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Hello Summer 2009: June 21st pt.11/11

Hello Summer 2009 part 11 of 11 Hello Summer 2009 is a collection of’s favorite explorations and hangouts, each laden with childhood memories, hopeful preservations and stories of growing up in paradise. Each one was visited and documented on June 21st, the first day of summer. Luckily it was the longest day of the […]

Hello Summer 2009: June 21st pt.10/11

Hello Summer 2009 part 10 of 11 Carlsbad is scattered with hidden treats. Taco Land awaits its next wave of explorers and The Pit’s colorful walls challenge the most passionate doodlers. The shadows of Hosp Grove invite mellow strolls and a good conversation sits in the lawn at Off Shore. These spots have been created, […]

Hello Summer 2009: June 21st pt.9/11

Hello Summer 2009 part 9 of 11 12 years ago this month Pizza Port opened their second location here in Carlsbad. Carlsbad Village Drive would never be the same. Local hoodlums on the prowl and families looking for an exciting outing mingle on the many scattered benches and perimeter of Pizza Port, but c.crawl’s favorite […]

Hello Summer 2009: June 21st pt.8/11

Hello Summer 2009 part 8 of 11 A barbecue grilled slabs of meat and a bonfire shot plumes of smoke into the orange sky. If trucks weren’t off-roading in the surrounding hills, they were below romping in the stinky mud. Music tumbled through shrubs and into the unpaved distance and dozens of skateboarders traded turns […]

Hello Summer 2009: June 21st pt.7/11

Hello Summer 2009 part 7 of 11 A drive through Carlsbad on the I-5 has its sites. The dominating presence of the Encina Power Plant pokes skyward and a collection of lagoons animate with wildlife. The Pacific Ocean crashes upon long stretches of sandy beaches and bright colors splatter across the evening sky. A site […]

Hello Summer 2009: June 21st pt.6/11

Hello Summer 2009 part 6 of 11 Location, location, location… and the food is good too! A beef taco and bean and cheese burrito at Cessy’s on the 101 is the destination for many after a long day at the beach. Located conveniently a block from the ocean, sandy herds of hungry teens and village […]

Hello Summer 2009: June 21st pt.5/11

Hello Summer 2009 part 5 of 11 Growing up somewhere other than Carlsbad is unimaginable. The canyon trails were our highways and the many groves were our jungle gyms. A drip castle on the beach with a stranger became an early friendship and we learned to swim in the ocean. Our mothers scrubbed ice plant […]

Hello Summer 2009: June 21st pt.4/11

Hello Summer 2009 part 4 of 11 Summertime in Carlsbad attracts visitors from all over the globe. Tourists drag boogie boards across Carlsbad crosswalks and families tip toe through warm sand. The grass in front of Off Shore Surf Shop is a popular place to rest after a beach jog, to watch the sunset and […]

Hello Summer 2009: June 21st pt.3/11

Hello Summer 2009 part 3 of 11 Layers upon layers pulsate with raw creativity. A gallery under the sun without prices or the driving force of sales awaits for the next set of eyes to crawl is slab of ancient concrete. The steep embankments of The Carlsbad Pit are covered with colorful doodles, each unique […]

Hello Summer 2009: June 21st pt.2/11

Hello Summer 2009 part 2 of 11 Also located close enough to catch a hint of sea in the breeze and snug up against the Buena Vista Lagoon is the winding and climbing Hosp Grove Trail. Early in 1908 F.P. Hosp and Partners planted 40,000 Eucalyptus seedlings over 219 acres with the intention of harvesting […]

Hello Summer 2009: June 21st pt.1/11

Starting today and the following 10 days, will be highlighting some favorite summertime spots. Some are frequented by each wave of village and beach visitors and others will only be recongnized by the observant and adventurous local. Looking for a Summertime adventure… check back each day for carlsbadcrawl’s favorite local Summertime spots and activites! […]

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