Snyder’s Art Hunt and Show at Vinaka Cafe

Bryan Snyder, Carlsbad based artist, has been hiding his life-long drawn character Doodle in the Carlsbad Village streets for over 2 years. He has evolved the idea of placing this character in the streets into large scale art shows and art hunts including past community based projects out of Salon 580 in Carlsbad, E Street Cafe in Encinitas and his most recent Doodle Solo Art Show and Art Hunt at Vinaka Cafe in the Carlsbad Village.

“It’s a creative way to bring together the community, promote local business and showcase the amazing Village we have here in Carlsbad,” Snyder explains.

Snyder’s Doodle art hunts have done just that. A large line gathered at the front of Vinaka awaiting Snyder’s arrival and the beginning of the hunt. Visitors from as far as Los Angeles traveled to Carlsbad just for the show and hunt.

Saturday, Aug. 4th began early at 9am with the first wave of Doodle searchers. Clues attached to the back of wooden block Doodle reproductions sent Doodle searchers on a wild hunt through the village.

“The clues led searchers to a general area,” Snyder says. “Then it was up to them to explore.”

Vinaka Cafe, who mentioned the increased crowd and business from Snyder’s show, filled with excitement as Doodle searchers often revisited the cafe for Doodle updates. Those who found Doodles in the streets were asked by instructions on the backs of the artwork to contact Snyder. At that moment Snyder would announce the most recent finding by updating one of the 2 giant boards with a large “found’ hanging notification. Over 100 reproduction Doodle clues also hung from the board.

Snyder’s art show and art hunt caught others by Surprise. Christian Cannon, girlfriend Liz and family from Riverside saw flyers in the streets during their vacation in Carlsbad and decided to check out the show. Soon after they were scouring the streets for hidden Doodles.

“We came here for a vacation and had no idea we would find something like this”, Christian said while visiting Snyder’s studio the following day.

Snyder prepared for the show and hunt for over a month. The 30+ original hand-painted pieces of art inside Vinaka Cafe and the 12 additional ones hidden in the streets are proof of the time and effort that went into preparing for this event. “It has been a long month with many late nights painting in my studio, but the excitement it brought to all whom attended the show, the appreciation I receive by local businesses for encouraging foot traffic in the village and the lasting memories visitors to the village take home make it all worth it.”

Snyder’s artwork will continue to hang in Vinaka Cafe for the rest of August.

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If you are interested in hosting a Doodle Art Show and Art Hunt, contact Bryan Snyder at or 760.521.8713.

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