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All aboard, next stop the Carlsbad village!

At one point, the City of Carlsbad attempted to remove the local homeless population in preparation for each summer tourist season by distributing free train tickets. From all the new faces, it seems like surrounding cities had the same idea.

A Carlsabd protest around every corner

It seems like there is a protest against the City of Carlsbad around every corner these days. Joining the list is this back alley pop-up arcade, which has gained lots of attention—though it looks like its run was short-lived. Rumor has it that village attorney Kelsall and Associates has been battling with the City of […]

Slash grinds and solos

Was Slash spotted jamming solos and skating in Carlsbad?

They all end up in the sea eventually

An castle carried by an octopus made of sand crawls along the Carlsbad coast before melting back into the sea.

Bryan Snyder interviewed LIVE by CHSTV

Carlsbad based artist Bryan Snyder was recently interviewed by Carlsbad High School TV from his Carlsbad Village based studio. To conclude the interview, Snyder visited the CHSTV campus studio where he was interviewed LIVE while the entire CHS student body watched. Watch the videos to see Snyder describe why he creates art professionally, his young […]

City Construction Effecting Local Business

In the past months, Grand Avenue in the Carlsbad village has been jack hammered, gutted and lined with an updated infrastructure. Some businesses have not been effected, others have reduced outside dining and at least one has been forced to close shop entirely. After 45 years of business, Sea Waves Salon on Grand Avenue is […]

Citizens of Carlsbad submit 9,000+ signatures

On September 25, Diane Nygaard and concerned Carlsbad Citizens for North County in opposition of the proposed mall development on the Agua Hedionda Lagoon presented their collection of signatures to the City of Carlsbad. More than 9,000 signatures were collected in less than 1 month overturning the Carlsbad City Council ‘s decision—if confirmed by registrar— […]

Signs of a transition

Another sign indicating that we are currently witnessing a transition in the Carlsbad Village that justifies a name change to… the Carlsbad Town. After nearly 30 years, the local favorite The Grand Deli has closed and will be replaced by a trattoria Italiana & seafood restaurant. Click HERE to visit Cicciotti’s website.

Citizens for North County take to the streets

Labor Day kicked off with amazing weather, fun waves and a Citizens for North County grass-root campaign seeking signatures to overturn the Carlsbad City Council’s decision to outright approve the 85/15 development of the Carlsbad strawberry fields without a public vote. Do you want to vote? Locations through the weekend and into the week popped […]

Carlsbad Citizens want a vote: 85/15 development

On Thursday, August 20, a group of citizens held a press conference on the north bank of Agua Hedionda Lagoon in protest of the Caruso Affiliated development proposed for the Carlsbad strawberry fields. Environmental professionals voiced their concerns in detail as news reporters and videographers recorded every word. Opponents of the 85/15 plan believe that […]

FREE fire pit

Does anyone know who scored the FREE fire pit?

The Carlsbad Town…?

Carlsbad’s population as a whole has nearly doubled in the past 15 years. Open spaces are rapidly being replaced with suburban sprawl and the coastal sunsets are more often seen reflecting in the windows of sky townhouse developments. The impeding LA development of 85/15 (and those strongly against it), the closing of a popular business […]

The end of a ruthless empire

Out with the ruthless and in with the new.

Snyder visits Calavera Hills Elementary School

Bryan Snyder visits Calavera Hills Elementary in Carlsbad Carlsbad based artist Bryan Snyder visits Calavera Hills Elementary where he was interviewed by 5th grader Bella for the school digital newsletter. Snyder couldn’t resist an impromptu art lesson where he taught a classroom how to draw his signature Doodle character. Stay tuned for more details…

The “stinky water” lagoon dredging is back

Every two to four years the late Winter coastal breeze is filled with a putrid scent sucked up from the depths of the “stinky water” lagoon. The long 20-inch-diameter black pipe, which begins at a dredging vessel floating in the lagoon’s outer basin transports accumulated sand out of the lagoon. The removal of this sand […]

…coils, corkscrews and claws.

A single idea is planted deep within the congested cracks of a beach side community. Virgin to the caresses of a waiting sun, it coiled, corkscrewed and clawed. It traveled through early brainstorms. It winced at rocky paths.  It gasped as it punched through the topsoil and onto its sunlit stage. The idea grew strong […]

Snyder discusses public art at Mira Costa College

Carlsbad Village Doodle artist Bryan Snyder discusses the benefits of street art at Mira Costa College on Friday, November 14. The panel discussion also included Surfing Madonna artist Mark Patterson and former Solana Beach mayor Teresa Barth. The event was moderated by L.I.F.E. (Learning Is For Everyone). photo credit: Paint Encinitas

Eyes on the road

Attached to a flimsy roadside post, sprayed across a paint peeling fence or puffed across the Summer sky, the expression and beliefs of others filter through your peripherals in many mediums and from all angles. The freedom of speech is one of our most important rights, but at what point does this right interfere with […]

…through the shorebreak

As a kid growing up on the beaches of Carlsbad my mom would always ask when I was going to graduate from the shorebreak and explore the outside swell. I’d look toward the shimmering horizon and see windblown crumble. I preferred the sandy hollow beachbreak that would tumble you into tourists ankles, send sand crabs […]

Hop on Pop

The Carlsbad Village animates with activity. Early morning deliverymen and pints seeking developers frequent the shady village streets. Village visitors meander on hot Summer days and longtime locals bounce across happy hours. The Village is an animated grid of pedestrian activity. Many are that of the standard occurrence, while others are worth a second look.

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