Snyder Art surprises the Village Faire

As a kid growing up in the Carlsbad Village, local artist Bryan Snyder used the local streets and beaches as his canvas. His early passion for baseball was expressed year around on the Chase and Pine fields. When not on the diamond, Snyder could be found skateboarding all day in the Village. His passions were found early and expressed often within the streets of the village.

Now as an adult and a Carlsbad resident 28 of his 31 years, Snyder continues to express his passions and creativity in the Carlsbad Village Streets through art. His most recent public art installation stopped the 100,000 estimated faire visitors in their tracks.

“As a conceptual artist, I attempt to connect the public’s mind with my ideas,” Snyder says. “What better stage to do this than along a constant stream of 100,000 people all in search of something to look at?”

Thousands of cameras shot photos of the eerie though subtly innocent sculpture shaped out of newspaper, shrink wrap and packaging tape. Snyder’s sculpture was finished with acrylic latex drip and sat upon 3 buckets of paint with a sign that encouraged photos.

Keep your eyes out for future Snyder Art street installations!

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