The Last Polar Bear

A bead of sweat builds on the brow of an expressionless onlooker as a tear swells in the eye of a frightened polar bear. The claws of the bear grip the tip of his dwindling domain though his fur is as bright as a fresh snowfall. The earth is gashed by a jack hammer at a neighboring construction site and a SUV roars in the garage of a looming mansion. A traffic light conducts a kinetic symphony and an arrangement of polar bear carlsbad closehorns tumble down the distant highway. Suburban encroachment creeps like a rising tide and fresh concrete oozes over the rich soil of a village by the sea.

Once able to roam freely along vast stretches of snow and rock, the last polar bear now finds himself restricted to a narrow peak, surrounded by frigid waters and absent from all friendly interactions. His roars are silent and his powerful jaws no longer taste the blood of a fresh kill.

The Last Polar Bear stands feeble atop his sinking home as his surroundings sprawl uncontrollably.

Have you seen Carlsbad’s endangered Polar Bear?

last polar bear SNYDER

polar bear carlsbad sideppolar bear carlsbad peoplepolar bear carlsbad bluepolar bear carlsbad detailpolar bear carlsbad far

The Last Polar Bear, a public art piece created by Bryan Snyder, interacts with its environment amidst the development of a previously open lot of land. This project’s goal is to showcase the relationship between a piece of art and its location when placed in the streets while highlighting the effects of global warming, deforestation and other current environmental concerns.

When is it permissible to threaten the stability of our environment?

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