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Carlsbad’s Biggest Art Hunt by SNYDER: Aug. 9

snyder art hun carlsbad

WHAT: Carlsbad’s Biggest Art Hunt
WHEN: Begins Saturday August 9
WHERE: Info available at Carlsbad Village Yoga and Fitness (map)


On Saturday, August 9 street artist Bryan Snyder will present a Carlsbad village wide painting and mural art hunt. In addition to the hunt, Snyder will be painting a new Doodle mural titled Doodle’s Beach Day in the parking lot of Carlsbad Village Yoga and Fitness located at 2801 Roosevelt St. in the Carlsbad Village.

Snyder’s art hunt will include 9 murals painted on the outside of local businesses and an additional 8 paintings hung inside. The art hunt runs from Aug. 9-17.

An official art hunt info card and map with all hunt details will be available on Saturday at Carlsbad Village Yoga and Fitness during Snyder mural creation. Snyder also welcomes the public to experience the his mural painting process. The info card and map will also be distributed during the Aug. 10 Carlsbad Art in the Village.

Participants will use the map to find each of the 17 hidden art pieces. Once found, participants will take a photo and upload it to Instagram. The first 10 participants to find and upload each of the 17 hidden artworks will receive an 11in. x 14in. Doodle print. Participants will choose their favorite print out of 8 options. Prints will also be available for purchase via Snyder’s website.

Financed and organized entirely by Snyder Art.
Thanks for the support of the Danish Bakery and Carlsbad Village Yoga and Fitness.

Click the below links for more Carlsbad murals by Snyder:
Introducing Jingle
A Welcoming Fall
Don’t Pole Around in Other People’s Business
Doodle’s Imagination
Organized Chaos

Snyder x Surfing Madonna @ Culture Brewing Co.

snyder mark patterson art show surfing madonna

WHAT: Bryan Snyder x Surfing Madonna fundraiser event
WHEN: Wednesday July 30 | 5-9pm
WHERE: Culture Brewing Co. (map)

Carlsbad artist Bryan Snyder will be closing his month long solo Doodle art show at Culture Brewing Co located in the Arts District on Cedros Avenue in Solana Beach.

In coordination with local Carlsbad artist, Bryan Snyder’s current pop-up shop of artwork & his famous Doodle character, Culture Brewing Co. is raising money for the Surfing Madonna Foundation when you buy a beer. 25% of the evenings proceeds will go to the Surfing Madonna Foundation.

Click HERE to see the last project Snyder and Surfing Madonna artist collaborated on!

Click HERE to see the opening night reception photos!

…through the shorebreak

a wave crashed on the carlsbad beach

As a kid growing up on the beaches of Carlsbad my mom would always ask when I was going to graduate from the shorebreak and explore the outside swell. I’d look toward the shimmering horizon and see windblown crumble.

I preferred the sandy hollow beachbreak that would tumble you into tourists ankles, send sand crabs scampering through your toes and fill your pockets with shells and sand.

Eventually I began exploring the outside breakers, but no matter how far you go out, there is always only one way back in… through the shorebreak.

Where is your favorite Carlsbad shorebreak?

Snyder’s Doodle Art Show at Culture Brewing Co.

Bryan Snyder Doodle Art Show Scavenger Hunt

Bryan Snyder doodle art show at Culture Brewing Co in Solana BeachYour experience at an art show opening reception usually consists of looking, some thinking, maybe buying, a drink or two and then you’re just about done. A Carlsbad artist and culture enthusiast is enhancing the art show experience by sending it into the streets.

doodle25On Saturday, July 5, Bryan Snyder organized his 4th large scale art show and scavenger hunt at Culture Brewing Co. on S. Cedros Ave. in Solana Beach. The show was based on Doodle, an innocent, yet mischievous character who reminds of long lost, yet easily relatable, childhood memories called Reminiscent Pop Art.

art1Attendees were greeted by a 15ft. tall Independence Day themed mural stretching the length of the brewery interior, 20+ original paintings on Snyder’s signature cardboard medium, a slew of complementary stickers and magnets, and a collection of clues with detailed instructions leading participants into the streets in search for a coveted Golden Block redeemable for a prize piece of Doodle art.


doodle67“Unfortunately I have been to many art shows where the interaction with the art is stale, short lived and easily forgotten,” Snyder said. “I want to create more of an interactive experience where you become less a guest walking and more an integral participant of the show.”

7 Doodle prizes of artwork, 10 clues per prize and 7 hidden Golden Blocks are the ingredients of Snyder’s hunt. Attendees are invited to purchase the clues which are found on the backs of Doodle reproduction blocks. The clues send hunters into the streets in search for a hidden Golden doodle17Block. When found, the Golden Block is taken back to the brewery and redeemed for the corresponding Doodle artwork.

The clues send participants in a general area, but are kept vague to encourage detailed exploration and teamwork. Snyder explains that the Golden Block and artwork prize fuels urban exploration that indirectly promotes community and local businesses.


doodle88“I didn’t find any Doodles, but I did notice a bunch of cool businesses I had never noticed before,” one participant from Los Angeles said.

Participants searched in bushes, behind corners and in holes between the two overhead Cedros Arts District signs. Over the 3 hours of searching, sporadic cheers could be heard echoing off the local business walls indicating yet another Golden Block had been found.

Fans of Snyder’s artwork are not strangers to his shenanigans, often being sent into the streets all over San Diego, Los Angeles and as far as Australia through clues posted on social media. Doodle was named quickly after hiding hist first art in the streets in 2009. When word got out about these first hidden paintings on cardboard, Snyder was contacted asking when the next artwork was planned to be hidden.


“I responded to each email explaining that this hidden art was just quick paintings on found materials to past the time and learn new brushes,” Snyder explained. “They were just quick doodles.”

The emails continued, but Snyder noticed a difference. The subject no longer referenced hidden art, but instead inquired about hidden Doodles. The character that Snyder began drawing since a preteen finally had a name.

Click HERE to view all the photos.

Check Snyder’s past hunts HERE HERE and HERE.

Photos by Jack Lungu.

Doodle Art Show/Scavenger Hunt by Snyder

Bryan Snyder art show and scavenger hunt

WHAT: Doodle art show and scavenger hunt by Bryan Snyder
WHERE: Culture Brewery Co in Solana Beach (map)
WHEN: Saturday, July 5 | 5-9pm

Doodle Art Show and Scavenger Hunt by Bryan Snyder

On Saturday, July 5, Carlsbad based artist and creator of the hugely popular character Doodle, will unveil his newest art installation and scavenger hunt at Culture Brewing Co located on South Cedros Avenue in Solana Beach.

Snyder’s installation will include 20+ original Doodle paintings created on his signature cardboard medium, a large July 4th themed mural stretching the entire length of the brewery and a scavenger hunt sending attendees into the local Solana Beach Streets in search for Doodle artwork.


Limited edition Doodle wood blocks available at the opening reception will include clues to a total of 7 Doodle Golden Tickets hidden up and down Cedros Ave.

Instructions will inform golden ticket finders to:
1. take a photo of their found ticket, upload it to Instagram
2. tag @snyderart
3. Return to Culture Brewing Co to claim their prize artwork.

Wood block clues will be available for purchase. Clues will be available for the month of July, or while supplies last.

A portion of a night’s sales at Culture Brewery Co will be donated to the Surfing Madonna Oceans Project.

Click HERE to view the facebook event!

Honorable Mention: Bryan Snyder

photo titled God is Awesome by Snyder

12th Annual San Diego City Beat Photo Contest

Honorable mention photo by Bryan Snyder titled God is Awesome.

Hank Wayne Snyder Sk8s


Hank Wayne Snyder on the cover of the San Diego City Beat

Carlsbad based artists Bryan Snyder and Susanna Kurner are no stranger to local press, but this marks a big day for their 7 month old son Hank. Henry Wayne Snyder made his first appearance in print on the cover and inside pages of the San Diego City Beat included in their 12th annual photo contest.

Click HERE for some press examples!

Photo by Anthony Donez

Carlsbad Music Festival Village Walk


WHAT: Carlsbad Music Festival Village Walk
WHERE: Carlsbad Village (map of participating venues)
WHEN: Saturday, June 21, 4-10pm

Carlsbad Music Festival Village Walk

The June 21 Carlsbad Music Festival Village Walk is a free community event featuring 40+ performances of adventurous music of all kinds drawing thousands of people to indoor and outdoor venues throughout the seaside Village of Carlsbad.

Headlining the 50+ musicians on the June 21 Village Music Walk will be Wu Man‘s new collaboration with Son de San Diego featuring the intersection of stringed instruments from China and Mexico. Wu Man is an internationally-renown Chinese pipa (lute) player and Carlsbad resident, and Son de San Diego plays Son Jarocho music from Southern Mexico.

Click HERE for the full schedule!

Click HERE for a video preview!

State Beach Classic : Tribute to Banning Capps

Carlsbad state beach classic

WHAT: State Beach Classic
WHERE: Tamarack Beach
WHEN: Sunday, June 8

Watch all the local rippers compete against each other and celebrate the life of Banning Capps.

Viz Art Ink Summer Kick Off Event

Viz Art Show Carlsbad

Viz Art’s first gallery event of the year and they are ready to get summer started. There is some new incredible talent and artwork for everyone to enjoy. Beer and wine will be available for 21+ and the Carlsbad Chocolate Bar will have some amazing desserts all night long.

WHAT: Viz Art Summer Kick Off Event
WHEN: Saturday June 7th, 5pm-9pm
WHERE: 2906 State Street in the Carlsbad Village (map)

15% OFF all Gregg “Viz” Visintainer artwork and much more.

Wide Open Spaces @ the NVA Foundry


The Foundry at New Village Arts presents the monthly Artists Market featuring artist Tamara Moody. The exhibit, Wide Open Spaces, will be on display in the Foundry throughout the month of June, beginning with a reception at the Artists Market from 5-8pm on June 4. Music is by Rick and Carmine and refreshments will be served. The NVA Foundry is open Tuesday – Sunday from 12:00-4:00pm and when artists are present.

For more information call 760-433-3245 or visit

WHAT: Wide Open Spaces exhibit art show by Tamara Moody
WHERE: New Village Arts Theatre Art Foundry (map)
WHEN: Wednesday June 4, 5-8pm

Susanna and the TroubleMakers


WHAT: Susanna and the TroubleMakers
WHEN: Sunday, June 1, 2pm-4:30pm
WHERE: Coyote Bar and Grill (map)

Susanna and the TorubleMakers perform local favorite originals written by Susanna Kurner as well as some good ‘Ol vintage country classics!

Scavenging the Village







photo credit: Byran Snyder

Did you see all the people in crazy costumes running around the village taking photos and checking boxes on neon green pieces of paper?

With a grant from the City of Carlsbad, Carlsbad Causes for Community and FrogQuest have partnered to bring you this fun and wacky way to explore the village.

Click HERE to learn more about today’s (Sat. May 31) scavenger hunt.

A Memorial Doodle by Snyder

Snyder Doodle Carlsbad

Bryan Snyder DoodleBryan Snyder Doodle

Bryan Snyder Doodle art

Drawn in charcoal by Carlsbad based artist Bryan Snyder, Doodle observes Memorial Day 2014 while holding an American flag at Hemlock Avenue in Carlsbad.

Call for Musicians: CMF Village Music Walk


Deadline: May 2, 2014

The Carlsbad Music Festival is seeking adventurous musicians for its Village Music Walk on June 21, 2014. Musicians of all styles and genres are invited to apply by filling out the form below. If selected, musicians will be asked to give 1-3 20-minute performances in a Village venue. Solo artists and ensembles/bands will be paid a flat fee of $50 per musician, for as many as 4 musicians in an ensemble. Ensembles larger than 4 pieces are welcome, but our budget is limited to $200 total per ensemble.

In addition to more traditional soloists or ensemble, we would love to have your more unconventional project as part of the walk. Have a project for 30 guitarists, a sound installation, an audience participation piece, etc? Send us your proposal!

The Village Music Walk is a community celebration of adventurous music-making with over 40 short performances in a dozen venues in the historic Village of Carlsbad. The Walks regularly draw crowds of 2000+ with venues including public parks, art galleries, a record store and a 19th century chapel.

Click HERE to apply!

Hop on Pop

funny boy on lap

The Carlsbad Village animates with activity. Early morning deliverymen and pints seeking developers frequent the shady village streets. Village visitors meander on hot Summer days and longtime locals bounce across happy hours.

The Village is an animated grid of pedestrian activity. Many are that of the standard occurrence, while others are worth a second look.

evrbottle Grand Opening on UpState


WHAT: evrbottle Grand Opening
WHEN: Saturday April 19th @ 6:30-10PM
WHERE: 2680 State Street Carlsbad Village (map)


Bryan Snyder Doodles the Boys & Girls Club

click images to enlarge
snyder doodle boys and girls club

snyder-doodleOne of my favorite childhood memories is from spending after-school-hours at the Boys and Girls Club in the Carlsbad Village. I played indoor soccer (team photo on the wall of That Pizza Place) and logged many hours in the Club pool. I was even the foosball Club champion one year.

I was recently approached with the opportunity to paint a mural in the Club gym. I excitedly agreed and decided to begin with an initial visit to see what type of inspiration I could find. I entered within the tall cinder block walls and walked atop the shining doodlewood court. I glanced up at the scoreboard as if I had ball in hand as the game’s final seconds ticked away. I walked along the edge of the court and located the exact spot where many years ago my nose gushed blood after being struck in the face by a soccer ball. The shrieks and thuds of tennis shoes echoed down the halls and bouncing balls of all shapes and sizes kept me on constant guard. It was loud, chaotic and overwhelming, but always maintaining structure, balance and organization. The gym was organized chaos — I had found my inspiration.


doodle back instaI thanked the Club Directors and Gym sponsor Greg Nelson and returned home to begin the task of visually representing my new found muse. I sat down at my desk with pencil in hand and brainstormed iconography representing structure and balance, as well as the potential outcome if that balance was lost. One visual that I continued to revisit was a stack of Jenga blocks and how its balance is maintained as long as each key element is intact. If pieces of its structure are removed, it crumbles. That idea eventually evolved into my final design.

hank-doodle-snyderThe resulting idea and final mural consists of Doodle characters atop of each other’s shoulders. To the eye the chaotic tower of Doodles might seem to be on the verge of collapse, but the tower maintains its balance through organization and structure much like the gym, and Club in general.  Balance is maintained through Club mission values: respect, leadership, greatness, teamwork, safety and fun.


As I painted during the three nights in the gym I constantly relived memories as a young boy spending after-school-hours in the Club. I never forgot the sounds, the smells and the sites. I feel lucky to have been given the opportunity to permanently add my artwork to the club — and to the future memories of its kids.

Click HERE to learn more about the Boys and Girls Club!

Click HERE and HERE to learn more about Snyder Art!

Contact for mural inquiries!

SAVE THE PIT (Buena Vista Reservoir)


On Wednesday April 9, 2014, a group of Olde Carlsbad neighbors met to discuss the future of the Buena Vista Reservoir owned by the City of Carlsbad and located at the intersection of Buena Vista Way and Arland Road.

The City of Carlsbad recently tabled a proposal to offer the 3.4-acre site for sale — presumably to developers for housing.

the carlsbad pitA number of neighboring parcels have already been approved for development, but neighborhood locals want the reservoir to be saved and transformed into a community park.

Carlsbad currently offers a wide range of community parks including Holiday Park, Hosp Grove Trails and the new $40 million Alga Norte Park, but neighborhood residents believe the Olde Carlsbad part of the city lacks an appropriate park and playground.

Joe Garuba, City of Carlsbad Property & Environmental Manager, gave a brief tour of the reservoir to the nearly 50 neighborhood members. May Anne Viney, a long time Olde Carlsbad resident, also provided information on the efforts to turn the land into a park.

The reservoir, named ‘The Pit’ by many Carlsbad locals, has already been used as unofficial community grounds for over a decade. Carlsbad local artist Bryan Snyder first began entering where he and friends built skate ramps. He later used the large surrounding walls as giant canvases for his art.

“I taught myself how to paint by sneaking into The Pit nearly a decade ago and painting large scale murals on the perimeter embankments. This Pit has been a major part of my life and professional career,” Snyder said. “I have painted all over the world and it would have never been possible without first learning on The Pit walls.”

The Pit Carlsbad

A petition of over 150 signatures has been circulating and a website to help spread the word of this neighborhood movement is currently being developed.

Click HERE for a documentation of The Pit artwork!

Click HERE to see a video of Bryan Snyder painting at The Pit!

Click HERE to see more murals by Bryan Snyder!

Stay tuned for more information.

RIP Carlsbad Encina Power Plant


On April 1, 2014 the Carlsbad Encina Power Plant lost its coastline-dominating smoke stack. It was plucked from the recently decommissioned power plant around 7 a.m. by a nondescript helicopter.

Details on the whereabouts of the smoke stack are unclear right now, but unconfirmed sightings have been reported in or around Humboldt County.

Did you witness this unbelievable sighting?

UPDATE : April Fools :)

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