Community Surges Onto Carlsbad Beach

A large crowd gathered at Frazee State Park in Carlsbad around 8am on Friday March 11 in hopes of experiencing the highly anticipated tsunami triggered by the ferocious earthquake centered under Japan late last night.

Hours after a report of a 23ft. tsunami crashing upon the shore and surging into the cities and villages of Japan, warning began spreading of possible tsunamis hitting Hawaii and the California Coast.

Updates spread amongst the eager crowd of potential surge schedules while the local lifeguards warned shoreline walkers of possible danger. Some spectators sat nervous while others shrugged off harm as they prepared for a glassy morning surf.

With the sun climbed high and no sign of any noticeable surges, the attention of the crowd slowly shifted away from the water and onto themselves. A gathering of nearly 100 watched the ocean within eye’s site with reports of additional crowds lining the Carlsbad coast reminiscent of July 4th gatherings.

If the highly anticipated tsunami visited our Carlsbad shore, it was no more than a trickle blended into the waves already crashing upon the sand. The anticlimactic tsunami was shrugged off as a much more notable and uplifting surge of community and conversation crashed upon the Carlsbad morning coast.

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Where did you watch from? See anything?

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