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Augmented Reality comes to the Carlsbad Art Wall

Make the Carlsbad Art Wall come to life using Augmented Reality! I am proud to announce that the Carlsbad Art Wall experience is now using Augmented Reality to bring the wall to life! Are you stumped by some of the portraits in the current Carlsbad Art Wall mural? Now there is a way to make […]

Citizens of Carlsbad submit 9,000+ signatures

On September 25, Diane Nygaard and concerned Carlsbad Citizens for North County in opposition of the proposed mall development on the Agua Hedionda Lagoon presented their collection of signatures to the City of Carlsbad. More than 9,000 signatures were collected in less than 1 month overturning the Carlsbad City Council ‘s decision—if confirmed by registrar— […]

The Calendar Experiment

The Calendar Experiment, a public installation experiment by Bryan Snyder, was implemented in the local streets as a way to analyze the relationship between the public and their surroundings when altered by free product. The experiment was located at the park at Highway 101 and Pine Avenue the first week in January of 2010. Aim: […]

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