Part of the 4%?

A path traveled offers multiple opportunities for involvement and interaction. The sky changes colors as the sun yawns and flowers bloom like a thickening canvas. How often do you notice your surroundings and how much thought do you invest in your findings? Some rarely observe the everyday sites other than directional signs, stoplights and other obstacles of guidance. Art is omnipresent…look all around. Imagine if a mind was given the chance to wander along with destination-less strolls. What would your eyes find and how would your mind react?

Are you observant? Would you notice a painting hung in the streets? Are you part of the 4%?

“I don’t think that art can change the world. That’s not what art is about. Art is about creating images and passing on ideas. If it succeeds to make people think, even for a few seconds, it has done a lot already.”

-Luc Tuymans

2 Responses to “Part of the 4%?”

  1. 1 tz May 6th, 2008 at 10:48 pm

    4% are the ones that actually realize that the existing image of art is always there. everything. it seems like i invest to much time in to my surroundings. While i try to and can’t recreate it exactly the way it was,but at least it was there.
    I realized that you don’t always have to do somthing for a reason. enjoy sunset paintings. from now on in i will never use the delete button

  2. 2 Jew Jew Bean May 7th, 2008 at 9:35 am

    I bet if he painted a nude….100% would take notice.

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