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Snyder Art 2010: Opening Reception

Thank you all for all your support, kind words and encouragement. Snyder Art 2010, my 3rd annual solo show hosted at my studio, was an enormous success and I thank you all again for being part of another warm community gathering! Click HERE for photos of all my paintings!

Snyder Art 2010: TONIGHT

The past year has been a whirlwind of creativity and a roller coaster of emotions. My life went though a major change, leaving me confused and doubtful. The open path which I had looked down so excitedly and passionately had become unclear, fogged by heartbreak and constricted by an uncertain future. Through time and the […]

Skylar’s Home and Patio: 1 day

While crawling the village, stop by one of Carlsbad’s newest businesses for a great selection of home and patio furniture, as well as some Snyder Art favorites. WHAT: Skylar’s Home and Patio Grand Opening WHEN: Friday, Dec. 10th 6-9PM WHERE: 2840 State St. Carlsbad Village (map)

A Motherly Interview

How old were you when you had Bryan? Where was he born and what number is he of all your children? I was 22 years old when I had Bryan. He was born in La Jolla, Ca and is the eldest of my 3 children. What artistic interests did you have before and after the […]

Nathan James Interview

How old are you? Where do you live and where did you grow up? How long have you been playing music? 32. Live in Oceanside and grew up in Fallbrook. Started playing guitar at 13 1/2. Started playing professionally at 18. Did growing up in Fallbrock, CA influence your decision to begin playing music? Growing […]

The Village King: 4 days

See this painting in person at SNYDER ART 2010! WHAT: Snyder Art 2010: 3rd annual solo art show WHERE: Snyder Art and Design (map) WHEN: Friday Dec. 10th 6pm- LATE WHY: Snyder’s 2010 body of never before shown work

Snyder Art 2010 Prints/Merchandise: 5 days

Snyder Art 2010 will include a wide variety of limited edition merchandise available at affordable prices. Limited Edition Prints: Screen print and water painted by hand. Each limited edition print signed, dated and numbered. Packaged in a plastic sleeve. Key Chain/Christmas Ornament: A multi-functional limited edition screen print on Birk Plyood hung by beaded hemp […]

Carlsbad Bird Houses: 6 days

Carlsbad Bird Houses, a public art installation, is my way of giving back to the community and wishing you all the Happiest of Holidays! Have you found all 18 bird houses? Purchase your own or one for a loved on on December 10th at Snyder Art 2010!

Snyder Art 2010 PREVIEW: 7 days

The first in person glimpse of my 2010 body of work will be available this Saturday night at Bakerloo Salon in the Carlsbad Village. 11 other artist will also be exhibiting work! WHAT: Fall in December Group Art Show WHEN: Sat. Dec. 4th 71-PM WHERE: Bakerloo Salon (map) WHY: Art, Drink, Live Music and friends

Childhood Doodle by bryan snyder: 8 days

Some of my most vivid memories are of the countless hours I spent doodling as a young child. Propped up on a chair and attempting to avoid crumbs from the evening’s dinner, I would doodle into the night. When it was time to go to bed, I would sneak out from under my covers and […]

New Addition to my Collection: 9 days

Thanks Marsha for the awesome painting!

Introducing James Vegabond: 10 days

James Vegabond wanders the globe with nothing more than a small sack weighted down by his few belongings. He travels without a map and rarely asks for directions. He follows his instincts and uses his wit to make through each day. See the original James Vegabond painting at Snyder Art 2010! Snyder Art 2010 WHEN: […]

Past Chapters: Snyder Art 2008, 2009

Each year of paintings and public projects concludes with a solo show at my village based studio. I think of these shows as portfolios of each year’s work, a chapter in my life-long passion for the creative process. Though I have been creating and meticulously documenting since my pre-teen years, I have chosen to begin […]

Paradise Pizza to cater Snyder Art 2010: 12 days

Paradise Pizza of Carlsbad to cater Snyder Art 2010! Dec. 10th 6PM (map)

A day off: 13 days

As the creator of each painting, designer of all marketing material and organizer of all creative marketing projects, I spend a lot of time in the studio the months leading up to a show. My hands, feet and phone are constantly covered with paint and my mind brainstorms ideas well beyond my deadlines. My studio […]

Ear to Toe: 14 days

Snyder Art 2010 will showcase 25 of my newest and never exhibited paintings from the 2010 year. Work begins 10 months in advance and continues up until a few weeks before the show. The last 2 months consists of a feverish pace to complete the remaining paintings, as well as art for marketing purposes and […]

Thankful for Inspiration: 15 days

“I’m thankful for inspiration… because without that, there wouldn’t really be much happening.” – Ben Powell at the Royal Dive Nov. 24th Snyder Art 2010: Dec. 10th in the Carlsbad Village

The Road to Snyder Art 2010: 16 days

All the paintings are finished, music and food has been scheduled, all videos are shot,  press releases sent, creative marketing campaigns organized and merchandise created. Follow as Bryan Snyder lays the path to another annual solo show of all new paintings and ideas… Snyder Art 2010, Bryan Snyder’s 3rd annual solo show taking place at […]

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