Overflowin’ with Freud


A middle aged man lays on a soft couch and leans his head on the overly cushioned armrest. His feet extend outward as he breathes deeply, followed by a sheepish exhale. His eyes are deep and his skin runs ruts like a muddy trail. His hair is gray beyond his years and his hands shake upon his chest. He mumbles incoherently, yet composes himself in a decent manner. A fly buzzes near his nose, but incites no reaction. The man breathes again. His brow dips and an earnest manner masks his face. He nods to a bearded man sitting in a nearby chair and closes his eyes.

Free Association, first developed by Freud, invites patients to open their minds in an overflowing explosion of ideas and thoughts. In a non judgmental atmosphere, the patient’s mind is enticed to string together thoughts once forgotten or inhibited. The beginning is a single question which leads down an undetermined path. Questions keep the flow going and inner dwellings of creativity can be probed. This method attempts to break the barrier between the willingness to learn about oneself and the fear of change and self exposure.

carlsbad-fountain-bubbles.jpgThis journey of mental discovery can also be used to tap creativity. Ideas for future projects can be extracted like a shiny stone. Unearth your ideas through a mental discovery. Probe your mind’s pockets and watch your projects overflow with creativity!

How do you develop new ideas? What are your brainstorming techniques?

2 Responses to “Overflowin’ with Freud”

  1. 1 solie Apr 1st, 2009 at 8:30 am

    Great photo! Way to catch a moment. I wonder if this is how the bums take baths.

  2. 2 solie Aug 31st, 2009 at 7:33 pm

    How funny that I already stopped to make a comment about the “bum.” Rest in Peace Rick. It is good to know you were a happy mad scientist, and happy to be gone. Hope you enjoy the next ride.

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