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5th Annual Brewbies Fest : Bagby Brew


WHAT: 2014 BrewbiesTM Festival – 5th Annual!
WHEN: Saturday, March 1 : noon-5PM
WHERE: The Bagby Beer Company (map)

The Brewbies Festival benefits the Keep A Breast Foundation, and, in its first four years has donated over $75,000 to support KAB’s mission.  The Keep A Breast Foundation,  a non-profit organization, aims to provide support for young people impacted by cancer and to offer education about prevention, early detection, and help raise awareness about cancer-causing toxins in our everyday environment.

Festival-goers will enjoy handcrafted beer from all over the country. The 2014 festival will feature several local and regional breweries including (but not limited to): AleSmith, Alpine Beer Co, Angel City, Automatic, Avery, Ballast Point Brewing, Beachwood BBQ and Brewing, Big Dogs, Bravery Brewing, Breakwater, Cismontane, Coronado, Craftsman, Culture Brewing, Deschutes Brewery, Dogfish Head, Eagle Rock, El Segundo, Firestone Walker, Golden Road, Goose Island, Green Flash, Hangar 24, Ironfire, Karl Strauss, Kern River, La Quinta, Lady Face Ale, Lagunitas, Latitude 33, Mike Hess Brewing, Monkey Paw, Noble Aleworks, North Coast, Pizza Port, Rip Current, Sierra Nevada, Smog City, Societe, Speakeasy, TAPS, The Lost Abbey, The Bruery, Tustin and more!

Click HERE to view the Snyder Art painting up for auction!

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Carlsbad Corporate Marketing Partnerships Program


On Tuesday Feb. 11, the Carlsbad City Council unanimously approved the proposed corporate marking partnerships policy, which includes stipulations allowing corporations to sponsor city assests.

The 10-page comprehensive policy developed by city staff, and an outside consultant, includes two programs: “proud partner” program and a master vending contract program.

City events, such as Jazz in the Parks, currently include corporate sponsors, but the “proud partner” program will combine additional city events, such as Adopt a Trail, aquatic programs, and the Carlsbad Triathlon, into one citywide sponsorship package. This sponsorship package will also include city services, vehicles, mailings, buildings, parks and street furniture.

In addition, the master vending contract will grant exclusivity to one food and beverage vendor, such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi or Snapple, throughout city departments and facilities.

The corporate marketing partnerships program will potentially attract more lucrative corporate partnerships bringing in up to $750,000 revenue within three years of launching.

Though the City of Carlsbad retains sole discretion to choose sponsors and does not intend to open possible agreements for public forum, staff assure a tasteful aesthetic in accord with the integrity of the city.

As a result of the policy approval, city staff will now begin developing and issuing requests for sponsorship proposals for the two programs.

City Assets Available for Corporate Marketing Partnerships

10-page Corporate Marketing Partnerships policy

Introducing the Carlsbad “Coastal Helix”

Carlsbad coastal helix

Carlsbad’s proposed artwork titled “Coastal Helix” by San Francisco Bay artist Roger Stoller is one step closer to becoming the newest addition to an already impressive collection of Carlsbad public art.

After a review of 86 applicants submitted by local Carlsbad artists and residents of other cities, the Public Art Advisory Committee narrowed down the applicants into 5 very talented finalists. Stoller was eventually chosen based on an impressive portfolio and the ability to combine Carlsbad iconography with a forward-thinking aesthetic.

“It is old world craft with modern day technology,” one arts commission member said.

roundabout-schematicThe 12 foot tall “Coastal Helix” is the proposed centerpiece for the State Street and Carlsbad Boulevard 35 foot in diameter roundabout, and will showcase iconic Carlsbad imagery woven into the piece’s stainless steel lacework including: a whale tail, pelican, crab, wave, bird of paradise, sunset and heron.

The sculpture will be lit at night by LED lights and will stand atop an artisan rock formation representing the local cliffs, surrounded by an arrangement of local plants.

After a period of public comment, the City of Carlsbad Arts Commission will present the proposed artwork to the City Council for final approval. This agenda item is scheduled to go to council in March 2014. Installation is scheduled to coincided with the June 2014 completion of the roundabout.

Click HERE to tell the city what you think of the artwork.

Click HERE to learn more about Roger Stoller.

Click HERE to view a video on the “Coastal Heaix.”

Not all Smiles for the Proposed Carlsbad Sign

Carlsbad sign meeting

Carlton Lund, a Carlsbad real estate broker and the former chairman of the board of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce, invited community members to a public meeting to discuss his proposed 20 feet tall archway sign to be located near Carlsbad Village Drive, and spanning the width of Carlsbad Boulevard, but to Lund’s dismay, he was greeted with more naysayers than he may have expected.

The Village Terrace above the Daily News Cafe in the Carlsbad Village filled promptly at 7:30 a.m. on Thursday, Jan. 30 with representatives from the City of Carlsbad, the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce, local businesses and organizations, local artists and community enthusiasts.

darlene dolphin carlsbadAfter a short introduction by Chamber member and application handler Mike Howes of Howe’s Weiler & Associates, some attendees’ hands raised high with discontent over what they referred to as a “cartoony” and “silly” image of a smiling dolphin named “Darlene.” This image is planned to sit atop the sign.

While many showed support for a sign in the Carlsbad Village, some disapproved of the image of the dolphin, as well as the “overpowering” size and the cultural significance of the sign, but the most interesting displeasure voiced during this community meeting regarded the definition of “art” and the validation of the chosen artist.

Robert Wyland, a world-famous artist renowned for painting marine life, is planned to donate the artwork for the center of the sign, but many consider Wyland’s image not exactly art. “Dolphin Smile Porthole” is a piece Wyland reproduces often. Some categorized it as merchandise — it has been made available on the Home Shopping Network — and upset attendees considered it more Wyland Galleries branding than a unique piece of art. The City of Carlsbad Arts Commission has already denied support for the same reasoning.

Concerns immediately filled the room questioning the validation of Wyalnd as a representative of Carlsbad. He is not, nor has he ever been, a resident of Carlsbad. Though the icon of a dolphin is appropriate for the Carlsbad Village by the Sea, it is named after his mother Darlene Wyland and vice president of Wyland Worldwide — a name that lacks significance to Carlsbad, its history or its community.


Not all of the community input was negative. Just as many community members showed their excitement for the sign and their support for Darlene the Dolphin. If approved, the sign design, construction and installation, as well as the dolphin sculpture, will be financed by a generous donation of $225,000 by TaylorMade Golf. Of that donation, $50,000 will cover the cost of supplies for the sculpture. The ultimate cost to the City of Carlsbad will be $0.

If approved, this sign will become one of the city’s most photographed landmarks. A question worth asking is why Wyland was awarded the opportunity to stamp his company branding on the sign? A group of local artists questioned why there was not an open invitation for other artists to submit designs?

As a Wyland Foundation member of the board of directors, Lund has pushed for Wyland’s artwork in the past. In the late 1990s Lund attempted to persuade the City of Carlsbad to allow Wyland to paint on the northern wall of the Encina Powerplant. The request was denied.

The meeting began with handshakes, hugs and pleasantries, but to the surprise of the proposed archway sign supporters, the audience was scattered with disapproving looks that passionately applauded after each voiced their concerns of the sign size,  the sign location and the aesthetics and iconography of the sign sculpture, as well as Lund’s unwillingness to publicly invite other artist applicants.

Learn more at:

Carlsbad Music Festival Benefit : Wu Man


WHAT: CMF Benefit featuring a performance by pipa player Wu Man
WHERE: The Village Terrace at the Carlsbad Inn (map)
WHEN: Tuesday, Feb. 4 starting at 7 p.m.
TICKETS:  $75 each or a pair for $125 (buy ticket)

The Carlsbad Music Festival announces its 2014 fundraising benefit to be held on Tuesday, Feb. 4 at the Carlsbad Inn Village Terrace located in the heart of the Carlsbad Village steps from the beach.

Benefit guests will enjoy a catered reception, silent auction, and performance by Wu Man, world renown Chinese pipa player, Carlsbad resident and 2013 Musical America Instrumentalist of the Year.

Recognized as the world’s premier pipa virtuoso and leading ambassador of Chinese music, Grammy Award nominated musician Wu Man has carved out a career as a composer, soloist, and educator giving her lute-like instrument – which has a history of two thousand years in China – a new role in both traditional and contemporary music. Through numerous trips to her native China, Wu Man has premiered hundreds of new works for the pipa, while spearheading multimedia projects to both preserve and create awareness of China’s ancient musical traditions. Her adventurous spirit and virtuosity have led to collaborations across artistic disciplines allowing Wu Man to reach wider audiences as she works to break through cultural and musical borders.

The proceeds of this event will benefit the CMF’s 2014 activities including the 3-day Festival in September and the June 21 Village Music Walk. The Carlsbad Music Festival is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to bringing adventurous music to Carlsbad since 2004.

Please click the below link to purchase benefit tickets:

Click HERE to view a video of Wu Man performing.

Fairy Tale Formal Ball in Village


WHAT: Fairy Tale Formal Ball
WHEN: Friday, Jan. 31 @ 7:30pm
WHERE: Carlsbad Village Yoga + Fitness (map)

There will be live music, refreshments, and local business Silent Auctions and raffles! Dress FORMAL or PRINCESS/PRINCE or DREAMS or FairyTale!

No charge for kids

Carlsbad Archway Sign Public Meeting

carlsnad village archway

WHAT: Proposed Carlsbad Archway Sign Public Meeting
WHERE: Conference room above the Daily News Cafe (map)
WHEN: Thurs. Jan. 4th,  7:30am-9am

Learn more about the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce’s proposed gateway sign for Carlsbad Blvd. and give input at this community meeting at the Carlsbad Inn’s conference room above the Daily News Cafe.

Contact the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce at:

Roundabout and artwork coming to UpState

Carlsbad Roundabout

The City of Carlsbad has begun the construction of a new traffic roundabout at the intersection of Carlsbad Boulevard and State Street, which will also include: bike lanes on each side of Carlsbad Boulevard, a sidewalk on the East side, pedestrian trail paralleling the railroad tracks — and a commissioned piece of art by Bay Area artist Roger Stoller.

stoller artworkStoller, a former industrial designer, switched careers to a professional artist at the age of 42 after years of internal reflection. His organic designs using bronze and steel are inspired by “experiences observing nature on multiple levels,” Stroller said. Stroller also finds inspiration in the sky and the trees looking out from under water.

With a budget of $100,000, Stoller’s artwork is expected to be designed, fabricated and installed at the State Street-Carlsbad Boulevard roundabout by June 2014.

Stroller’s past large-scale sculptures can be found at Google in Mountain View, Calif., and the cities of Stockton, Palo Alto and Alles, Tex.

Click HERE to learn about application process and artwork criteria.

Carlsbad Marathon 2013

carlsbad marathon

mc hammer carlsbad

Saint Archer Fall Fest at Board & Brew


WHAT: Board & Brew Saint Archer Fall Fest
WHERE: Board & Brew in Carlsbad (map)
WHEN: Sunday, October 27th 11am-7

A day of Saint Archer beer tasting, live art demonstration by Snyder Art, live music by Hazmatt and raffle/giveaways.

See you there!

Halloween in the Village


WHAT: Halloween in the Village
WHERE: Carlsbad Village
WHEN: Saturday October 26th 2-5pm

Haunted House begins at 6:30pm at the Boys and Girls Club.

Banksy’s NY Balloon Gets Revenge


As you may have learned via the entire internet, anonymous street artist Banksy from the UK has returned form his hiatus and has begun his newsest project titled ‘Better Out Than In’ in New York City. Started on Oct. 1st and concluding at the end of this month, Banksy will be installing 1 piece of street art in the streets of NY each day. Drifting away from his low tech boarderline anti-social-networking, Banksy has created an Instagram account posting each new piece.

Banksy is no stranger to the element of surprise and has often sprung projects and art show of this caliber on us in the past. This is his first designated urban art show in multiple locations over an extended period of time, but the idea has been implemented by others before HERE and HERE. For Banksy’s ‘Better Out Than In’, so far each piece has been entertaining, though many of them seem to be piggybacking on some of his past ideas.

The community of New York City has been in a frenzy since Banksy’s project announcement with large crowds scouring the city streets each night for his newest piece, but for every Banksy fan comes a Banksy hater – usually with graffiti affiliations.

The story goes that a young Banksy began his relationship with the spray can in the UK as a freehand (no stencil) graffiti artist. Overtime Banksy developed a freehand skill that was appreciated at least on a local level, but he later replaced the freehand style with stenciling after realizing that he could get pieces up on illegal walls faster through a pre-cut stencil. Maybe at this point true graffiti writers saw Banksy as a traitor, or as a cheater or maybe it really didn’t matter until Banksy found fame through his stencils. Either way, a number of Banksy’s pieces have been covered up not by city funded anti-graffiti buff units as you might suspect, but by graffiti writers themselves.

Enter OMAR NY, aka SWATCH. He is a NY based graffiti artist who no longer writes unless it is to destroy a Banksy with scribbles covering each piece and a sloppy tag. Omar has a history of ruining Banksy pieces HERE and HERE and has been coined the ultimate “dick rider” for using Banksy’s fame to boost his own. His motives are not positively known.


It’s an interesting situation. Vandalism being vandalized by more vandalism. Each is illegal which means we might just have to let the nature of the streets take its own course. Let’s see what happens if the skinny jean street artist stereotype is broken and a beefed up stencilist catches OMAR in the act!

Banksy balloon image photoshopped by Snyder Art.

Click HERE to check out Snyder’s Cardiff kook Banksy tribute installation

The beach is that way!


carlsbad taxi surtfJuggling responsibilities and passions is like riding a bike. You wobble and you crash, but eventually you find the balance… and head straight to the beach!

How do you balance your schedule?

Today’s Carlsbad surf


Today the waves began to work just after high tide.

Do you know this surf break?

From A to B to A

Carlsbad beach

A walk you have skateboarded down while dragging your hand across the bird poop scattered handrail. A path you have weaved through angry pedestrians while coasting on your bike against foot traffic and an obstacle course you have danced upon avoiding freshly dropped dog dookie.

Once you successfully make it through the Carlsbad boardwalk gauntlet, you turn around and do it again.

A cloudless Autumn is upon us

Milton in Carlsbad

Milton, a local photographer, posts up on the Carlsbad Blvd. bluff welcoming the beginning of another beautiful Autumn in Carlsbad.

CMF Village Music Walk

Village Music Walk

WHAT: Carlsbad Music Festival Village Music Walk
WHERE: Multiple venues around the Carlsbad Village (map)
WHEN: Friday, Sept. 20th 5-10pm
COST: FREE (donations appreciated)

Kicking off the Festival will be the Village Music Walk on Friday night. This event has been a hugely popular part of the Fest for the past 4 years and features 20+ ensembles performing 37 sets in 5 hours attracting 2,000+ Village Music Walk attendees. Venues range from New Village Arts Theatre to Spin Records to Magee Park to the old train station, and all are within a short walk of one another. The Walk runs from 5-10pm with 20 minute sets starting every half hour. With over 40 performances to choose from during the evening, a Music Walk attendee can create their own pathway through the music and the Village. The Village Music Walk is made possible in part by a grant from the Carlsbad Charitable Foundation.

Click HERE to download the full schedule and map.

More info at

Ofie to be Lancer Day Parade Grand Marshall

Congratulations Ofie!

MNF tailgate party at Grubby’s


WHAT: MNF Tailgate Party
WHERE: Grubby’s (map)
WHEN: Sept. 9th at 6PM

Watch the Chargers kicks the Texans ass tonight on a massive 20′ projector screen. Food beer and comedy hosted by Carlsbad’s one and only Rich the Stitch! Event in support of the Boys and Girls Club.

Carlsbad Music Festival schedule and tickets

Carlsbad Music Festival

The Carlsbad Music Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary of “adventurous music by the beach” with its biggest and most exciting Festival to date on Friday-Sunday, September 20-22, 2013. This year’s Festival will feature over 50 performances in three days with concerts in Magee Park and Carlsbad Village Theater on Saturday and Sunday, as well as the Village Music Walk on Friday, all curated by Festival Founder and Director, composer Matt McBane. All concerts will take place in the charming seaside Village of Carlsbad in walking distance of the beach, hotels, restaurants and the Coaster train station.

Roomful of Teeth • Steven Schick • Claire Chase • Calder Quartet • Sean and Sarah Watkins • Peter Sprague with Gilbert Castellanos • Caroline Shaw • Steven Mackey • Mattson 2 • Trouble in the Wind • Musicians from the Center for World Music • Matt McBane • Alexander Elliott Miller • Ben Phelps • Ben Power • Christopher Cerrone • DJ Lexicon Devil • ensemble et cetera • Eric Byers • Freako Suave • Giri Nata Children’s Balinese Gamelan • Ian Rosenbaum • Jennifer Bewerse • Josephine McGrath • Low Frequency Ensemble • MandoBasso • Monte Weber • Nathan Hubbard/Passengers • Nice World • the Paragraphs • Peter Wanjira Kenyan Percussion • The Red Fox Tails • Scott Nielsen • Scott Paulson • Scott Worthington • Sean Conway • Second Cousins • Son de San Diego • Tiki Two • What’s Next? Ensemble • Zimbeat

Individual concert tickets are now available.

Use the PROMO CODE : “EARLYBIRD” to save $5 on each ticket!

Click HERE to purchase tickets!
Click HERE to download the schedule!

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