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The “stinky water” lagoon dredging is back


Every two to four years the late Winter coastal breeze is filled with a putrid scent sucked up from the depths of the “stinky water” lagoon.

Carlsbad lagoon dredgingThe long 20-inch-diameter black pipe, which begins at a dredging vessel floating in the lagoon’s outer basin transports accumulated sand out of the lagoon. The removal of this sand allows cool water from the lagoon to smoothly enter the internal cooling system of the Encina Power Station.

About 500,000 cubic yards of sand will be pulled from the bottom of the lagoon and placed onto Carlsbad beaches in three stages:

1. About half that sand will go to a stretch of the beach between the intake and outlet jetties just outside the lagoon.

2. The next phase will consist of depositing about one-fourth of the remaining sand south of the warm water jetty.

3. The final stage will consist of placing the remaining sand on the beach between Tamarack and Oak avenues.

The project is expected to be completed before the annual grunion run, which usually begins in mid-April.


…coils, corkscrews and claws.

Carlsbad Village tree

A single idea is planted deep within the congested cracks of a beach side community. Virgin to the caresses of a waiting sun, it coiled, corkscrewed and clawed. It traveled through early brainstorms. It winced at rocky paths.  It gasped as it punched through the topsoil and onto its sunlit stage.

The idea grew strong through studied traditions, passions and public praise. The sky, smoothed like the belly of a wind blown dune, invited with limitless leaps. The idea continued its adventure skyward.

mulchThe sun bought stock and the seasonal rain dripped deep. A mane the color of crisp currency danced in the beach side breeze and meanderings branched off in new directions.

Then… the thought police arrived and muted the idea with a series of discouraging chops.

A pile of bark and leaves was all that remained, but under the warm mulch of this once steadfast muse— coils, corkscrews and claws the next great idea.

Carlsbad Sign Lighting from the old Twin Inns

Carlsbad Sign

Carlsbad Sign

Carlsbad Sign

carlsbad sign

Carlsbad Sign Lighting

All photos taken by Bryan Snyder from the from the 2nd floor and attic above the old Twin Inns building.

Today’s palette 1.7.15


The Carlsbad Sign has arrived


An excited Carlsbad crowd braved the cold to watch the preparation and installation of our Village by the Sea’s newest 19,000 lbs. fixture.

On the night of Monday, December 29, the long-awaited, and now infamous, Carlsbad Sign was installed at the corner of Carlsbad Village Drive and Carlsbad Boulevard thanks to Carlsbad realtor Carlton Lund and TaylorMade Golf Company, the latter funding the $225,000 manufacturing bill.

The installation brought out a slew of local media and Carlsbad enthusiasts, each photographing the flawless installation from every angle. Some awaited the highly anticipated glow of the LED light letters, but the switch will remain in the off position until the lighting ceremony scheduled  for Jan. 8 from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.

carlsbad_sign_carlton_lundThis sign, which is the brainchild of Lund, has been in the works for 14 years. It was originally proposed including dolphin imagery designed by famed aquatic artist Wyland, but was later recommended against by the Carlsbad Arts Commission. The sign went through 6 design revisions before City of Carlsbad Council approval.

Click HERE to see the originally denied design.

The LED lights cost about a quarter per hour. Lund hopes the city will never be responsible for this cost and his kicking off a “power hour” fundraising campaign during the January 8 lighting ceremony.





What do you think of the new Carlsbad Sign?

2015 Sponsors: Carlsbad Village Local Calendar

cbadlocal oireland surfbroker wheyland spf_social senor_grubbys museum_of_making_music HomeLife cantina

Each year the Carlsbad Village Local’s Calendar is made possible by the support of local business sponsorships. These sponsorships provide 100% of the funding needed to finance the production of this local calendar. Photography, design and fundraising organization is provided by Snyder Art and Design.

This calendar would not be possible without the support of these sponsors:. Thank you for your participation and continued support!

Click the above images to learn more about each sponsor!

To learn about calendar pick up locations:
1. Email
2. Follow @SnyderArt on Instagram
3. Like the Snyder Art and Design facebook page

Snyder Doodles at Caesar Chavez Eleventary: LA


caesar-chavez-snyder-doodle11The students of this school will have something extra to be thankful for this year when they return from Thanksgiving break.

On Saturday, November 22, Southern California street artist Bryan Snyder painted his signature character Doodle at Caesar Chavez Elementary School in Los Angeles. This brightly colored character reaches 15 feet above the school basketball court asphalt.


“I wanted to paint a character in the act of learning and exploring— something each child could recognize and identify with,” Snyder said.

snyder art doodleAs Snyder painted, children and parents observed his technique beginning with a preliminary sketch on the wall in chalk and continuing through many layers of spray paint. During the 6 hours it took Snyder to complete his newest mural, kids watched intently, asked questions and transferred their new knowledge onto the asphalt in their own colorful chalk Doodles.

snyder doodle caesar chavez“The mural is appealing to the eye, but the art is found in the ability to interest children in the creative process of art making. The color and the scale of my Doodle murals fascinate children and the setting provides an educational platform for creativity.”

It’s common for kids to spend hours with Snyder asking questions about everything from why he chooses the colors he does to the propper way to hold a spray can.


“Kids at this age are always the most curious, as well as the most critical. They are quick to suggest a color change; I encourage this. It means they are invested, interacting and thinking critically.”

Snyder was invited to participate in this project by Operation Project Hope, a community made up of like minded individuals committed to making a difference in the world.


“The students and parents were so happy to see the colorful murals brighten up their school,” Project organizers said. “We are honored to share our talents and give to these beautiful children.”

Over 20 murals we painted by dozens of artists and volunteers during the 1 day painting project.

Learn more about Snyder:

Snyder Doodles the Boys & Girls Club

Snyder Art Hunt

Introducing Jingle

See Doodle’s Imagination

Doodle at Paul Henry Furniture

A Creative Gathering

More Snyder installations

Click HERE to see more Doodle murals!

Email to inquire about Doodle murals.

It’s alive.


After days of flatness, the ocean came alive with long interval head high surf.

2015 Carlsbad Calendar Sponsorship Opportunty

2015 Carlsbad Village Calendar

The hugely popular Carlsbad Village Local’s Calendar is back with another collection of photos documenting our village by the sea through a creative and artistic eye.

This calendar is a collaborative endeavor and only made possible by local business sponsorships. Each month is available for sponsorship. Brand your chosen month with a message, coupon and/or advertisement of your choice. 500 calendars will be printed and given to the Carlsbad local community FREE of charge.

Sponsorship price:
$150 : isolated branding on your chosen month
$25 : business card in center 2 page collage (located between June/July)

Calendar specs:
• 500 full color calendars
• 13 beautiful local photos
• each of the 500 calendars will be given out FREE
• birthdays, holidays and culturally relevant dates included

If you have sponsored a month in the past and want to use the same artwork, please let me know. I will send you the artwork to approve.

Thank you for you interest and continued support!


Carlsbad village calendar designed by Bryan Snyder

Snyder discusses public art at Mira Costa College

Bryan Snyder street artist discusses street art at Mira Costa College

Carlsbad Village Doodle artist Bryan Snyder discusses the benefits of street art at Mira Costa College on Friday, November 14.

The panel discussion also included Surfing Madonna artist Mark Patterson and former Solana Beach mayor Teresa Barth. The event was moderated by L.I.F.E. (Learning Is For Everyone).

photo credit: Paint Encinitas

A Raising Arizona Halloween by Snyder Art

raising arizona halloween costume

raising arizona halloween costume

Raising Arizona : Halloween 2014

There some new trouble makers in the Carlsbad Village.

Carlsbasd Art Splash

Carlsbad Art Splash


WHAT: Carlsbad Art Splash
WHERE: Armada Drive above The Flower Fields
WHEN: September 27 and 28 | 10am-5pm

You can also bid on hand painted palette’s created by local Carlsbad artists including a piece titled ‘Doodle’s Black Eye’ painted by Carlsbad Village artist Bryan Snyder.

Carlsbad Music Festival

Carlsbad Music Festival

WHAT: Carlsbad Music Festival
WHERE: Carlsbad Village
WHEN: September 19-21, 2014

Carlsbad Village Pop Up Plaza

carlsbad pop up plaza

carlsbad village pop up plazaCarlsbad Village Pop Up Plaza

You may have noticed this weekend’s transformation of the State and Grand parking lot. The weathered and dull gray asphalt has been painted a eye-catching terracotta and the surrounding Silk Cotton Trees have been strung with new lighting.

So what is going on? The Carlsbad Village Association is conducting a week-long social project designed to prove the need for more public space in the Village.


Monday, Sept. 15, starting at 8:30 a.m.

Tuesday, Sept. 16, starting at 10 a.m

Wednesday, Sept. 17, starting at 3 p.m.

On Thursday, Sept. 18, at 8 p.m.

On Friday, Sept. 19, at 7 p.m.

On Saturday, Sept. 20,

Do you think the Carlsbad Village needs more open space?

Fiesta Del Barrio, Carlsbad 2014



WHAT: Fiesta Del Barrio, Carlsbad 2014
WHEN: Sunday, September 14 | 11am – 5pm
WHERE: Pine Avenue Park (map)

Hosted by the Fiesta del Barrio Carlsbad Association on Sunday, September 14, 2014, the Fiesta will celebrate the cultural heritage of the area.

This family-oriented Fiesta will include an opening ceremony with Mayor Matt Hall honoring residents who have helped make our community the vibrant, colorful Carlsbad that we all love!

Susanna Kurner and the Troublemakers | City of Carlsbad

Susanna Kurner and the Troublemakers play at the Ruby G. Schulman Auditorium on August 10, 2014 presented by the City of Carlsbad Cultural Arts Office.

“Song for the Road”
A collaborative program of the exhibition “Common Tread: Traversing the American Landscape” in the Cannon Art Gallery. The Troublemakers featuring Susanna Kurner on vocals, ukulele and guitar, joined by Adrian Demain on vocals and guitar, with Peter Harrison on upright bass and Marty Dodson on drums.

Susanna Kurner:

Photography and video by Bryan Snyder

Eyes on the road


carlsbad-safetyAttached to a flimsy roadside post, sprayed across a paint peeling fence or puffed across the Summer sky, the expression and beliefs of others filter through your peripherals in many mediums and from all angles.

The freedom of speech is one of our most important rights, but at what point does this right interfere with your safety… and the safety of those around you?

How is your attention targeted and does it present an unsafe distraction?

Carlsbad Dog Days of Summer

Carlsbad Dog Days of Summer

WHAT: Carlsbad Dog Days of Summer
WHEN: Friday, Aug. 29, 2014 | 5-8:30pm
WHERE: Check in at Wesco Pet Supplies (map)

Advanced registration required:
Register at!

End of Summer Event at Viz Art


WHAT: End of Summer Event
WHERE: Viz Art Ink (map)
WHEN: Sat. Aug. 23 | 6-10pm

10% off all gallery artwork during the End of Summer Event!

Artwork Winners: Carlsbad’s Biggest Art Hunt


In less that a week a total of 280+ photos were taken of artwork in the Carlsbad Village by lcoal artist Byran Snyder. Each photo was uploaded to instagram automatically entering each Carlsbad’s Biggest Art Hunt participant for a chance to win a Doodle artwork by Snyder.

Originally the first 10 participants to photograph and upload all 17 pieces of artwork would win a piece of art. Due to the huge support of both local and visiting fans, Snyder will now be giving away a total of 15 pieces of art.

Congratulations to the winners:


Message to winners:
Click HERE for your artwork options. Email the following info to
Artwork title:
Address to send artwork to:

Congratulations to all the winners and a special thanks to all the participants who came out and spent the day in the Carlsbad Village.

Click HERE to see all the winning photos.
Click HERE for the project wrap up.
Click HERE to view the map of all Snyder Artwork.
Click HERE to purchase a print.

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