You Create the Art 2011 @ Snyder Art

Tightly packed and buzzing with live music, laughter and creativity, Snyder Art in the Carlsbad Village hosted its 2nd annual art show titled ‘You Create the Art’ on Aug. 25th, 2011.

Art shows and art themed street fairs seem to be popping up every weekend, but in this case, Snyder approached the idea of an art exhibition differently.

“All the shows artwork is created the night of the show by all who attends the show,” he explains. “It encourages the creative process. It brings people together… and it is my gift back to the community.”

The night began with 50+ blank canvases scattered across his studio walls. A center table was loaded with art supplies and set in the middle of the room. Supplies included paint, collage, pastel, crayons and chalk.

The doors swung open promptly at 5pm and the studio soon after filled with the first wave of guests. Many children  painted on canvases hung low to the ground while parents hovered nearby snapping photos and praise. Pizza provided by Paradise Pizza of Carlsbad was delivered to the studio throughout the evening and local favorite Sprout Farm played all night.

When asked by the early kid guests if a finished piece was good. Snyder would explain that it is good if you enjoyed making it. “The goal is to fall in love with the act of creating art, not with the art itself.”

Emphasis was put on the creative process where Snyder encouraged attendees to paint without worry of the final product. “Each canvas is never finished and will most likely be painted over multiple times. This allows timid guests to paint freely.”

Some guests were return artists from last year’s inaugural ‘You Create the Art’ while others heard about it for the first time through any number of marketing outlets Snyder implements into the streets and web.

“I found out about this event through a flyer,” one guest told Snyder.

Whether the guests found out about this event through a flyer taped to a light pole, through the viral web campaign or the 15ft. web address drawn in the sand on the Carlsbad coastline, one thing is sure that at least a handful of the show’s guests made an early trip to the local art store the following morning.

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Photos by Alissa Rose Imagery (web) and Bryan Snyder

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