Augmented Reality comes to the Carlsbad Art Wall

Make the Carlsbad Art Wall come to life using Augmented Reality!

I am proud to announce that the Carlsbad Art Wall experience is now using Augmented Reality to bring the wall to life!

Are you stumped by some of the portraits in the current Carlsbad Art Wall mural? Now there is a way to make each portrait name appear directly on the mural via your mobile device!

1. Download the ‘Aurasma’ App on your mobile device
2. Create an account (it’s very easy)
3. Search ‘SnyderArt’ and follow
4. Visit the Carlsbad Art Wall and view the mural through the Aurasma App
5. Click the purple ‘magnifying glass’ and point your mobile device at the mural
6. Watch the names of each portrait appear!

Watch the Teachr interview!

View all the photos!

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