…coils, corkscrews and claws.

Carlsbad Village tree

A single idea is planted deep within the congested cracks of a beach side community. Virgin to the caresses of a waiting sun, it coiled, corkscrewed and clawed. It traveled through early brainstorms. It winced at rocky paths.  It gasped as it punched through the topsoil and onto its sunlit stage.

The idea grew strong through studied traditions, passions and public praise. The sky, smoothed like the belly of a wind blown dune, invited with limitless leaps. The idea continued its adventure skyward.

mulchThe sun bought stock and the seasonal rain dripped deep. A mane the color of crisp currency danced in the beach side breeze and meanderings branched off in new directions.

Then… the thought police arrived and muted the idea with a series of discouraging chops.

A pile of bark and leaves was all that remained, but under the warm mulch of this once steadfast muse— coils, corkscrews and claws the next great idea.

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