THOM PAIN community project @ NVA

WHAT: THOM PAIN based community collage
WHERE: New Village Arts Theatre (map)
WHEN: 9/10/11-10/2/11 (the run of the play)

There are currently 50 bees buzzing in the Carlsbad Village. Snyder Art and the New Village Arts Theatre invites you to find one of the 50 bees, detach it from its village location, bring it to the theatre lobby, add a personal fear and hang it on the lobby wall.

Along with hanging your fear, guests are invited to participate in a community collage designed and organized by Bryan Snyder from Snyder Art. Participants will paste magazine tear-outs onto the canvas to fill in the color on a 4ft.x4ft design based on the main character of the play, ultimately creating a community collage portrait at the end of the play’s run.

Click HERE to purchase tickets for the play!
*Ticket discount available for those who bring in a found bee.

Face your fears and disclose them in public on the theatre’s lobby wall!

Email all thoughts, stories and photos to theartist (at)