Watercolor in Desert

I captured Santa Ana in a little jar

Sewed phoenix feathers into your favorite shirt

Dip my cup in moonshine with Gibran

Papa would sing to me sweet jellyroll

On our tongues and evening rose to meet

By firefly.

Amidst the pomegranate tree we hung

Silver bells, beads and things

Pursed these lips to the water

Rain dance in the desert

Pouncing around you believed you were a

Cat, I’d rather be one

A mountain lion, I would sleep in

The trees

I will walk here with my lamplight on

Grab the horizon and kneel to the sun

We had the same dreams

But if you sit back and roll

The days through your fingertips

And clap clap clap clap to all the good

People dancing ohh

You’ll learn to love to have a little magic too

You’ll learn to love to have a little faith too

Starin down the eyes of timelessness

Copyright 2007