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WHERE: In the streets of the Carlsbad Village
WHEN: Sunday March 23rd and until all pieces are found
WHO: Everyone and Anyone
WHY: To develop a network of minds (culture) based on creativity

The Carlsbad Village has been scattered with 60 brightly decorated eggs for all to find. The eggs contain:

• 1 large sticker to be kept or placed where desired
• 1 small sticker to also be kept or placed in smaller desired locations
• 1 limited edition PROJECT: Plant and Egg sticker
• Instructions on how to participate in the completion of the above puzzle
• 1 piece of the above puzzle with an individual log# which corresponds to a specific section of the above puzzle

INSTRUCTIONS: After finding an egg, write a comment, short or detailed, and include the Log#. This number will be located on the back of your found piece. Your involvement is crucial in the completion of the puzzle. Each piece will be reveled after your participation. When the puzzle is completed, a short video clip documenting the progression of the painting will be shown.

bri-setup.jpgCarlsbadcrawl invites all who live in Carlsbad and surrounding areas to explore the streets of the village. Use the egg hunt as an excuse to let your eyes wander in spots normally overlooked. Explore the unexplored and seek the unsought! Record your newly found treasures with a quick snapshot or jot scribbles in a small pocket size book. Upon finding an egg, observe the location, the atmosphere and the relevance of that chosen spot.

Like an individual puzzle piece, you too can be part of a larger picture. Culture grows like a puzzle, each piece is important, each idea is valuable.

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