A Europe Crawl: 2007

As an artist, you take pictures; you write in a journal and you create films and song. You document your thoughts in a chosen medium. Your emotions smear across a canvas in thick impasto and your loves tumble in smooth melodies. Your anger tears through moist clay and your sense of humor bounces upon a stage.

As an artist, your mind is open, always willing to share an idea, a fear and a triumph. Your goals are to create and your audience is all whom are willing to listen, look and watch. Your job is to translate each idea into a universal language, to express your loves and to follow your passions. As an artist, you write your own story.

To tell a story, you must have something to say. Your ideas stem from experiences. A collective is not one, or many, but all. Conversations with family, friends and strangers all spark creativity. Inspiration does not come from only Carlsbad, but everywhere. Who have you talked to and where have you gone? These are the origin of many ideas… Listen to each conversation with an open ear and take in each site with an intrigued eye…

As an artist, you tell a story. To tell a story, you must have things to say.

How do you spark your imagination?

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  1. 1 bee honey May 31st, 2009 at 7:52 pm

    I can’t wait until tomorrow!

    bee honey

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