the Birth of an Egg

Click HERE for photos of each egg!

A table as bright and cluttered as the surrounding walls came to life with the animated smiles and chatter of local artists during Carlsbadcrawl’s inaugural Plant an Egg decorating gathering at the ARTpartment.

carlsbadcrawl-egg-table.jpgPaint smeared and googley eyes were glued as each of the 60 eggs slowly came to life. Each egg expressed its creator’s personality. Some wild with charisma and others introverted with thought. Some eggs were belted out with spontaneous expression while others delicately grew with precise lines and meticulously arranged strands of yarn. Soundless spurts of creativity were broken by outbursts of laughter as each egg was finished. A box in the room’s far corner became cluttered with colorful eggs and the center table and carpet filled with glitter and feathers. Each egg sat nervous knowing a dark bush or a bricked cave could be their next home.

A collective can be defined as a number of people acting as a group. Project: Plant an egg gave us an excuse to come together with the intent to create and share ideas.



Thanks again for your participation!

Click HERE for photos of each egg!

Which one is your favorite?

2 Responses to “the Birth of an Egg”

  1. 1 Stormy Mar 31st, 2008 at 8:23 pm

    To me I picture Rocker tuning the guitars before Metallica comes onstage during the Speed of Sound Tour.

  2. 2 Decorating Ideas Jun 29th, 2008 at 9:56 am

    Your site regarding the Birth of an Egg looks very interesting to me. I found it doing a search for decorating ideas.

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