NIHILIST kills:Harley Davidson


nihilist-stoke.jpgThe sun dipped its sleepy eyes through the clouds just long enough to get a piece of Joe’s waling guitar solos, Loren’s growling vocals and the thumping rolls of Sean’s double base, before hiding again behind teasing clouds. The wind whipped hair that was too tired to headbang while others frenzied over the power of pure metal. Loud roars of a hog could be heard down the highway as NIHILIST ripped through a variety of crowd favorite originals, classic covers (Megadeth/Judiest Priest/Old Metallica) and a handful of their newer stuff at the San Diego Harley Davidson Dealership.

nihilist-solo.jpgnihilist-bike.jpgAll types of bikers from the weekend warrior to the open road free spirited wander feasted on hamburgers and hot dogs while metal blasted from the deep red painted stage. Dozens of bikes lined the parking lot, each representing values of the individual rider. Matte finished black bikes with chrome spikes prowled low to the ground and others parked laden with dressings. Brightly colored flames sizzled and long handles bars amazed. A biker’s personality could be seen in their ride and their interests described in their paint jobs, jackets and stickers.


Streams of dark blue jeans and black t shirts filtered in and out of the dealership, all pausing with admiration of NIHILIST and the sounds of music that first caused their hair to grow long. Future rockers threw horns and encouraging parents watched. Metal heads studied riffs and passing cars stopped.

As the gig wrapped up and the bikes roared to life, the ears of San Diego rang with the sounds of ass kicking metal…NIHILIST KILLS!!!

2 Responses to “NIHILIST kills:Harley Davidson”

  1. 1 Solie Mar 25th, 2008 at 7:32 am

    Joe’s looking pissed these days!

  2. 2 First Harley Davidson Apr 16th, 2008 at 10:41 am

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