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An end to a first

Reflecting on the colors of 2015 and looking forward to a glowing 2016. Happy New Year!

Scenes from the 85/15 Council Meeting

The Carlsbad City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to pass a proposed strawberry field development plan.

Protected: Artistic Observations: The NAMM Show 2015

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Artistic Observations: Costa Rica

Pura Vida, the Costa Rican motto for a  pure life, lives strong and reminds daily that a life of simplicity in tune with nature and beauty is all the paradise you will ever need. Click HERE for the full story and all photos! photos and words by Snyder Art

Artistic Observations: Australia

The resulting itinerary would begin on the sizzling West Coast of Australia offering both beach and the downtown of Perth, and continue to the artistic culture of Melbourne, continue North to the breathtakingly simple beach lifestyle of Rainbow Bay located on the Gold Coast of Queensland and concluding in Sydney. Click HERE for the FULL […]

Artistic Observations: Beijing, China

To the eye, it looked like the urban landscape had been wiped with a rag dipped in the murky waters of painter’s wash jar. Click HERE for the FULL STORY and PHOTOS!

Artistic Observations- Charlottesville

Through forest and along brick lined streets, our eyes attentively observed the colors, sounds and culture of Charlottesville, Virginia. Click HERE for all the observations and photos!

Irish Memories…

Get in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day by clicking the above links! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Urban Paddle Boarding: Part 1

Avid paddle boarder and Carlsbad resident John Engelbrits called his cousin Jesse Carbajal of San Diego and friend Logan Schmidt of Oceanside with a creative way to spend the wet afternoon. On Wednesday, December 22nd at 1PM, John, Jesse and Logan packed up their paddle boards and headed to the coast. Rather than walking along […]

Observations of an Artist: The Dude

To be the subject of so many unstaged photos and keep each one as unforgettable as the previous is the sure sign of an natural artist- a artist because of not what they make, but because of who they are. Click HERE for the full story and photos!

Artistic Observations- Ireland

I wanted real adventures to happen to myself. But real adventures do not happen to people who remain at home- they must be sought abroad.” – James Joyce from The Dubliners pg.11 Click HERE for photos, video and the complete observation!

A Southern Crawl: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil will be on a short hiatus. The streets, beaches and mountains of Rio de Janeiro will be our playground and the many people we  meet will be our inspiration. In the meantime, check out some past crawls: San Francisco Los Angeles Central Coast New York UPDATE: Looks like you need a Visa to get […]

Artistic Observations – East Coast pt.2

Whether in the carefully arranged window displays of SOHO, back alley wheat pastes of Brooklyn or down below in the subways, New York is a playground of observations, just remember that a crawl rarely slows down to anything less than a jog in the city that never rests. click HERE for the full story and […]

Artistic Observations – East Coast pt.1

Observations clutter the mind during an adventure away from home. Similarities blend and differences scream for your attention. We attempted to sum up a location through a wide sweep of culture and community. Click HERE for the full story and photos!

A Europe Crawl: 2007

As an artist, you take pictures; you write in a journal and you create films and song. You document your thoughts in a chosen medium. Your emotions smear across a canvas in thick impasto and your loves tumble in smooth melodies. Your anger tears through moist clay and your sense of humor bounces upon a […]

Artisitc Observations-SF 2009

While most choose a vacation as a time to relax, our goal is to explore. We adventure into the thick of a location, probing the underbelly of our destination. Meanders carried us through explorations of moist alleys, the never dull Tenderloin and many other less traveled San Francisco paths. Click HERE for the full story […]

Artistic Observations:Central Coast

Artistic Observations-LA

The rooms of the Getty Center Museum to the back alleys of West Hollywood, the trendy shops of Melrose Ave. to the melancholy streets of Skid Row; sites threw themselves at me as I explored the artistically diverse observations of Los Angeles. Click HERE, or on the above design, to see the full story!

Artistic Observations – SF

A handful of days in the heart of San Francisco flooded our senses with interesting and thought-provoking observations, all unique, inspiring and foreign. Click HERE for the full story and photos! Let me know what you think!

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