.complaints to the editor

An elderly man awakes to the same buzz he has heard each morning for the past many decades. He yawns as the early morning sun creeps through his dusty blinds. He grabs a framed photo from his bedside table and presses his dry lips against the glass. He slips his wrinkled feet into the grooves of his favorite slippers and he begins his day. His robe, stitched in frayed string, wraps his old body and he stumbles into the hall. The hard wood floor creeks and his bones rattle as the heater automates to a rumble. Cold air blows across his bare head. The house becomes animated with the air of a warm hug. With a cup of fresh coffee in hand, he sits in his chair and begins browsing the morning paper. His lips smack as he mumbles the words off the front page and his fingers twitch. Like he has done each morning since the passing of his wife, he plans his entire day around the smorgasbord of television listings within the day’s paper. He fumbles through the pages, pausing at moments to lick his finger. His brow raises and his jaw drops. Inside the entertainment section lies an empty space where the television listings use to rest. He scans the paper again while birds begin to chirp outside. His head begins to throb and his stomach turns. Again, he searches through the section where his listings have been inserted in the past. With a disgruntled squint, he spots a thin line of text at the bottom of the entertainment back page:

“Due to the current economic situation, we have chosen to eliminate the television schedule from our newspaper. Please go to the following web address for the listing…”

As technology advances, routines change… can you keep up?

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