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Carlsbadcrawl’s most recent project was inspired by a local Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce sponsored project called Art in the Heart of the Village. The city’s project attempts to “promote a sense of community.” Local artists are given the opportunity to adopt hydrants or electrical boxes to paint. Each adopted location has a price of $300-750 depending on its location. MORE INFO.

This is a great project for our community…right?

Unfortunately, we at carlsbadcrawl feel the city’s project is unfair and even segregating. The high adoption fee is where we find the problem. Only a portion of our community can afford it while the rest can not. This divides our community into the affluent and the poor. We feel this is NOT a the best way to promote a sense of community and ultimately taints local art.

How do you feel about this?


Have a lottery where each box/hydrant is awarded through chance. This would create a fair opportunity for each person. The affluent would have the same chance as the poor and they would be united in one fun project.

The city could donate a sum to a local charity in the name of the project and local art.


To show our disapproval, we have created our most recent project called Artist at Work, as well as an upcoming LOCAL ART SHOW. Our projects and events have the intention to provoke thought and promote community through art and conversation. The experiences we create and support are free, fair and open to all.

Has you day been effected by our project? Have you seen a cone? If so, where was it? How did the design make you feel?

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