imagine all the people


A lifetime of creating begins with subtle ideas. You doodle favorite cartoons on folded napkins and scribble observations on the back of your hand. Crayons fill space between the lines of strangers and rhymes grow on the tip of your tongue. Your room becomes cluttered with the nurturing of a skill and your interests in art expands into the streets. The wanderings of Kerouac inspire you to leave home and the passionate observations of Bukowski teach you maddening dedication. Love is shared through Lennon and the mind’s perils are warned through Van Gogh. Like kelp attached to the rocky sea bottom, you toss in the tides, but maintain stability in the foundation of passion. You learn to hone skills through influences and build upon the lessons of your muses.

Who has inspired the way your create, the way you see the world…the way you think? You’ve read countless books on them and watched endless documentaries. You know their quirks and their strengths. For one night, imagine… if you could get away with being them…


Who would you be?

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