Carlsbadcrawl would like to thank all whom participated in out most recent project: Artist at work. The response to our cones has been incredible. Everyone from Roger the Local Juggler to the North County Times has shown interest. Its been a great experience and we feel in a sense, large or small, we brought together our community. Thanks again for your support and open mindedness to the creative ways in which we express our ideas.

Artist Hard at Work Making a Statement-North County Times: 8.6.08

Juggler Supports Local Artists-North County Times: 8.12.08


9.jpg10.jpg Where am I?

Did you see a cone? Click on the above photos and test your local knowledge. Use the clues if you need…How observant are you?

BONUS: One cone was left alone. Do you know which one?

Let us know if you want an original cone…

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