Forgotten Passions

Do you have a hero, a muse or someone you look up to? Everyone has been influenced my someone else some time in their life. An early memory of a bright painting may have ignited the urge to record what you see or think through dancing images and a song might be responsible for your fascination with music. Art provokes thought, but also creates passions. We all have them and they guide us through each day. A ride on a bike may drift to see the neighborhood gallery’s newest window presentation and a long list of songs on the local jukebox may tempt another pint.

If unfamiliar with what you love, look back, dig deep and find what you loved as a child. Dig up that dusty folder of doodles which sits securely in your parent’s garage! Read you childhood journal! Watch hours of old family VHS tapes! Flip through stacks of desaturated family photos! You might find a reoccurring image, song, thought or figure which just might be your forgotten passion.

What makes you tick and how did you discover it?

2 Responses to “Forgotten Passions”

  1. 1 carissa Mar 12th, 2008 at 3:08 pm

    So Precious!

    This made my day. You’re so right, a lot of our purest passions from way back when are often buried deep in the life that we accumulate a long the way to ‘now’. We’ve forgotten what we once loved so simply, and over time have complexed it with cynicism. What the hell?? I remember singing “Jesus Loves Me” at the age of 4, while jumping up and down in my grandparents backyard on a sunny afternoon in Carlsbad. . . such a lighter day. Now, I’ve moved to a city filled with fog and I barely believe there is a God! Ha, how things change. . .

    Anyways, if not helping me re-discover my lost passions, this vid has certainly re-affirmed the hope that my future children will be more than able to belt out Beatles tunes right along with me, if not better than me!


  2. 2 Dan Schonberg Mar 13th, 2008 at 3:18 pm

    this probably isnt what you meant (I couldnt view the video so I may be way off topic) but here goes. my forgotten passion is deviance. when I was young, when we had nothing to do so my friends and i would do things like knock over the paper towel tower at the grocery store and then run out laughing. we threw snowballs at cars. sometimes we would get carried away and run throgh an apartment complex at full speed with baseball bats smashing as many lamposts as we could. obviously when we turned 18, we all stopped cold turkey since we would really be in trouble if we got caught. but I still yearn to blow up mailboxes again. does that make me a bad person?

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