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Carlsbad beach

A walk you have skateboarded down while dragging your hand across the bird poop scattered handrail. A path you have weaved through angry pedestrians while coasting on your bike against foot traffic and an obstacle course you have danced upon avoiding freshly dropped dog dookie.

Once you successfully make it through the Carlsbad boardwalk gauntlet, you turn around and do it again.

A cloudless Autumn is upon us

Milton in Carlsbad

Milton, a local photographer, posts up on the Carlsbad Blvd. bluff welcoming the beginning of another beautiful Autumn in Carlsbad.

CMF Village Music Walk

Village Music Walk

WHAT: Carlsbad Music Festival Village Music Walk
WHERE: Multiple venues around the Carlsbad Village (map)
WHEN: Friday, Sept. 20th 5-10pm
COST: FREE (donations appreciated)

Kicking off the Festival will be the Village Music Walk on Friday night. This event has been a hugely popular part of the Fest for the past 4 years and features 20+ ensembles performing 37 sets in 5 hours attracting 2,000+ Village Music Walk attendees. Venues range from New Village Arts Theatre to Spin Records to Magee Park to the old train station, and all are within a short walk of one another. The Walk runs from 5-10pm with 20 minute sets starting every half hour. With over 40 performances to choose from during the evening, a Music Walk attendee can create their own pathway through the music and the Village. The Village Music Walk is made possible in part by a grant from the Carlsbad Charitable Foundation.

Click HERE to download the full schedule and map.

More info at

Ofie to be Lancer Day Parade Grand Marshall

Congratulations Ofie!

MNF tailgate party at Grubby’s


WHAT: MNF Tailgate Party
WHERE: Grubby’s (map)
WHEN: Sept. 9th at 6PM

Watch the Chargers kicks the Texans ass tonight on a massive 20′ projector screen. Food beer and comedy hosted by Carlsbad’s one and only Rich the Stitch! Event in support of the Boys and Girls Club.

Carlsbad Music Festival schedule and tickets

Carlsbad Music Festival

The Carlsbad Music Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary of “adventurous music by the beach” with its biggest and most exciting Festival to date on Friday-Sunday, September 20-22, 2013. This year’s Festival will feature over 50 performances in three days with concerts in Magee Park and Carlsbad Village Theater on Saturday and Sunday, as well as the Village Music Walk on Friday, all curated by Festival Founder and Director, composer Matt McBane. All concerts will take place in the charming seaside Village of Carlsbad in walking distance of the beach, hotels, restaurants and the Coaster train station.

Roomful of Teeth • Steven Schick • Claire Chase • Calder Quartet • Sean and Sarah Watkins • Peter Sprague with Gilbert Castellanos • Caroline Shaw • Steven Mackey • Mattson 2 • Trouble in the Wind • Musicians from the Center for World Music • Matt McBane • Alexander Elliott Miller • Ben Phelps • Ben Power • Christopher Cerrone • DJ Lexicon Devil • ensemble et cetera • Eric Byers • Freako Suave • Giri Nata Children’s Balinese Gamelan • Ian Rosenbaum • Jennifer Bewerse • Josephine McGrath • Low Frequency Ensemble • MandoBasso • Monte Weber • Nathan Hubbard/Passengers • Nice World • the Paragraphs • Peter Wanjira Kenyan Percussion • The Red Fox Tails • Scott Nielsen • Scott Paulson • Scott Worthington • Sean Conway • Second Cousins • Son de San Diego • Tiki Two • What’s Next? Ensemble • Zimbeat

Individual concert tickets are now available.

Use the PROMO CODE : “EARLYBIRD” to save $5 on each ticket!

Click HERE to purchase tickets!
Click HERE to download the schedule!

6th Annual Village Faire Art Festival

Art Festival flyer 2013

WHAT: 6th Annual Village Faire Art Festival
WHEN: Sat. and Sun. Aug. 31 and Sept. 1 10-4pm
WHERE: Village Faire Shopping Center

Local artists exhibit, demonstrate and sell art in several media. Oil, watercolor, sculpture, photography and more!

Call for Musicians: CMF Village Walk


The Carlsbad Music Festival is seeking adventurous musicians in the San Diego County area for its Village Walk on September 20th. Artists of all styles and genres are invited to apply by filling out the form below. If selected, artists will be asked to give one 20-minute performance in a Village venue. Artists and ensembles will be paid a flat fee of $50 per musician, for as many as 4 musicians in an ensemble. Artists are welcome to play additional sets if they choose, but doing so will not affect the artist’s fee.

Proposals and other questions to:

Please include the below info in your proposal:

Contact Info
Artist or Ensemble:

Contact Person:

Work Samples
Please provide at least one link to a recording or performance (YouTube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Myspace, etc.)
Link #1 :
Link #2 (optional) :
Link #3 (optional) :
Bio or Artist Statement (100 words or less)

Will you be amplified?
Can you perform without a PA system?
Can you provide all of your own gear?
If not, please let us know what you’ll need. Our resources will be very limited, but we’ll do our best to accommodate everyone!

Introducing ‘Jingle’ by Snyder Art


Doodle, the creation of Carlsbad Village based artist Bryan Snyder, is a mischievous yet innocent character whom Snyder first began to develop in his childhood bedroom decades before maturing as a professional artist. Doodle has taken many looks over the years, but has always stayed true to what Snyder today calls Reminiscence Pop Art, the probing of long forgotten childhood memories.

Many see Doodle as the young boy who Snyder often puts in sometimes troublesome situations, but Snyder considers Doodle as a general term Snyder Doodle Carlsbadencompassing all characters and compositions that remind one of their childhood.

“The name Doodle came form the local Carlsbad community,” Snyder explains. “I began hiding Doodle characters painted on cardboard years ago. Once the community caught on, I began getting emails asking about these characters. I always responded that they are just doodles I have drawn over the past 2 decades.” The name stuck and from that point on my childhood characters had an identity.

Along with a number of hidden Doodles on cardboard, as well as  2 large scale Doodle hunt art scavenger art shows at hosted at Vinaka Cafe and Salon 580 in the Carlsbad Village, Snyder has also gifted his community with 4 large scale Doodle murals located at Paul Henry Furniture, Cessey’s Taco Shop, T3 Tactical Gear and his most recent mural titled ‘Introducing Jingle’ at Giacoletti Music.

Snyder Carlsbad DoodleJingle, Snyder’s newest Doodle character was first created as a pencil illustration Christmas gift for local musician Susanna Kurner, former lead singer of vintage country band Hello Trouble and vocals teacher at Giacoletti Music Center.

“I have always focused on the visual with my Doodle characters, but music is big part of my life.” Snyder explains. “I thought to myself if a doodle is a quick fun drawing, what would a quick fun song be? Susanna provided the inspiration and Jingle was soon created.”

To encourage Giacoletti Music students to research the artwork behind their favorite bands, Snyder will be accepting submissions of favorite bands. Snyder will be hand painting a new record album in the hands of Jingle each month.

Stay tuned for more info on album artwork submissions.

Jingle by Bryan Snyder

‘Introducing Jingle’ was organized by Snyder Art with help from Giacoletti Music Center and Bob Nielsen & Associates. Mural financed entirely by Snyder Art.

Carlsbad Music Festival needs your help!

Due to a rule change in the City of Carlsbad grant process, the Carlsbad Music Festival lost out on the opportunity to receive a crucial $10,000 grant for the 2013 festival.

The Carlsbad Music Festival has launched a Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign in hopes of replacing the amount of the lost grant with community supported donations.

Pledges from $1 and up are welcomed and each pledge receives an assortment of rewards, but more importantly, helps the CMF continue bringing  progressive art to our Village.

Click HERE to donate!


This is a community event and it takes a community effort of donating and spreading the word to make it happen.

If you are unable to donate, please help spread the word!
Click HERE to like the CMF Facebook page!

Viz Art Ink Summer Event

Viz Art Summer Event

WHAT: Viz Art Ink Summer Event
WHERE: Viz Art Ink Gallery in the Carlsbad Village (map)
WHEN: Saturday July 13 5PM-9

Click HERE for an article on the Viz Art Gallery opening!

Wine, beer, music, chocolate and art!

Flicks at the Fountain TONIGHT


WHAT: Flicks at the Fountain
WHERE: State and Grand (map)
WHEN: Thurs. July 11 starting at dusk

Sponsored by Homelife Village Realtors, Beach City Smoothies, Carlsbad Urgent Care and Paradise Pizza of Carlsbad.

This event is ongoing each week. See the flyer for all dates.

July 4th in the Carlsbad Village

July 4th Carlsbad

Carlsbad July 4th

Fireworks Carlsbad

Legoland Carlsbad fireworks

We are not sure if a pontoon crashed upon the Carlsbad shore offering a free-for-all firework frenzy, or if the local CPD decided to let the local hooligans have some fun this year, but fireworks whizzed and exploded everywhere.

The nearest ‘sponsored’ fireworks shined off the sagging cloud layer high above LegoLand, but puttered out with a noticeable weak grand finale. Luckily the local crowd picked it up this year with a shockingly large stash of personal firework use lighting the night sky in all directions.

Did you notice extra explosions high over the Carlsbad Village?

Paul Henry at the Mingei International Museum

Paul Henry Allied Craftsman Today

Allied Craftsmen Today builds on Mingei International’s 2011 exhibition San Diego’s Craft Revolution– From Post War Modern to California Design, which featured works from the seminal period of 1945 to 1980. This current exhibition, honoring the group’s collective achievements and longevity, includes recent work by 37 of the Allied Craftsmen’s 68 active members. Representing cutting-edge craft in various mediums, Allied Craftsmen Today applauds the group’s quiet, continuous and extraordinarily rich contributions to the visual arts in San Diego.

The work of Carlsbad Village based artist Paul Henry is included in this show and will be on display at the Mingei International Museum until Jan. 2014.

Click HERE to view the Paul Henry’s website.

CMF Carlsbad Village Music Walk




The 10th annual Carlsbad Music Festival has kicked off with the Carlsbad Village Music Walk on Friday, June 21st. 44 performances of  ‘adventurous music by the beach’ were scattered across the  village at numerous venues including Boar Cross’n, the old train station and BOXD.

Click HERE for all CMF information!

Carlsbad Music Festival Village Walk

Carlsbad Music FestivalVillage Walk

WHAT: Carlsbad Music Festival Village Walk
WHERE: Carlsbad Vilalge
WHEN: Friday, June 21, 2013, 5-10PM

In celebration of our 10th Anniversary season, the Carlsbad Music Festival is presenting a Village Walk on the evening of Friday, June 21st! This event will feature 44 performances by 30 acts between 5-10 pm and embodies the Carlsbad Music Festival’s spirit of “adventurous music by the beach” while creating a community event for both audience members and musicians. The Village Walk is a fun, free community celebration of music.

Click HERE for the CMF Village Walk map and venue/musician info!

Beached at the Carlsbad Beach Fest

Carlsbad Beach Fest

The weather was perfect, the surf provided some fun mid day rides and a slew of locals and village visitors walked from State Beach to Tamarack enjoying booths, food stands, live music, giant sand castles and a variety of other beach related activities.

What did you see at this year’s Beach Fest?

Carlsbad Beach Fest


WHAT: Carlsbad Beach Fest
WHERE: Frazee Beach at Pine Avenue to Tamarack Beach at Tamarack Avenue
WHEN: Saturday, June 15th 8AM-4PM

The annual Carlsbad Beach Fest™ event is a fun-filled day on one mile of beach which celebrates our recreational paradise through good beach stewardship. From Frazee Beach at Pine Avenue to Tamarack Beach at Tamarack Avenue, exciting beach and water activities, music, food, and beach cleanup are planned for all to enjoy and participate. Growing from 850 people in 2008 to over 9,000 in 2012. Attendance on June 15 2013 is expected to reach over 12,000.  Carlsbad Beach Fest has become one of Carlsbad’s most important events of the year, and its outreach continues on a grand scale!

State Beach Classic Surf Contest


WHAT: State Beach Classic
WHERE: Tamarack Beach Carlsbad
WHEN: Sunday, June 9th
WHY: A Tribute to Banning Capps

Thanks to The Carlsbad Boys and Girls Club, Juncal Realty, Seaworthy Boardshop, Breakwater Brewing Company, Fatal, Hurley, Helldorado, Vita Coco, Filtrate Eyewear, Digital Solutions Marketing, Vans, Hoven, and Knockout Pizza for all their support!!!!

Click HERE for more information!

L.H.O.O.Q. Books Urban Public Library


Visible from the highly commuted Carlsbad Village Drive, but barely seen by the unsuspecting eye, awaits a collection of free books. The shelves of the L.H.O.O.Q. Books library contain a wide assortment of books including “beautiful, rare, new, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAused, unique, strange, eclectic, worn, dirty, clean and aged written by first time novelists and dead man’s classics.”

There is not much information about this rare happening in the Carlsbad Village, but according to a single page handout, within the walls these book laden shelves hang from is a writing studio and small group tutoring center. The organizers plan on eventually opening up the doors to the public in the near future.


This urban outside library works on the honor system and welcomes book and financial donations at any time.

Click HERE for driving/walking directions!

Click HERE to visit the L.H.O.O.Q. Books’ facebook page.!

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