Snyder’s Doodle Art Hunt PHOTOS


On Sunday, August 14, Carlsbad Village resident-artist Bryan Snyder sent Carlsbad Art in the Village attendees on an art hunt through the Carlsbad Village in search of a chance to win an original painting based on his signature character named Doodle.

Each of the eight Doodle paintings hung over the entrance to Snyder Art booth located on State Street awaiting there new home.

100+ Doodle reproductions on wood hung on the facade of Snyder’s booth—each containing a clue guiding art hunters in the general area of a hidden wooden disk—ultimately awarding a painting when returned to Snyder.

See below for photos of all the Doodle winners, as well as a collection of photos capturing the entire day’s Doodle Art Hunt excitement:

doodle win2
doodle win1
doodle win8 doodle win7 doodle win6 doodle win5 doodle win4 doodle win3

doodle15 doodle11 doodle10 doodle9 doodle8 doodle12doodle7 doodle6 doodle4 doodle3 doodle2 doodle1doodle5

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Watch Snyder create Doodles in studio!

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