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Snyder discusses public art at Mira Costa College

Bryan Snyder street artist discusses street art at Mira Costa College

Carlsbad Village Doodle artist Bryan Snyder discusses the benefits of street art at Mira Costa College on Friday, November 14.

The panel discussion also included Surfing Madonna artist Mark Patterson and former Solana Beach mayor Teresa Barth. The event was moderated by L.I.F.E. (Learning Is For Everyone).

photo credit: Paint Encinitas

A Raising Arizona Halloween by Snyder Art

raising arizona halloween costume

raising arizona halloween costume

Raising Arizona : Halloween 2014

There some new trouble makers in the Carlsbad Village.

Carlsbasd Art Splash

Carlsbad Art Splash


WHAT: Carlsbad Art Splash
WHERE: Armada Drive above The Flower Fields
WHEN: September 27 and 28 | 10am-5pm

You can also bid on hand painted palette’s created by local Carlsbad artists including a piece titled ‘Doodle’s Black Eye’ painted by Carlsbad Village artist Bryan Snyder.

Carlsbad Music Festival

Carlsbad Music Festival

WHAT: Carlsbad Music Festival
WHERE: Carlsbad Village
WHEN: September 19-21, 2014

Carlsbad Village Pop Up Plaza

carlsbad pop up plaza

carlsbad village pop up plazaCarlsbad Village Pop Up Plaza

You may have noticed this weekend’s transformation of the State and Grand parking lot. The weathered and dull gray asphalt has been painted a eye-catching terracotta and the surrounding Silk Cotton Trees have been strung with new lighting.

So what is going on? The Carlsbad Village Association is conducting a week-long social project designed to prove the need for more public space in the Village.


Monday, Sept. 15, starting at 8:30 a.m.

Tuesday, Sept. 16, starting at 10 a.m

Wednesday, Sept. 17, starting at 3 p.m.

On Thursday, Sept. 18, at 8 p.m.

On Friday, Sept. 19, at 7 p.m.

On Saturday, Sept. 20,

Do you think the Carlsbad Village needs more open space?

Fiesta Del Barrio, Carlsbad 2014



WHAT: Fiesta Del Barrio, Carlsbad 2014
WHEN: Sunday, September 14 | 11am – 5pm
WHERE: Pine Avenue Park (map)

Hosted by the Fiesta del Barrio Carlsbad Association on Sunday, September 14, 2014, the Fiesta will celebrate the cultural heritage of the area.

This family-oriented Fiesta will include an opening ceremony with Mayor Matt Hall honoring residents who have helped make our community the vibrant, colorful Carlsbad that we all love!

Susanna Kurner and the Troublemakers | City of Carlsbad

Susanna Kurner and the Troublemakers play at the Ruby G. Schulman Auditorium on August 10, 2014 presented by the City of Carlsbad Cultural Arts Office.

“Song for the Road”
A collaborative program of the exhibition “Common Tread: Traversing the American Landscape” in the Cannon Art Gallery. The Troublemakers featuring Susanna Kurner on vocals, ukulele and guitar, joined by Adrian Demain on vocals and guitar, with Peter Harrison on upright bass and Marty Dodson on drums.

Susanna Kurner:

Photography and video by Bryan Snyder

Eyes on the road


carlsbad-safetyAttached to a flimsy roadside post, sprayed across a paint peeling fence or puffed across the Summer sky, the expression and beliefs of others filter through your peripherals in many mediums and from all angles.

The freedom of speech is one of our most important rights, but at what point does this right interfere with your safety… and the safety of those around you?

How is your attention targeted and does it present an unsafe distraction?

Carlsbad Dog Days of Summer

Carlsbad Dog Days of Summer

WHAT: Carlsbad Dog Days of Summer
WHEN: Friday, Aug. 29, 2014 | 5-8:30pm
WHERE: Check in at Wesco Pet Supplies (map)

Advanced registration required:
Register at!

End of Summer Event at Viz Art


WHAT: End of Summer Event
WHERE: Viz Art Ink (map)
WHEN: Sat. Aug. 23 | 6-10pm

10% off all gallery artwork during the End of Summer Event!

Artwork Winners: Carlsbad’s Biggest Art Hunt


In less that a week a total of 280+ photos were taken of artwork in the Carlsbad Village by lcoal artist Byran Snyder. Each photo was uploaded to instagram automatically entering each Carlsbad’s Biggest Art Hunt participant for a chance to win a Doodle artwork by Snyder.

Originally the first 10 participants to photograph and upload all 17 pieces of artwork would win a piece of art. Due to the huge support of both local and visiting fans, Snyder will now be giving away a total of 15 pieces of art.

Congratulations to the winners:


Message to winners:
Click HERE for your artwork options. Email the following info to
Artwork title:
Address to send artwork to:

Congratulations to all the winners and a special thanks to all the participants who came out and spent the day in the Carlsbad Village.

Click HERE to see all the winning photos.
Click HERE for the project wrap up.
Click HERE to view the map of all Snyder Artwork.
Click HERE to purchase a print.

“creating culture one project at a time”

Carlsbad’s Biggest Art Hunt PHOTO SUBMISSIONS

Carlsbad’s Biggest Art Hunt presented by Snyder Art and Design has officially closed after a full week of searching for each of the 17 murals and canvases created by Carlsbad based artist Bryan Snyder throughout the Carlsbad Village.

Each photo you see here was taken during the hunt and uploaded to Instagram. The first 10 hunt participants to find, photograph and upload to Instagram will win a Doodle piece of art designed by Snyder.

Along with introducing art and creativity to the Carlsbad Village, a goal of this project was to promote local businesses by encouraging art participants to explore the many local restaurants, boutiques and pubs during their hunt.

Click HERE fort the full project conclusion and photos.

Click HERE to read about a hunt participant’s first time in the Carlsbad Village.

Click HERE for a map of the hunt.

Click HERE to purchase a print.

Click the link below to view all the photos…
Continue reading ‘Carlsbad’s Biggest Art Hunt PHOTO SUBMISSIONS’

Snyder continues to bring more art to Carlsbad

Carlsbad art Bryan Snyder

On August 9, Carlsbad based artist Bryan Snyder presented his most recent creative project titled Carlsbad’s Biggest Art Hunt in the parking lot of Carlsbad Yoga and Fitness in the Carlsbad Village, accompanied by live music and a live mural demonstration by the artist himself.

Bryan Snyder marketingA line of Snyder Art enthusiasts promptly formed in the parking lot at 10 a.m. sharp, the time and location publicized through a carefully planned print, web and PR campaign developed and implemented by Snyder.

“Sometimes I feel like I create art so I have something to market,” Snyder said. “I love the challenge of connecting people through creativity, technology and art.”

Carlsbad Doodle artworkDuring the duration of the day, nearly 100 art hunt participants wandered the village streets in search of all 17 Snyder pieces of art. Each participant was given an official hunt map directing them to a total of 14 local businesses that has housed Snyder’s art since as early as 2011. Some pieces of art were found on exterior business walls while others were found on canvases hanging inside businesses including Señor Grubby’s, Paul Henry Furniture and Giacoletti Music.

Bryan Snyder art Carlsbad

Many participants were Carlsbad locals and remember Snyder’s artwork popping up all over as early as 2007 while others found themselves in Carlsbad for the first time because of Snyder’s art hunt.

paradise pizza carlsbad snyder 1“It allowed newbies to the Carlsbad area to explore the shops, businesses and everyday life the residents enjoy so much,” first time Carlsbad visitor Badir Mccleary of Pacific Beach said. “It also gave art lovers an adventure and even a map to direct you to treasure.”

snyderThe map guided each participant to a business, where at that point the hunter was responsible for finding outside mural or interior hanging canvas. Each of the found pieces of artwork have been hanging at their current locations as early as 2011.

“I have had such amazing support from local business owners who have helped promote my art over the years.” Snyder said. “I attempt to return the favor by promoting each business and encouraging village visitors to visit each location through my projects.”


Participants returned to Snyder through-out the day as he worked on his newest Doodle themed large scale mural in the Carlsbad Village titled Doodle’s Beach Day inspired by 30 of his 33 years living in Carlsbad, as well as his growing family. This mural continues his series of what he calls Reminiscent Pop Art.

“Through Doodle iconography, I attempt to resurface long forgotten childhood memories,” Snyder said. “For a brief moment, you are taken back to your first ice cream, your first haircut or your first passion.”

carlsbad art hunt snyderSnyder is not a stranger to these types of culture developing community projects. Since returning to Carlsbad from the San Francisco Bay Area where he studied art, he has aimed to achieve his goal of encouraging the development of a more artistic culture and community based on creativity in his hometown by implementing scavenger hunts, community projects, solo (2009, 2010) and group art shows and a wide variety of murals and street installations. He continues to interview and showcase local artists on and he has provided design and marketing services for numerous arts non-profits in Carlsbad.


Carlsbad’s Biggest Art Hunt is an instagram based scavenger hunt that encourages participants to find, photograph and upload each piece of art to Instagram . The first 10 to complete the hunt win Doodle artwork. The hunt runs through Aug. 17.

Click HERE for full hunt details.

Click HERE to download the official map.

Click HERE to see all the submitted photos.

Click HERE to purchase Doodle prints.

Official Carlsbad Art Hunt Map by Bryan Snyder

snyder-carlsbad -map

Carlsbad’s Biggest Art Hunt by Bryan Snyder

Carlsbad Village artist Bryan Snyder began introducing artwork into the local streets in 2006 with the goal of encouraging the development of a more artistic culture in a community at the time lacking a recognizable art scene.

In the past 8 years Snyder has implemented more than 100 murals, sculptures and other creative projects in the Carlsbad Village.

For the first time ever Snyder has complied a list accompanied by a map of all his current murals and paintings within the village.

Find them all before Aug. 17 and be entered to win FREE Doodle artwork. Follow the instruction on the map to enter.

Click HERE to download a print quality map!

Snyder Art Doodle print: available now

These prints are part of collection of Bryan Snyder’s ongoing series of his Reminiscent Pop Art where he uses his innocent yet mischievous character Doodle to resurface long last childhood memories.

DOODLE ARTWORK BY Bryan Snyder : $45

• 11in. x 14in. on Somerset Archival Giclee Paper
• Signed and dated by the artist
Please allow 2 weeks for delivery


Snyder’s newest mural resurfacing titled Doodle’s Beach Day the memory of growing up in the Carlsbad Village and on the local Carlsbad beaches. Snyder’s son Henry makes his first appearance in his father’s artwork in this upcoming Aug. mural.




First painted under the El Camino bridge near the highway 78, Rocket Pop Boy continues to be one of Snyder most popular pieces. Snyder has also painted it in Los Angeles, Australia and China.




Doodle’s Umbrella was installed as a paste and 3D installation at Majestic Flowers in the Summer of 2012. Doodle was drip painted and pasted to the wall while the umbrella and flower pots were halved and attached to the wall. Flowers were planted in the pots and the local community was invited to water the flowers. This piece is still on view.




Doodle’s Tug was painted at Yonada t-shirt in West Hollywood Los Angeles in 2013. The rope Doodle tugs travels around the building facade and pulls up the paint and an adjacent pillar exposing a wild arrangement of color.




Doodle’s Urban Garden is was Snyder’s first Doodle pieces installed in the street of Los Angeles instantly putting him on the street art map. Flower artwork was pasted around West Hollywood sending enthusiasts on a hunt to find Doodle’s planted Urban Garden.




Snyder’ most popular piece titled Doodle Dunnced. This piece was first painted in Los Angeles and has recently hit internet stardom. Located on Melrose Ave in West Hollywood, passersby often take photos and post on social media. The business owner paints the wall often, but has left Doodle in place for many years now.




Bryan Snyder painted this piece at Giacoletti Music, the music store his wife Susanna Kurner teaches music at. Introducing Jingle was inspired by stories of Susanna listening to Jazz records and falling in love with music as a young girl.




After injuring his leg while surfing in Costa Rica, Snyder was unable to surf for the remaining of his trip. The hotel owner offered a wall on the facade of his building. Snyder painted Doodle’s Broken Board in the rain and it has since been used for the hotel’s t shirts.



Summer Concert: Susanna Kurner

susanna kurner sings for the city of carlsbad

WHAT: Songs for the Road Summer Series: Susanna Kurner (website)
WHEN: Sunday August 10 : 2pm
WHERE: Carlsbad City Library Schulman Auditorium (map)
Cost: FREE

With the range of an operatic soprano and the chops of a jazz chanteuse, Carlsbad vocalist Susanna found her true voice in country-western music. “Songs for the Road” will feature classic tunes describing the melding of the personal and the universal experienced by Americans as they travel the nation’s highways and byways. From Willie Nelson’s classic “On the Road Again” to “California Home” to “Eastbound and Down,” popular music has reflected their lives and times and places. Susanna, on vocals, ukulele and guitar, is joined on vocals and guitar by Adrian Demain, with Peter Harris on the upright bass and Marty Dodson on drums.

Click HERE for the official City of Carlsbad release.

Carlsbad’s Biggest Art Hunt by SNYDER: Aug. 9

snyder art hun carlsbad

WHAT: Carlsbad’s Biggest Art Hunt
WHEN: Begins Saturday August 9
WHERE: Info available at Carlsbad Village Yoga and Fitness (map)


On Saturday, August 9 street artist Bryan Snyder will present a Carlsbad village wide painting and mural art hunt. In addition to the hunt, Snyder will be painting a new Doodle mural titled Doodle’s Beach Day in the parking lot of Carlsbad Village Yoga and Fitness located at 2801 Roosevelt St. in the Carlsbad Village.

Snyder’s art hunt will include 9 murals painted on the outside of local businesses and an additional 8 paintings hung inside. The art hunt runs from Aug. 9-17.

An official art hunt info card and map with all hunt details will be available on Saturday at Carlsbad Village Yoga and Fitness during Snyder mural creation. Snyder also welcomes the public to experience the his mural painting process. The info card and map will also be distributed during the Aug. 10 Carlsbad Art in the Village.

Participants will use the map to find each of the 17 hidden art pieces. Once found, participants will take a photo and upload it to Instagram. The first 10 participants to find and upload each of the 17 hidden artworks will receive an 11in. x 14in. Doodle print. Participants will choose their favorite print out of 8 options. Prints will also be available for purchase via Snyder’s website.

Financed and organized entirely by Snyder Art.
Thanks for the support of the Danish Bakery and Carlsbad Village Yoga and Fitness.

Click the below links for more Carlsbad murals by Snyder:
Introducing Jingle
A Welcoming Fall
Don’t Pole Around in Other People’s Business
Doodle’s Imagination
Organized Chaos

Snyder x Surfing Madonna @ Culture Brewing Co.

snyder mark patterson art show surfing madonna

WHAT: Bryan Snyder x Surfing Madonna fundraiser event
WHEN: Wednesday July 30 | 5-9pm
WHERE: Culture Brewing Co. (map)

Carlsbad artist Bryan Snyder will be closing his month long solo Doodle art show at Culture Brewing Co located in the Arts District on Cedros Avenue in Solana Beach.

In coordination with local Carlsbad artist, Bryan Snyder’s current pop-up shop of artwork & his famous Doodle character, Culture Brewing Co. is raising money for the Surfing Madonna Foundation when you buy a beer. 25% of the evenings proceeds will go to the Surfing Madonna Foundation.

Click HERE to see the last project Snyder and Surfing Madonna artist collaborated on!

Click HERE to see the opening night reception photos!

…through the shorebreak

a wave crashed on the carlsbad beach

As a kid growing up on the beaches of Carlsbad my mom would always ask when I was going to graduate from the shorebreak and explore the outside swell. I’d look toward the shimmering horizon and see windblown crumble.

I preferred the sandy hollow beachbreak that would tumble you into tourists ankles, send sand crabs scampering through your toes and fill your pockets with shells and sand.

Eventually I began exploring the outside breakers, but no matter how far you go out, there is always only one way back in… through the shorebreak.

Where is your favorite Carlsbad shorebreak?

Snyder’s Doodle Art Show at Culture Brewing Co.

Bryan Snyder Doodle Art Show Scavenger Hunt

Bryan Snyder doodle art show at Culture Brewing Co in Solana BeachYour experience at an art show opening reception usually consists of looking, some thinking, maybe buying, a drink or two and then you’re just about done. A Carlsbad artist and culture enthusiast is enhancing the art show experience by sending it into the streets.

doodle25On Saturday, July 5, Bryan Snyder organized his 4th large scale art show and scavenger hunt at Culture Brewing Co. on S. Cedros Ave. in Solana Beach. The show was based on Doodle, an innocent, yet mischievous character who reminds of long lost, yet easily relatable, childhood memories called Reminiscent Pop Art.

art1Attendees were greeted by a 15ft. tall Independence Day themed mural stretching the length of the brewery interior, 20+ original paintings on Snyder’s signature cardboard medium, a slew of complementary stickers and magnets, and a collection of clues with detailed instructions leading participants into the streets in search for a coveted Golden Block redeemable for a prize piece of Doodle art.


doodle67“Unfortunately I have been to many art shows where the interaction with the art is stale, short lived and easily forgotten,” Snyder said. “I want to create more of an interactive experience where you become less a guest walking and more an integral participant of the show.”

7 Doodle prizes of artwork, 10 clues per prize and 7 hidden Golden Blocks are the ingredients of Snyder’s hunt. Attendees are invited to purchase the clues which are found on the backs of Doodle reproduction blocks. The clues send hunters into the streets in search for a hidden Golden doodle17Block. When found, the Golden Block is taken back to the brewery and redeemed for the corresponding Doodle artwork.

The clues send participants in a general area, but are kept vague to encourage detailed exploration and teamwork. Snyder explains that the Golden Block and artwork prize fuels urban exploration that indirectly promotes community and local businesses.


doodle88“I didn’t find any Doodles, but I did notice a bunch of cool businesses I had never noticed before,” one participant from Los Angeles said.

Participants searched in bushes, behind corners and in holes between the two overhead Cedros Arts District signs. Over the 3 hours of searching, sporadic cheers could be heard echoing off the local business walls indicating yet another Golden Block had been found.

Fans of Snyder’s artwork are not strangers to his shenanigans, often being sent into the streets all over San Diego, Los Angeles and as far as Australia through clues posted on social media. Doodle was named quickly after hiding hist first art in the streets in 2009. When word got out about these first hidden paintings on cardboard, Snyder was contacted asking when the next artwork was planned to be hidden.


“I responded to each email explaining that this hidden art was just quick paintings on found materials to past the time and learn new brushes,” Snyder explained. “They were just quick doodles.”

The emails continued, but Snyder noticed a difference. The subject no longer referenced hidden art, but instead inquired about hidden Doodles. The character that Snyder began drawing since a preteen finally had a name.

Click HERE to view all the photos.

Check Snyder’s past hunts HERE HERE and HERE.

Photos by Jack Lungu.

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