the growth of HOPE


A seed is planted with high hopes of healthy growth and wild praise. It germinates in rich soil and is fed the best of nutrient laden water. It constricts during chilly Winter frosts and expands during Spring warmth. As the seed develops, it stretches, eventually breaking its rough shell. The seed reaches skyward and punctures through soil recently dampened by the past shower. Through many seasons and learned lessons, the seed develops from an inexperienced newcomer to a thick tree with dominating influence and high office. It oversees all decisions of its neighborhood. It stands stiff and its roots stretch wide.

tree-on-side.jpgThe tree’s reach spreads high over the road it grows aside. Its branches shade the once plentiful flowers and causes them to wilt. His roots tangle with other neighborhood trees and constricts their growth and freedom. The tree drops pine cones on innocent passers and litters the asphalt with brutal attacks like a bully trashes the face of a helpless classmate. The tree, a glutton for riches, strips the earth of resources. Its roots run wild pipelines, squeezing the Earth like fingers tightly wrapped around a dripping sponge. Baboons congregate in the tree’s branches and elephants lobby at the tree’s base.

Spoiled through nepotism and blinded by ignorance, the tree struggles to win the acceptance of its neighborhood. Like the tree’s early rapid growth, surrounding plant’s disapproval rise to new heights. Insults tumble down the road and gather at the base of the tree. Small plants mock the large tree and urge the dethroning of its massive presence. Trees from other neighborhoods join the outcry and roots deep and shallow intertwine in a massive network against the tree. With skies the color of coal and clouds as angry as a frothing hyena, a furry of change blows through the streets of our village, uprooting the tree and making way for hope and the growth of a new leader.

What change are you hoping for?

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