Pods Away


Hobos growl and tourists toss wishes into the overly chlorinated fountain as the Floss Silk Trees (Ceiba Speciosa) loom. Their intimidating thorns poke like a stubborn nail and their thick trunks shine with a swampy green. High above the ground and tangled in the web of prickled branches hangs fairly large fruit pods similar to what a dinosaur egg might have looked like. Inside the pod’s hard shell is a mass of fibrous, fluffy matter reminiscent of cotton or silk. When the wind howls and the ground shakes, these pods fall to the ground resulting in an explosion of fluff, ultimately exposing a tangled seed. The wind howls again and blows the fluff and seed like a runaway tumble weed. This is how the Floss Silk Tree spreads its ideas


Ideas grow like the pods hanging from the Floss Silk Tree. They develop through the seasons, growing stronger with each day. When ripe, they are dropped from your mind, exploding in a fluffy outburst of expression.

How do you spread your ideas?

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