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Bryan Snyder No A signs

On February 23, I will be voting NO on Measure A: Agua Hedionda South Shore Specific Plan.

I have carefully read the entire Measure A, the official 9212 Report, the 2006 approved Prop. D and the subsequent Prop. D Community Engagement Process Final Report. I have met with both the Yes and No supporters directly expressing my concerns and asking questions. I have been given a private tour of the proposed land by Carlsbad Strawberry Co. owner and SG&E tenant Jimmy Ukegawa. I have attended village merchant meetings and engaged Rick Caruso in person and on the phone. I have attended City of Carlsbad council meetings and I have spoken extensively with Carlsbad citizens and village merchants.

Through my research I have learned that traffic is projected to get worse with or without the proposed mall due to nearly 20 other City of Carlsbad approved future developments. The City Council has exhibited a pro-development position and looks to drastically change the Carlsbad landscape. It is paramount that we consider ways to reduce regional traffic growth. Adding a 585,000 sq. ft. mall projected to attract nearly as many people annually as Disneyland is NOT a way to limit traffic growth. I have also found multiple exemptions within the official 9212 report which results in Caruso drafting his ideal agreement exempting himself from a number of preexisting city codes and requirements i.e., sign restrictions, soil testing for harmful toxins, limiting future City review. Through his vagueness, as well as his successful bid to bypass the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), Caruso asks us for trust.

I ask you if Caruso has exhibited trust? We are voting on Feb. 23 because Caruso was able to gather enough signatures through his citizen-led initiative backed by the guise of saving the “beloved” strawberry fields. Was a 585,00 sq. ft. mall ever mentioned when you were approached by the army of Caruso’s signature gatherers, or in the many high-end marketing materials that flooded your mailbox, television screens and/or your web browser? Within the $7 million marketing campaign, the most important detail—a mall—was left out, a mall that is so large that Caruso is attempting to rezone the pre-existing land to allow it. Are you one of the many Carlsbad locals who feel duped by a deceptive marketing campaign? You are not alone.

This is not an attempt to persuade your vote, rather an announcement of MY upcoming informed vote. This decision is based on months of research, meetings and a detailed investigation of ethical practices. I have friends, collectors and clients on both sides of Measure A and respect each and every one of their perspectives. This is mine.

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions regarding Measure A: Agua Hedionda South Shore Specific Plan., as well as info on where to vote on Feb. 23.

Bryan Snyder
Snyder Art and Design

2 Responses to “Snyder Art endorses No on A”

  1. 1 Don Burton Mar 4th, 2016 at 6:35 pm

    Pretty much same story with me. I was approached 3 times back in July with the same line of BS that the paid signature gatherers used. Each time I asked to see and read the actual initiative, they walked away from me. That led me to do my own investigation, which led me to the same conclusion as Bryan. Only difference is that the actions of one particular YES supporter also motivated me to walk door-to-door gathering signatures for the referendum. I made up my mind early on in the process, but I also made it clear to anyone with whom I spoke that they were free to vote otherwise. Obviously more people reached the same conclusion as we did.

  2. 2 Scott Threlfall Mar 19th, 2016 at 12:18 am

    Super stoked we finally got to meet you! What an amazing person you are. Your passion for Carlsbad and what you believe in speaks in volumes. How fortunate Carlsbad and all of us are to have such a creative genius that represents that Carlsbad Vibe, that so many of us grew up on and so well..
    Thank you, Scott

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