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2018 Carlsbad Village Calendars now available

     7th Annual Carlsbad Village Locals’ Calendar now available for FREE? Carlsbad’s favorite calendar is now available for FREE at Clever Element on State Street as well as other locations announced on Social Media. Carlsbad Village artist and community enthusiast Bryan Snyder has released the 7th annual Carlsbad Village Locals’ Calendar. Each calendar consists of 13 iconic photos captured through the lens of a […]

Sights and sounds of a Carlsbad sunset

Amazing sights and sounds of a Carlsbad sunset.

Carlsbad in motion

It’s fall, for now…

A quick storm blows through before another heat wave.

A Glimpse of Carlsbad Surfing

The Carlsbad Lagoon Moon

A prehistoric marketing strategy by CHS

Carlsbad High School didn’t use nagging re-targeting digital marketing campaigns, printed door-hangers or obnoxiously loud television commercials. They used the oldest trick in the book—they took it to the streets!

Has Carlsbad’s summer started?

Summer is just around the corner, but locals on today’s packed beaches thought otherwise.

Touring the Carlsbad Encina Power Plant

After gathering in the parking lot outside the electric security gate, a group of interested residents began the highly anticipated tour of the legendary Encina Power Plant in Carlsbad. The tour began with an hour long photo presentation by NRG safety manager Jonas Jackson on the history, the engineering of the steam cycle and the […]

Taking in the intake

A view appreciated by all. photo by Mike Pierro.

…not a boy, but a girl

There was a bird that was named Giavanti. He had colorful feathers and lived in park with his family. His kin liked to drink, laugh and smoke cigars— They often got into trouble and thrown behind bars. These troublesome nights were often, but one was like no other. Givanti was thought to be in harm […]

The Motorcycle Cannonball finishes in Carlsbad

photos by Bryan Snyder Learn more about the Motorcycle Cannonball. Click HERE for the route. Click HERE for the official results.

Carlton Lund installs Kindness Meters in Carlsbad

Carlsbad realtor Carlton Lund installs two kindness meters at base of the Carlsbad sign on Thursday, September 23. The collection of one meter’s “kindness” will finance the .15/hr. cost to light the overhead Carlsbad sign. Local organizations will receive funds form the other meter.

Carlsbad Music Festival Photos

A couple favorite shots from the 2016 Carlsbad Music Festival.

Huffin’ and puffin’ in the mornin’

The Encina Power Plant exhaling some early morning smoke.

A hug, a bench and the ocean

The summertime streets are cluttered and the beaches are crowded, but keep calm—an empty bench with a view is just around the corner.

A California to go

California burritos to go down Carlsbad Village Drive.

Carlsbad Music Festival: Village Music Walk

On Saturday, June 18, the Carlsbad Music Festival‘s Village Music Walk took over the Carlsbad Village with 30+ adventurous music performances. Photos by Bryan Snyder.

The Boy and the Red Pail

I first learned of the Measure A: Agua Hedionda Specific Plan through a conversation during a kayak fishing adventure on the very waters that ripple upon the land in debate. The chat with a fellow lagoon enthusiast ended with both our hands thrown in the air amid the realization that we couldn’t stop the proposed […]

Yesterday in the foreground

There has been a lot of talk lately about tomorrow; let’s not forget about yesterday.

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