Carlsbad Art Wall artist #1: Carlsbad Art Wall

video and photo provided by bumbleelovesyou

Snyder announces bumblebeelovesyou as inaugural Carlsbad Art Wall artist

Carlsbad Art Wall curator Bryan Snyder has officially announced prolific Los Angeles street artist bubmblebeelovesyou as the first artist scheduled to paint the newly established Carlsbad Art Wall.

“Through artwork including large scale stencil portraits of children and beehive installations in abandoned phone booths, bumblebeelovesyou brings attention to children homelessness and the impact of modernity on nature. His artwork is is whimsical, playful and exudes a sense of childish innocence, freedom and joy. Bumblebee shows work in the streets and through a number of past successful gallery shows. His next solo show will be at Thinkspace Gallery on June 20 2015.”

Bumblebeelovesyou will be painting March 6-7 at Señor Grubby’s.

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