Carlsbad Village.

Click HERE for photos of Snyder’s street art workshop: August 8

The goal of the Carlsbad Art Wall is to serve as a conduit between aspiring artists and professional artists, to provide a platform to engage and educate the Carlsbad community in the creative act of large scale public painting and to introduce a variety of new art and creative processes to the Carlsbad community.

Directions to the Carlsbad Art Wall located at Señor Grubby’s

TEACHR to paint the Carlsbad Art Wall

TEACHR Carlsbad Art Wall

TEACHR to paint the Carlsbad Art Wall

WHEN: Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 4 & 5
WHERE: Señor Grubby’s (map)

Teachr is one of LA’s most prolific street artists who paints everything from the LA iconic electrical boxes to the high overhead billboards-all expressing his goal to teach peace!

Learn Teachr’s signature stencil technique during a day-long workshop on Sunday at the Carlsbad Art Wall.

View TEACHR’s website.

Sights and sounds of a Carlsbad sunset


Amazing sights and sounds of a Carlsbad sunset.

Carlsbad in motion

It’s fall, for now…

A quick storm blows through before another heat wave.

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