Stagnant Growth


Local establishments clutter with wind blown cobwebs and newly developed land remains empty. The only difference between a for sale sign and a garage sale sign in the latter comes down Monday morning. Coffee shop chatter brews with retirement vulnerability and a sorrowful balance sheet is forgotten over a lonesome pint. A slumping economy sighs with a stack of overdue bills and the kinetic energy of a healthy network slows down.

growth closeThe wheels of a thriving community become rusted and squeaky when the economy slumps and the future is unsure. The schedule of a normal day is scattered with no shows and a meeting is monopolized with empty shrugs. Many establishments become stagnant, unable to keep momentum and eventually left to mold. Others, undeterred by the a lousy hand, adjust their outlook, their seed, and remain determined to stay fresh and active. Creativity oils the most rusted gears and a good idea can grow in the moldiest conditions.

Stagnant Growth, a public art piece created by Bryan Snyder, represents the possibility of growth during stagnant economic times. The art piece is a reminder that creativity grows… and sells!

The goal of this installation is to encourage local establishments whom have felt the effects of the slumping economy to use creativity as a way to reestablish healthy economic growth.

When times are stagnant, How do you continue growth?

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  1. 1 SteelyDAM Jul 10th, 2009 at 7:02 pm

    I think about fluffy kitties.

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