Gloria Muriel to paint Carlsbad Art Wall


WHAT: Gloria Muriel to paint Carlsbad Art Wall
WHEN: June 4,5 (all day)
WHERE: Señor Grubby’s (map)

The Carlsbad Art Wall (CAW) project’s 2nd year reaches it’s halfway- point with a local artist. San Diego muralist Gloria Muriel is scheduled to begin painting Saturday, June 4, 2016 at Señor Grubby’s in the Carlsbad Village. Gloria will be painting all day. Mural to be completed Sunday, June 5.

Through her art, Gloria creates a portal to her own cosmic dreams and fantasies. She shows us a unique and magical world that exists beyond our reality—a universe in complete harmony with nature. Gloria’s intention is to awaken hearts and open minds to the raw novelty of the present moment. Meditation helps guide her to see the divine presence found in everything that exists.

Gloria’s murals are often based around the geometries of a face, with lines and patterns borrowed from the natural world — elements of flowing water and sublime vegetation suggest an abundance of growing, healing, and evolving life. Her murals can be found in Mexicali, Tijuana, Guadalajara, Mexico City, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Miami.

In 2015, the east facing exterior wall of Señor Grubby’s rotated through 5 different CAW murals—each painted by a new Los Angeles street artist. Each artist was curated by Carlsbad village based artist Bryan Snyder with the goal of introducing new urban art to the Carlsbad community, as well as providing an educational setting for aspiring urban artists. In its 2nd year, the CAW will be painted by both local San Diego and Los Angeles artists.

In addition, Snyder will host an urban art workshop with teens on June 2 at the CAW through a community collaboration with the Carlsbad Boys and Girls Club.

The goal of the Carlsbad Art Wall is to serve as a conduit between aspiring artists and professional artists, to provide a platform to engage and educate the Carlsbad community in the creative act of large scale public painting and to introduce a variety of new art and creative processes to the Carlsbad community.

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