Reinventing the Wheel-Feb.29th


poster.jpgA long row of illuminated paper bags led the way to the show titled Reinventing the Wheel by Sanctuary143. This free event, catered with snacks, beer and wine, showcased art in a mellow and relaxed atmosphere while maintaining a high level of organization and experience.

bikes.jpgoutside.jpgBubbly guests and friendly artist lingered outside the brightly decorated walls of the show, listening to beats by the onsite DJ and shopping for merchandise. A large Pepper Tree drooped low and lush grass grew wild in the front courtyard which optioned as an escape from the bright lights within. Manipulated bikes waited for curious eyes while the mastermind lingered closely. Daring guest challenged the unorthodox bikes; some relying on rusty motors and others cranking pedals welded to handlebars. Small groups mingled close to the DJ while others made the rounds inside.


candle.jpgtank.jpgThe bright lights within shined on paintings, installations, photography, collages and multimedia presentations. On hand artist rambled motivations while inspired guests listened. In a smaller room, hung frame-samples which presented the idea of the actual function of this location when not lined with local art.

The key to a successful show is a body of interesting work, a theme, organization, ample space and well informed promotion. The experience of Sanctuary143 was obvious and the show seemed to be a great success!

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