Just a simple wipe down


Lots of change is happening in the Carlsbad Village including the installation of new infrastructure under Grand Avenue, local business closures and new upscale eateries.

Don’t worry, just a simple wipe down here!

City Construction Effecting Local Business



In the past months, Grand Avenue in the Carlsbad village has been jack hammered, gutted and lined with an updated infrastructure.

Some businesses have not been effected, others have reduced outside dining and at least one has been forced to close shop entirely. After 45 years of business, Sea Waves Salon on Grand Avenue is closing and blaming it directly on the city construction:

City Construction Puts us out of Business After 45 Years

How has the city construction effected you?

Carlsbad Art Splash this weekend

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 10.10.32 AM

WHAT: Carlsbad Art Splash
WHERE: Armada Drive above The Flower Fields
WHEN: Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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Citizens of Carlsbad submit 9,000+ signatures

Carlsbad votes strawberry field development








On September 25, Diane Nygaard and concerned Carlsbad Citizens for North County in opposition of the proposed mall development on the Agua Hedionda Lagoon presented their collection of signatures to the City of Carlsbad.

More than 9,000 signatures were collected in less than 1 month overturning the Carlsbad City Council ‘s decision—if confirmed by registrar— to approve the mall development by proposed by Los Angeles billionaire developer Rick Caruso.

Signs of a transition



Another sign indicating that we are currently witnessing a transition in the Carlsbad Village that justifies a name change to… the Carlsbad Town.

After nearly 30 years, the local favorite The Grand Deli has closed and will be replaced by a trattoria Italiana & seafood restaurant.

Click HERE to visit Cicciotti’s website.

Citizens for North County take to the streets



Labor Day kicked off with amazing weather, fun waves and a Citizens for North County grass-root campaign seeking signatures to overturn the Carlsbad City Council’s decision to outright approve the 85/15 development of the Carlsbad strawberry fields without a public vote.

Do you want to vote?

Locations through the weekend and into the week popped up all over Carlsbad with a steady flow of supporters eager to sign, as well as Caruso Affiliates eager to dissuade.

85_15_carlsbad_wide copy

Though it appears the Carlsbad Village is in favor of a putting the proposed 85/15 development to vote, Carlsbad in general seems divided.

Where do you stand? The left side or the right?

Devon Liston paints the Carlsbad Art Wall


The east facing wall of Señor Grubby’s in the Carlsbad Village, also known as the Carlsbad Art Wall (CAW), has been painted by a growing collection of visiting artists—each exhibiting drastically different personalities and visual aesthetics. The inaugural visiting street artist from Los Angeles was bumblebeelovesyou with easily digestible imagery and kid friendly scenery. Following was Morley and his highly interactive memory resurfacing mural. The weird and wacky can-work of Annie Preece followed.

Carlsbad artist and project director Bryan Snyder curates each artist with the intention of providing a drastically different visual and conceptual experience each mural, as well as slowly introducing more progressive art to the Carlsbad Village.


devin13_WEBOn Saturday, August 29, Los Angles street and fine artist Devin Liston began painting his ‘Magician’ on the CAW. Los Angeles contemporaries expressed great anticipation as Liston, former member of the highly respected collective CYRCLE and recently working with Russian/American duo deviNgosha, has a long history of impressive work.

devin15_WEBSome artists prefer to keep the final piece a mystery during the creative process while others sporadically change plan. Liston showcased his design by taping print out to the unfinished wall exhibiting his confidence and ability at realism.


devin4_WEBEarly outlines of Liston’s portrait, a tall hooded character, gained instant attention. In a community where the public is accustomed to marine life, cheerful animals, beachscapes and kid friendly imagery, Liston’s preliminary sketches already showcased departure—both visually and conceptually.

devin21_WEB“Carlsbad exhibits a number of very amazing murals,” Snyder said. “One of the goals of the CAW is to add an element of more forward thinking imagery which invites the community to open their minds.”


devin16_WEBDrenched in sweat and skin bronzed under the mid-summer sun, Liston continued to build his character through layers of black and white. Carefully executed shades of gray defined the intricate wrinkles in the hood. An integral strip of masking tape divided the perfectly rendered lower half of the hooded character from the top portion of the face, which Liston completely buffed in a solid black. Roused hands hinted at agitation and uncertainty inviting spectators to speculate what the round fingers once gripped.

brass6_WEBA large crowd lined the CAW fence including the passing Euphoria Brass Band brought to town by the Carlsbad Music Festival. Each observer remarked on the uncanny ability of Liston to recreate the portrait entirely in spray can in masterful perfection, along with many questions regarding the significance of the hooded character, the half hidden face and the colorful abstractions the swarmed the figure.

devin22_WEBListon’s answers to the barrage of questions remained vague and cryptic. Besides the title of the piece and a playful visual description, spectators were left to formulate their own meaning, ultimately encouraging all to look deeper within—to find the elusive conceptualizations other Carlsbad Village murals do not provoke.

devin6_WEBEvery CAW mural exhibits masterful skill, each unique to each other. Liston’s talents come in the form of extremes. Visually, the perfectly rendered portrait offers a rewarding gaze. On the other hand, inspired by the visual, one can completely depart to a deeper, potentially darker, conceptual analysis.


In a creative community that has slowly become relevant in broader art discussions and has received widespread support of urban art, Liston’s ‘Magician’ is adding some new vocabulary—it might just be what the Carlsbad Village art scene needs.

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Started in March 2015, Carlsbad Village based artist Bryan Snyder will be bringing a Los Angeles street artists/muralist every 2 months to paint a mural on the east facing wall of Señor Grubby’s in the Carlsbad Village.
The goal of the Carlsbad Art Wall is to serve as a conduit between aspiring artists and professional artists, to provide a platform to engage and educate the Carlsbad community in the creative act of large scale public painting and to introduce a variety of new art and creative processes to the Carlsbad community.

Official Press Release

Directions to the Carlsbad Art Wall located at Señor Grubby’s

Open Space – an artwork installation by Bryan Snyder

WHAT: Open Space artwork installation
WHERE: Vinaka Cafe (map)
WHEN: September 2015

This collection of artwork by Carlsbad Village artist Bryan Snyder questions the effects of development on nature, the ocean and community through large scale and brightly colored paintings in Snyder’s signature drip style.

Snyder’s iconic paintings include a collaboration with Surfing Madonna artist Mark Patterson, a portrait of the Encina Powerplant, a landscape of the Carlsbad Flower Fields and variety of nature and ocean imagery.

In addition, Snyder has included a rare display of his early drip paintings and an original large scale stencil.

Click HERE to view Snyder’s drip technique!

Carlsbad Music Festival Aug. 28-30


WHAT: Carlsbad Music Festival
WHERE: A variety of locations in the Carlsbad Village (schedule)
WHEN: Fri.-Sun. Aug. 28-30

Carlsbad Music Festival is a 501(c)(3) organization that aims to engage and inspire local, national, and international communities of composers, performers, creators, and concert-goers through world-class performances of adventurous music.

Click HERE for CMF scheduling and ticket info!

Scenes from the 85/15 Council Meeting






The Carlsbad City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to pass a proposed strawberry field development plan.

Devin Liston to paint the Carlsbad Art Wall


Carlsbad Art Wall mural project continues with 4th professional Los Angeles street artist Devin Liston

The Carlsbad Art Wall (CAW) project continues with its 4th mural to be painted by Los Angeles street artist Devin Liston on Saturday Aug. 29 (all day) at Señor Grubby’s.

The east facing wall of Señor Grubby’s located at 377 Carlsbad Village Dr. has become an urban canvas for each visiting Los Angeles street artist rotating every 1-2 months curated by Carlsbad based artist Bryan Snyder. Snyder hand picks each artist and is very excited to introduce you to Devin Liston.

Liston is an LA-based street artist and a contemporary surrealist who explores the relationship between man and technology through hand-painted figurative and portrait works. Cryptically displayed abstractions can be found in his paintings asking the viewer to question their relationship with technology.

“Artist Devin Liston takes on these heavy philosophical questions and cryptically displays them through his paintings. His work, he tells us, is “about man’s relationship with technology and how technology is becoming one with man” asking “What does that mean for us spiritually, psychologically, physically, and socially? More importantly. What does that mean for our relationship with nature?”doublebarrelzine.com

Liston recently departed from a number of collaborative work environments including Los Angeles muralist and fine artist collective CYRCLE and his most recent collaboration partnership with DevnGosha. Liston is eager to develop his newest ideas as a solo artist which he calls a visual journal and will be making his San Diego solo debut on the Carlsbad Art Wall.

Stay connected with Devin:

Past Carlsbad Art Wall artists:
Annie Preece

Carlsbad Citizens want a vote: 85/15 development



On Thursday, August 20, a group of citizens held a press conference on the north bank of Agua Hedionda Lagoon in protest of the Caruso Affiliated development proposed for the Carlsbad strawberry fields.

Environmental professionals voiced their concerns in detail as news reporters and videographers recorded every word.

Opponents of the 85/15 plan believe that the people of Carlsbad should have the right to vote on the future of the Agua Hedionda land.

On August 25, the Carlsbad City Council will decide if the people of Carlsbad will have the opportunity to vote. If not, the strawberry field development will immediately be approved.


You can vote by clicking here!

You can attend the City Council meeting where the decision to send it to a vote or immediately approve will be made:

WHERE: 1200 Carlsbad Village Drive
WHEN: Tuesday, Aug. 25: 4pm

FREE fire pit


Does anyone know who scored the FREE fire pit?

The Carlsbad Town…?




Carlsbad’s population as a whole has nearly doubled in the past 15 years. Open spaces are rapidly being replaced with suburban sprawl and the coastal sunsets are more often seen reflecting in the windows of sky townhouse developments.

The impeding LA development of 85/15 (and those strongly against it), the closing of a popular business of 29 years and the ever-present “Keep the Village Quaint” stickers popping up all over the local streets are all proof that the Carlsbad Village is moving in a bigger and busier direction.

Has the quiet and quaint village grown into a name change?

Señor Grubby’s 7 Year Celebration


WHAT: Señor Grubby’s 7 Year Celebration
WHEN: Wednesday July 15th, 6-10 p.m.

The party will start at 6pm & roll into the night, wrapping up around 10pm. Señor Grubby’s is utilizing this fun event as a way to raise money for ‘Warrior Foundation – Freedom Station’ with a DUNK TANK, CARNIVAL GAMES, PULL UP CONTEST, TACO BAR, BEER GARDEN & More!!

Dunk tank volunteers include: Eve 7 Swimwear Models, Hidden City Derby Girls, NFL Pro  & Superbowl Winner Brett Swain and Justin Jachura!

Raffle & Carnival prizes include: San Diego Padres Tickets, Legoland California Tickets, Xterra Wetsuits Products, Surf Ride Boardshop Packages, and MORE!

1st 100 guests to arrive will receive free event t-shirt!

Señor Grubby’s

Flicks at the Fountain is back!


WHEN: Thursday nights from July 9 to Aug. 27, 2015
WHERE: The Fountain at Grand Avenue and State Street

Carlsbad Village Association is pleased to announce the return of Flicks at the Fountain, a series of weekly family-fun films that show behind the Village’s prominent fountain on the corner of State Street and Grand Avenue. The free movies make their big screen debut on July 9 and continue each Thursday evening at dusk until Aug. 27, 2015. Movies will range from the timeless classic Wizard of Oz to the landslide animated film Big Hero 6.

Click HERE for the full schedule!

The Diamond is a boy’s best friend

Skateboarding, baseball and illustration have been passions I found at a very young age. Sometimes I would take a break from one to focus on another and other times all three would collide challenging me to juggle all star tournaments all around Ncyborth County, bus adventures in search of new skate parks and sleepless nights at my rickety desk illustrating my favorite cartoons.

As a new father living in the village I grew up in myself as a child, I am able to share each of these memories with my son–skateboarding along the coast, painting in the studio and learning the ways of the diamond at Chase Field.










All photos taken by Bryan Snyder during the July 4th Pony All Star Tournament at Chase Field in Carlsbad.

Carlsbad Youth Baseball

Independence Day 2015: Carlsbad














Annie Preece paints the Carlsbad Art Wall


annie_carlsbad_7_WEBFor months you pass a favorite piece of public art. Each day you gaze upon the bright colors, interactive invitations and whimsical reminiscences. At the moment when you realize that you could not live with out this simple, yet gripping interaction—the artwork is gone. Though sad, it is also exciting knowing that new and fresh art is on its way.

annie_carlsbad_12_WEBWith bumblebeeloveyou‘s whimsical cutie-catcher a faint memory and the colorful dust of Morley‘s interactive chalkboard still collecting on the vilalge streets, Los Angeles street artist Annie Preece found herself in the Carlsbad Village, a seaside community leaning towards the conservative side when it comes to art imagery.


annie_carlsbad_19_WEBAnnie’s art breaks down the door and stampedes in the opposite direction of what Carlsbad is accustom to. In 2012, Annie was aggressively asked to censor a mural or be fined and sent to jail. For the following years, she responded by scattering Los Angeles with vomiting unicorns, brash combinations of text and squeamish eroticas.

annie_carlsbad_34_WEBRather than attempt to harness Annie and her uncontrollable creativity, project director Bryan Snyder offered the wall as an unrestricted blank canvas available for Annie to paint as she wanted.


annie_carlsbad_32_WEB“I curate each wall-artist for with experiences in mind,” Snyder said. “bumblebeelovesyou brought a whimsical and easy-to-digest mural while Morley introduced a more cerebral interactive experience. With the 3rd artist, I was looking for a discussion piece—something edgy.”

annie_carlsbad_30_WEBAnnie immediately began to encourage discussion among the spectating crowd. Onlookers watched as Annie, cigarette in hand and a cup of iced coffee or canned energy drink always near, stroked the outlines of her design. Her skilled spraycan technique filled in colors with precise cuts and feathering blends. Annie created visible rues with each spray either bringing the image closer to you or pushing the wall away.


annie_carlsbad_18_WEBIntertwining tentacles and an elephant with a human body tangled in balloons emerged. Each patch of color carefully deceived the eye with skillful blending and carefully placed highlights. This optical illusion impressed the onlookers and the imagery confused. Passersby attempted to title the piece and others hypothesized underlying messaging.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 10.50.29 PMAnnie’s art is collected by fans from all over the globe. The fans within driving distance eagerly visited Carlsbad at this rare chance of meeting the established artist who is also a  quasi celebrity fresh off her appearance on the inaugural realty television show titled Street Art Throwdown. A friend and fan caught wind of Annie’s visit to Carlsbad and showed up in a helicopter to snap a photo.

annie_carlsbad_38_WEBAnnie only rested for photo opportunities. She painted 13 hours straight the first day and and continued first thing the following morning. Her infrequent pauses were just long enough to light a smoke, scarf down a country fried chicken burrito and gulp caffeine. The rest of the time she was nose engulfed in paint fumes, ears muffled under headphones and eyes focused on the wall.


Conservative for Annie, but edgy for Carlsbad, the Carlsbad Art Wall’s newest mural is just the right balance of right and wrong. It ruffles the feathers of the old timers who don’t want to see change and it grabs the ass of those seeking something fresh, edgy and progressive—something worth talking about.

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Started in March 2015, Carlsbad Village based artist Bryan Snyder will be bringing a Los Angeles street artists/muralist every 2 months to paint a mural on the east facing wall of Señor Grubby’s in the Carlsbad Village.
The goal of the Carlsbad Art Wall is to serve as a conduit between aspiring artists and professional artists, to provide a platform to engage and educate the Carlsbad community in the creative act of large scale public painting and to introduce a variety of new art and creative processes to the Carlsbad community.

Official Press Release

Directions to the Carlsbad Art Wall located at Señor Grubby’s

Annie Preece to paint the Carlsbad Art Wall


Carlsbad Art Wall mural project continues with 3rd professional Los Angeles street artist Annie Preece

The Carlsbad Art Wall (CAW) project continues with its 3rd mural to be painted by Los Angeles street artist Annie Preece on Saturday June 27.

The east facing wall of Señor Grubby’s located at 377 Carlsbad Village Dr. has become an urban canvas for each visiting Los Angeles street artist rotating every 1-2 months curated by Carlsbad based artist Bryan Snyder. Snyder hand picks each artist and is very excited to introduce you to

Annie Preece is an LA-based street artist, contemporary artist and muralist. She has exhibited successfully in San Francisco, New York, and Miami as part of the annual Art Basel festival. She has worked with high-profile clients such as Pabst Blue Ribbon, Red Bull, Metro LA, the X-Games, Hasbro, Polaroid, and Warner Bros Music, just to name a few. She has a clothing line by Prince Peter, is a winner of the Redbull Canvas Cooler competition, and has been featured in publications such as InStyle, LA Canvas, and Complex Magazine.

In 2015, Annie was a featured artist on the first ever street art reality competition “Street Art Throwdown” on the Oxygen network.

Annie’s press and publications

Ever-taking new forms, her work can be like a punch in the stomach that has you doubled over in laughter. It delves into the darker, more raw regions of life–depression, decay, aggressiveness in sexuality, manipulation in politics and religion–but it takes control with lively tones, animated style, and hand-scrawled text that’s like Preece’s own visual form of stand-up.”– cartwheelart.com

Stay connected with Annie:

Email all thoughts, stories and photos to theartist@carlsbadcrawl.com