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The Carlsbad Town…?




Carlsbad’s population as a whole has nearly doubled in the past 15 years. Open spaces are rapidly being replaced with suburban sprawl and the coastal sunsets are more often seen reflecting in the windows of sky townhouse developments.

The impeding LA development of 85/15 (and those strongly against it), the closing of a popular business of 29 years and the ever-present “Keep the Village Quaint” stickers popping up all over the local streets are all proof that the Carlsbad Village is moving in a bigger and busier direction.

Has the quiet and quaint village grown into a name change?

Señor Grubby’s 7 Year Celebration


WHAT: Señor Grubby’s 7 Year Celebration
WHEN: Wednesday July 15th, 6-10 p.m.

The party will start at 6pm & roll into the night, wrapping up around 10pm. Señor Grubby’s is utilizing this fun event as a way to raise money for ‘Warrior Foundation – Freedom Station’ with a DUNK TANK, CARNIVAL GAMES, PULL UP CONTEST, TACO BAR, BEER GARDEN & More!!

Dunk tank volunteers include: Eve 7 Swimwear Models, Hidden City Derby Girls, NFL Pro  & Superbowl Winner Brett Swain and Justin Jachura!

Raffle & Carnival prizes include: San Diego Padres Tickets, Legoland California Tickets, Xterra Wetsuits Products, Surf Ride Boardshop Packages, and MORE!

1st 100 guests to arrive will receive free event t-shirt!

Señor Grubby’s

Flicks at the Fountain is back!


WHEN: Thursday nights from July 9 to Aug. 27, 2015
WHERE: The Fountain at Grand Avenue and State Street

Carlsbad Village Association is pleased to announce the return of Flicks at the Fountain, a series of weekly family-fun films that show behind the Village’s prominent fountain on the corner of State Street and Grand Avenue. The free movies make their big screen debut on July 9 and continue each Thursday evening at dusk until Aug. 27, 2015. Movies will range from the timeless classic Wizard of Oz to the landslide animated film Big Hero 6.

Click HERE for the full schedule!

The Diamond is a boy’s best friend

Skateboarding, baseball and illustration have been passions I found at a very young age. Sometimes I would take a break from one to focus on another and other times all three would collide challenging me to juggle all star tournaments all around Ncyborth County, bus adventures in search of new skate parks and sleepless nights at my rickety desk illustrating my favorite cartoons.

As a new father living in the village I grew up in myself as a child, I am able to share each of these memories with my son–skateboarding along the coast, painting in the studio and learning the ways of the diamond at Chase Field.










All photos taken by Bryan Snyder during the July 4th Pony All Star Tournament at Chase Field in Carlsbad.

Carlsbad Youth Baseball

Independence Day 2015: Carlsbad














Annie Preece paints the Carlsbad Art Wall


annie_carlsbad_7_WEBFor months you pass a favorite piece of public art. Each day you gaze upon the bright colors, interactive invitations and whimsical reminiscences. At the moment when you realize that you could not live with out this simple, yet gripping interaction—the artwork is gone. Though sad, it is also exciting knowing that new and fresh art is on its way.

annie_carlsbad_12_WEBWith bumblebeeloveyou‘s whimsical cutie-catcher a faint memory and the colorful dust of Morley‘s interactive chalkboard still collecting on the vilalge streets, Los Angeles street artist Annie Preece found herself in the Carlsbad Village, a seaside community leaning towards the conservative side when it comes to art imagery.


annie_carlsbad_19_WEBAnnie’s art breaks down the door and stampedes in the opposite direction of what Carlsbad is accustom to. In 2012, Annie was aggressively asked to censor a mural or be fined and sent to jail. For the following years, she responded by scattering Los Angeles with vomiting unicorns, brash combinations of text and squeamish eroticas.

annie_carlsbad_34_WEBRather than attempt to harness Annie and her uncontrollable creativity, project director Bryan Snyder offered the wall as an unrestricted blank canvas available for Annie to paint as she wanted.


annie_carlsbad_32_WEB“I curate each wall-artist for with experiences in mind,” Snyder said. “bumblebeelovesyou brought a whimsical and easy-to-digest mural while Morley introduced a more cerebral interactive experience. With the 3rd artist, I was looking for a discussion piece—something edgy.”

annie_carlsbad_30_WEBAnnie immediately began to encourage discussion among the spectating crowd. Onlookers watched as Annie, cigarette in hand and a cup of iced coffee or canned energy drink always near, stroked the outlines of her design. Her skilled spraycan technique filled in colors with precise cuts and feathering blends. Annie created visible rues with each spray either bringing the image closer to you or pushing the wall away.


annie_carlsbad_18_WEBIntertwining tentacles and an elephant with a human body tangled in balloons emerged. Each patch of color carefully deceived the eye with skillful blending and carefully placed highlights. This optical illusion impressed the onlookers and the imagery confused. Passersby attempted to title the piece and others hypothesized underlying messaging.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 10.50.29 PMAnnie’s art is collected by fans from all over the globe. The fans within driving distance eagerly visited Carlsbad at this rare chance of meeting the established artist who is also a  quasi celebrity fresh off her appearance on the inaugural realty television show titled Street Art Throwdown. A friend and fan caught wind of Annie’s visit to Carlsbad and showed up in a helicopter to snap a photo.

annie_carlsbad_38_WEBAnnie only rested for photo opportunities. She painted 13 hours straight the first day and and continued first thing the following morning. Her infrequent pauses were just long enough to light a smoke, scarf down a country fried chicken burrito and gulp caffeine. The rest of the time she was nose engulfed in paint fumes, ears muffled under headphones and eyes focused on the wall.


Conservative for Annie, but edgy for Carlsbad, the Carlsbad Art Wall’s newest mural is just the right balance of right and wrong. It ruffles the feathers of the old timers who don’t want to see change and it grabs the ass of those seeking something fresh, edgy and progressive—something worth talking about.

Click HERE for all the photos.

Click HERE for the San Diego CityBeat Interview.

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Started in March 2015, Carlsbad Village based artist Bryan Snyder will be bringing a Los Angeles street artists/muralist every 2 months to paint a mural on the east facing wall of Señor Grubby’s in the Carlsbad Village.
The goal of the Carlsbad Art Wall is to serve as a conduit between aspiring artists and professional artists, to provide a platform to engage and educate the Carlsbad community in the creative act of large scale public painting and to introduce a variety of new art and creative processes to the Carlsbad community.

Official Press Release

Directions to the Carlsbad Art Wall located at Señor Grubby’s

Annie Preece to paint the Carlsbad Art Wall


Carlsbad Art Wall mural project continues with 3rd professional Los Angeles street artist Annie Preece

The Carlsbad Art Wall (CAW) project continues with its 3rd mural to be painted by Los Angeles street artist Annie Preece on Saturday June 27.

The east facing wall of Señor Grubby’s located at 377 Carlsbad Village Dr. has become an urban canvas for each visiting Los Angeles street artist rotating every 1-2 months curated by Carlsbad based artist Bryan Snyder. Snyder hand picks each artist and is very excited to introduce you to

Annie Preece is an LA-based street artist, contemporary artist and muralist. She has exhibited successfully in San Francisco, New York, and Miami as part of the annual Art Basel festival. She has worked with high-profile clients such as Pabst Blue Ribbon, Red Bull, Metro LA, the X-Games, Hasbro, Polaroid, and Warner Bros Music, just to name a few. She has a clothing line by Prince Peter, is a winner of the Redbull Canvas Cooler competition, and has been featured in publications such as InStyle, LA Canvas, and Complex Magazine.

In 2015, Annie was a featured artist on the first ever street art reality competition “Street Art Throwdown” on the Oxygen network.

Annie’s press and publications

Ever-taking new forms, her work can be like a punch in the stomach that has you doubled over in laughter. It delves into the darker, more raw regions of life–depression, decay, aggressiveness in sexuality, manipulation in politics and religion–but it takes control with lively tones, animated style, and hand-scrawled text that’s like Preece’s own visual form of stand-up.”–

Stay connected with Annie:

Kris Markovich solo art show in Carlsbad



What: Solo Art Show by legendary skateboarder Kris Markovich and live music by Paul Jenkins
When: Saturday, June 20
Where: Lhooq/Exrealism book store 755 ½ Carlsbad Village Dr. (map)

Skateboarding legend Kris Markovich will be showing a new body of artwork titled A Visual Conversation with Myself on Saturday, June 20 at Lhooq/Exrealism book store located at 755 ½ Carlsbad Village Dr. in the Carlsbad Village.

Markovich’s colorful abstract paintings will overtake the entire bookstore property encouraging participants to explore the grounds including the bookstore interior and the surrounding garden. In addition, Markovich will unveil a new mural covering the entire front facade of the bookstore.

2 sets of live music by Pall Jenkins will begin at 7:30 p.m.

Markovich first got sponsored for skateboarding at the age of 13 and quickly made a name for himself as a fast skating talent able skate the largest gaps including the legendary Carlsbad Big Gap where he was featured on the cover of Transworld Skateboarding Magazine kickflipping the gap.

LHOOQ/EXREALISM: Is an independent vintage bookstore and a nonprofit Artistic Creative designed to support, facilitate and showcase new & underground art.

The end of a ruthless empire


Out with the ruthless and in with the new.

Morley paints the Carlsbad Art Wall

Morley street art

wall_morley16_webOn the heels of the inaugural Carlsbad Art Wall mural painted by bumblebeelovesyou, Los Angeles street artist Morley took his turn at painting the CAW—fully aware that he would be replacing a mural that the local community had grown to love.

wall_morley35_webMuch like the text based street art that he scatters across the Los Angeles urban landscape, Morley’s approach was intelligent, strategic and inspiring, ultimately creating a community favorite. It combines his ability to emotionally connect with his audience while simultaneously encouraging interaction.



wall_morley12_webOn Sunday, March 3, Morley painted his text based mural titled If I Knew Then What I Know Now on the east facing wall of Señor Grubby’s in the Carlsbad Village. The title was inspired by the idea  of visiting your younger self and offering life-learned advice to yourself.

wall_morley27_webWhile the title painted boldly across the 28ft. wide wall invited contemplation, the dusty green background painted in green chalkboard paint and the box full of colorful chalk invited interaction. With Morley orchestrating his vision and Snyder spreading invitations to the 100,000+ Carlsbad Street Faire visitors, the wall quickly became an entangled collage of wisdom, regret and courage.



wall_morley22_webFrom young to old, timid to excited, the wall animated with scribbling participants promptly beginning at 2pm and continuing well after sunset. Text of wisdom scraped the surface advising to wear sunblock and to avoid using the dating app Tinder, while others probed long ignored turmoils of heartache, bloodshed and insecurities.

wall_morley32_webAs the day grew long and the wall blossomed with hundreds of colorful life lessons, participation shifted from chalk yielding scribblers to the wide-eyed gazers of deep thought, contemplation and the fulfillment of an emotional release.



Morley wisely split his time between adding lines of advice submitted to him via email from those unable to attend the event and greeting the crowds of admiring fans who visited the Carlsbad Village specifically to meet their favorite artist. He posed for photos, shared his inspirations and exchanged stories with all.

Adding to his project’s interactivity, he invited participants to search for hidden fortune cookies; each containing a signature Morley message.

The task of painting a large mural in a highly visible location of a small community can be nerve-wracking. To do it by replacing an already loved mural is a task many would pass on. For Morley, it was a challenge with only one option—to go in the complete opposite direction.


Morley’s mural is not brightly colored. There is not any beach friendly imagery and it is not digestible at quick glance—and it does not have to be.

Morley can put his chalk to rest because his future self will only be looking back at mural for what it is… an interactive masterpiece.

Click HERE to see all the photos.

Click HERE for the Coast News story (5.5.2015)

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Morley to paint the Carlsbad Art Wall

morley street art

WHAT: street artist Morley paint the Carlsbad Art Wall
WHEN: May 2–3 starting at noon each day
WHERE: Señor Grubby’s in the Carlsbad Village (map)

Carlsbad Art Wall mural project continues with professional Los Angeles street artist

Carlsbad artist Bryan Snyder announces Morley as the next artist to paint the Carlsbad Art Wall

Following street artist bumblebeelovesyou’s inaugural Carlsbad Art Wall (CAW) mural, Los Angeles street artist Morley takes his turn and will be painting the CAW’s 2nd mural to be completed on Sunday May 3, 2015.

The east facing wall of Señor Grubby’s located at 377 Carlsbad Village Dr. has become an urban canvas for each visiting Los Angeles street artist rotating every 1-2 months curated by Carlsbad based artist Bryan Snyder. Snyder hand picks each artists and is very excited to introduce you to Morley.

Morley is an LA-based street artist. His work has been featured in The Los Angeles Times, The Huffington Post, LA Magazine, [1], LA Canvas and on the television series Workaholics and Betas. His work has been shown in galleries around the world and he has lectured at numerous universities, LACMA and The Artisphere in Washington DC. Recently, he toured the country with his book “If You’re Reading This, There’s Still Time” (published by Cameron + Company in 2014) and was featured in the AOL original docu-series “Vicariously.”

Morley’s typography based posters, including his portrait, can be found pasted to the urban landscape all over Los Angeles. Morley will be bringing this aesthetic to the Carlsbad Village in a mural titled If I Knew Then What I Know Now beginning on Saturday May 2. On Sunday May 3 around 2pm, Morley will be introducing a community interactive element of his mural. He will invite the public to add their own messages within his mural.

“I’m inviting people to use the wall as a sort of artistic time machine to write messages that they wish their younger self could have heard,” Morley explains. “I will put a bunch in myself in the harder to reach parts of the wall and hopefully people will help fill in the other parts.”

Expanding on interactivity, Morley will introduce a unique scavenger hunt into the Carlsbad Village on Sunday.

The scavenger hunt will continue along the idea of messages and time,” Morley explains. Messages that are directed to your future instead of your past will be hidden near the wall.

Cindo de Mayo fiesta at Señor Grubby’s


WHAT: Cinco de Mayo fiesta presented by Seaworthy
WHEN: Saturday May 2nd 2pm-6pm
WHERE: Señor Grubby’s in the Carlsbad Village (map)

The event is free & open to the public, all ages are welcome; however, the team Olympics are designed for teams of 2 with players ages 21+.

The parking lot games will consist of a putting green, corn hole, ladder golf, flip cup and inflatable slide included in the obstacle course. We will be awarding 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners with prize packages.

There will be food, beverages, booths from local businesses, game area, inflatable slide, photo booth and music to create a fun environment & celebrate Cinco de Mayo. The beer booth will also be pairing up with Bloody Michaels Bloody Mary Mix to sample out tasty micheladas – a Mexican cerveza preparada made with beer, lime juice, and Bloody Michaels handcrafted gluten free bloody mary mix.

See you there!

Snyder visits Calavera Hills Elementary School




Bryan Snyder visits Calavera Hills Elementary in Carlsbad

Carlsbad based artist Bryan Snyder visits Calavera Hills Elementary where he was interviewed by 5th grader Bella for the school digital newsletter.

Snyder couldn’t resist an impromptu art lesson where he taught a classroom how to draw his signature Doodle character.

Stay tuned for more details…

Bumblebeelovesyou paints the Carlsbad Art Wall

bumblebeelovesyou carlsbad

bumbleebeelovesyou_snyder6A clean coat of white paint slowly dried on the east facing wall of the Carlsbad Village taco hotspot Señor Grubby’s as street artist bumblebeelovesyou finalized his design 100 miles North is his Los Angleles studio. In a week, he would be painting the 28ft x 18ft wall kickstarting the Carlsbad Art Wall, a project I have been developing for the past 5 years.

bumbleebeelovesyou_snyder7Bumblebeelovesyou, a prolific Los Angeles based artist, arrived in Carlsbad on Thursday March 5. We met at Señor Grubby’s where we briefly exchanged memories of seeing each other’s work in the LA streets. After a beer and burrito, we began the preliminary preparations on the wall. The overall composition was mapped out along with some early base coats. The night ended early as a full day of painting crept near.


bumbleebeelovesyou_hankI learned that Bumblebee sleeps in. The toy tossing shrieks of a 15 month toddler was no match for his late morning slumber. I spent the early hours of Friday morning prepping supplies, creating marketing materials and loading the truck. I met up with the Carlsbad Magazine and walked the village chatting about the current state of Carlsbad art while Bumblebee slowly awoke and made his way to Vinaka for some coffee. We met at the wall around high noon and began day 1.

bumbleebeelovesyou_snyder9Bumblebee buzzed around the wall rolling a series of base coats as I greeted the many passersby interested in Carlsbad’s highly anticipated visiting artist. Many learned of his visit through articles in the Coast News1 Coast News2 and the San Diego City Beat, as well as a large blast of social media and online directory announcements. I greeted each visitor as Bumblebee worked feverishly around the wall.


bumbleebeelovesyou_snyder14As the sun sank and the bulbs hanging from the overhead lights flickered bright, we finished our last brushstrokes. At this point the night was young and I was eager to introduce bumblebee to some friends and local establishments. I began the introductions at Pizza Port where Bumblebee had his first taste of the infamous selection of Pizza Port brews. We continued to check out some live music at the Coyote Bar and Grill, eventually ending the night clashing pints at Mas Fina Cantina.

bumbleebeelovesyou_snyder15Saturday began much like the previous morning. After some early errands including an interview with the Coast News, we began Day 2. This day was important as it was entirely dedicated to brushing in the black outlines and shadows of the piece. With each brushstroke of the thick oil based black, Bumblebee’s design came more and more alive. A steady flow of mural visitors experienced the creative processes while I provided additional information on the project, as well as on the artist’s background. Grubby’s supplied food all day and the hot sun pelted the back of our necks unforgivably. We worked long into the night as the sounds of the nearby train and wilds of the Carlsbad Village nightlife roared, which ultimately lured us into the shadows of another late night in the village.


bumbleebeelovesyou_snyder16After sharing stories of the first 2 days at the bar with Justin from Grubby’s, I decided on introducing bumblebee to some more friends at The Compass. By this time it was getting late, which means it was just the right hour for a solid prime rib at Koko Beach.

bumbleebeelovesyou_snyder32Sunday morning came fast. We began the final day like each of the prior days at Vinaka, but took a mandatory detour followed with an introduction to my lifelong friend, the Carlsbad coastline. We drove along the coast to Tamarack. Bumblebee pointed out the large amounts of families and the overall sense of safety. We made our way to the Irie Bench overlooking the Agua Hedionda west basin lagoon, South-side Jetty and down toward the Encina Powerplant. I explained how the amazing view that we gazed upon was not only my current home, but it was also my childhood playground— the inspiration for most of my art.


We returned to the wall where the editor of the Coast News awaited. Bumblebee gave an video interview explaining his experience painting the wall, as well as visiting the Carlsbad Village for the first time. I took some additional photos and video as Bumblebee examined the wall. He made some final touchups as I greeted the continued flow of interested passersby, some whom I interviewed.

By high noon, the editors had left and the crowd had dispersed. Bumblebee and I remained in awe of Carlsbad newest color, a large brightly colored child innocently playing with a colorful chatterbox (cutie catcher) while bees and butterflies animated overhead. We congratulated each other and shared memories created over the past days. I gifted him a personalized Doodle painting and he presented me a doodle of his own. After a handshake, he set off back to LA.



As I lingered at the wall unwilling to call it a wrap, I looked down Carlsbad Village Drive and saw Bumblebee driving by for one last glance. After a nod to each other— and one toward the wall— we set off on our individual paths concluding the inaugural Carlsbad Art Wall mural.

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Click HERE to learn more about the Carlsbad Art Wall.

Carlsbad Art Wall artist #1: Carlsbad Art Wall

video and photo provided by bumbleelovesyou

Snyder announces bumblebeelovesyou as inaugural Carlsbad Art Wall artist

Carlsbad Art Wall curator Bryan Snyder has officially announced prolific Los Angeles street artist bubmblebeelovesyou as the first artist scheduled to paint the newly established Carlsbad Art Wall.

“Through artwork including large scale stencil portraits of children and beehive installations in abandoned phone booths, bumblebeelovesyou brings attention to children homelessness and the impact of modernity on nature. His artwork is is whimsical, playful and exudes a sense of childish innocence, freedom and joy. Bumblebee shows work in the streets and through a number of past successful gallery shows. His next solo show will be at Thinkspace Gallery on June 20 2015.”

Bumblebeelovesyou will be painting March 6-7 at Señor Grubby’s.

Follow bumblebeelovesyou at:
Facebook: bumblebeelovesyou
Instagram: @bumblebeelovesyou
Twitter: @bumblebeelovesu

The Carlsbad Art Wall presented by Snyder Art


Snyder and Grubbys in Carlsbad

Carlsbad artist Bryan Snyder invites Los Angeles street artists to Carlsbad to paint a new mural each month

Starting on Friday March 6, and running the duration of the year, Carlsbad Village based artist Bryan Snyder will be bringing a Los Angeles street artists/muralist each month to paint a mural in the Carlsbad Village.

The east facing wall of Señor Grubby’s located at 377 Carlsbad Village Dr. will become a monthly rotating urban canvas for each artist, as well as an urban classroom for street art/muralist novices. The wall measures 28ft x 16ft.

Each artist will be hand selected by Snyder, who was voted ‘Los Angeles Street Artist of the Year’ in 2012 by one of the nation’s top street art websites Melrose and Fairfax.

Along with the new art introduced into the Carlsbad Village, the community will be presented with the opportunity to learn from some the of the best street artists/muralists in the world. This urban art classroom will bring a new design, technique and creative process each month.

After the initial series of Los Angeles artists, the Carlsbad Art Wall will be opened to all artists of all levels to practice and hone their developing skills.

The goal of the Carlsbad Art Wall is to serve as a conduit between aspiring artists and professional artists, to provide a platform to engage and educate the Carlsbad community in the creative act of large scale public painting and to introduce a variety of new art and creative processes to the Carlsbad community.

Bryan Snyder preps the Carlsbad Art Wall

The first Los Angeles artist will begin painting Friday, March 6.
Follow SnyderArt on Instagram for the artist announcement.

Would you like to paint the Carlsbad Art Wall?
Visit to submit your design!

Developed, curated and sponsored by Bryan Snyder.
Sponsored and hosted by Señor Grubby’s.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Carlsbad BOOK


62-Year Chronicle of Boys & Girls Clubs of Carlsbad

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Carlsbad have released a hardbound book titled Over 75,000 Served… A Chronicle of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Carlsbad created by lifetime board member Greg Nelson.

Artwork created by Carlsbad Village based artist Bryan Snyder is included.

The book is available for $55.

Click HERE to make your purchase!

Fruit of the Lagoon

Carlsbad lagoon ghost shrimp

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALike the current lagoon dredging, a pipe is suck into the bottom of the Agua Hedionda lagoon sucking up the stinky and slimy floor and spitting it, along with freshly uprooted ghost shrimp, into the foggy early morning air.

The difference is ghost shrimpin’ is done in your skimpies!

Protected: Artistic Observations: The NAMM Show 2015

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Stinky, slimy and scientifically tested

Carlsbad lagoon dredging


Kids take advantage of the man made water park knowing that it will be another two years before this happens again.

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