Community Bulletin Boards


A walk to the beach or the local pub is like browsing the thin pages of the North County Times. It’s like wandering down the alleys of the internet and sitting through an onslaught of television commercials. In each case, thoughts present themselves for you to interact with. The time you invest all depends on the message being relayed.

lost-turtle.jpgThe streets of our village have numerous hot spots where thoughts are frequently exchanged. History splinters with each rusty tack on roadside poles and sleepy store front windows whisper upcoming sales. Use these community bulletin boards to post ideas. When in need, ask your community to come together!

Which messages do you filter and which ones do you absorb?

If you see Turbo, please bring him home!turtle.jpg
1024 Knowles Ave., Carlsbad
or call Kristy @ (760) 271-8900

“Come together, right now, over me”

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