Snyder Art 2008:Opening Reception


img_3528.jpgA good conversation is more informative than a college degree. A friendship more desired than a profitable deal. A smile warms the heart and a laugh is contagious. Photos flash and glasses raise as new memories tuck deep into the archives of our lives. On August 8th 2008, Snyder Art opened its arms to the village as an invitation to spend the evening developing local culture, uniting community and promoting artistic expression.

img_7874.jpgTwenty bright paintings winced as the sun poured into the studio after a long month of hiding. Colors radiated off the walls like the first flaps of a butterflies new wings. An exposed world hung in anticipation, waiting for the first guest. Food was set and refreshments were iced as I sat alone and waited.

community.jpgWithin moments and 30 minutes before the scheduled start time, the community began emerging. Cars began to creep and observant eyes noticed the awakening of culture. Friends emerged form the streets and strangers introduced themselves. I extended my appreciation with a hearty handshake as aimg_3540.jpg permanent smile gleamed from my face. Plates filled with hot burritos from the kitchen of Lola’s as Felisa’s soothing vocals bounced off the walls and out onto State street. The experience had begun; I stood proud and welcoming.

felisa.jpgI wanted to give our community the gift of an experience. My intent was to invite all, to embrace the people we interact with on a daily basis in a friendly “communal hug.” We live in paradise, misted by the waves and warmed by the sun, but the people, your neighbor, family and friends also play an important role in each one of our days. We are one; a community that depends upon one and another. I cherish each day I spend biking through our shady streets, dragging my toes on our smooth beaches and splashing in our ocean. You all inspire me. I thank you for your support, your friendship and your role in my life!


Thank you all for your help!

Click HERE for all the photos!

Did you have fun? What did you like and how can I make the next one better? What was you favorite painting? Lets hear your thoughts on Snyder Art 2008!

4 Responses to “Snyder Art 2008:Opening Reception”

  1. 1 SteelyDAM Aug 15th, 2008 at 5:29 pm

    Looks like a great night. Wish I lived closer…

  2. 2 Jenn Aug 16th, 2008 at 5:01 pm

    You put on an awesome show! I cant wait for the next one.

  3. 3 bee honey Aug 26th, 2008 at 10:31 pm

    “Photos flash and glasses raise as new memories tuck deep into the archives of our lives.”
    the best way to explain how important this night was.

    This is one of my favorite posts, not just because of the subject, you tell the story well.

  4. 4 pigpen Aug 30th, 2008 at 8:41 am

    Awesome work! I was really bummed not to be able to make it and I had planned to give you a call that night to wish you the best but was interrupted. Here’s what happened: as part of the provflux festival, running simultaneuosly to your opening, we had planned a drift out to Block Island, an island about the quarter of the size of Catalina, 10 miles off the coast of Rhode Island. The others took the bus to the ferry terminal; at 50 miles I thought I would cycle it in the afternoon. Sophie who had to finish some work would drive and meet me at the ferry. There was talk of psychadelia being distributed around campfires (scenes of which I wanted to photograph and possibly offer to you as studies for a new painting) and I wanted to make the entire trip cycle-delic. After about twenty miles of riding it started to rain. The rain fell faster and thunder was heard in the distance. Soon I was riding in a downpour with a thunderstorm almost overhead. I didn’t care: it was super exhilirating and I pushed on. But after several minutes of a downpour, which wasn’t letting up, the roads were flooded. I plowed through one massive puddle and felt the road give way: it was a massive submerged pothole and I knew when I hit it that my tires had popped. Which they had. I managed to coast of the road into a turnout only to find myself at the gates of a cemetery. The downpout increased and bits of hail were falling but I brought myself and bike under a cypress tree and attempted to change the tire with a spare I had. No joy: although I managed to get it on in record time, the valve broke of as I was pumping it up. Now a second thunderstorm was overhead and I was under a massive cypress tree in a cemetery! I tried to phone Sophie but couldn’t get through so I sent a text message: in xx cemetery please come. We had a brief correspondence before my phone, now thoroughly waterlogged, died. Her last text from me read: phone is fucked. Eventually she made it to me and the rain stopped and we limped back home. Amazingly Block Island stayed dry the entire time- except for the late night high tide which swamped everyone who was camped out on the beach, watching lightning storms in the distance.

    And exactly a week later I ran into these bands touring the northeast by bike ( and we shared stories of biking through the same thunderstorm! I got a plug in their website here:

    So many digressions! I just wanted to say how stoked I am for you Bryan! and I was sending good vibes on the day.


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