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Friends and family arrived with pumpkins as the glue guns warmed and the radio awoke. Pumpkin bread baked in the oven as the breeze carried cool air and the loving-it.jpgscent of cinnamon. The television slept as conversation erupted and refreshments bubbled to the beat of another creative night at the Artpartment.

Each crawler grabbed a pumpkin and chose a starting station. Above linoleum and on a saggy table sat a variety of plastic cups full of bright colors and bristled brushes. Heat guns awaited the impatient and clay begged to be sculpted. Beyond a table of refreshments and snacks was the glue and pastel station. Feathers, colored cotton balls and pipe cleaners piled into a pyramid and googly eyes stared. Glue shooting guns oozed ammo like a war without a end and the carpet filled with glitter.  With pumpkin in hand, each crawler rotated stations like a smooth running factory worker, fueled by creativity and rewarded through the satisfaction of a project well done.

glue-station.jpg paint-station.jpg

Project: Plant a Pumpkin was developed to encourage the development of culture within our community. Like past projects, it thrives off participation and public interaction. Before we involve our community, we bond as a collective of friends and family in a project preparation stage at the Artpartment. When the roots are strong, we begin to branch outward. Through art, we strengthen our friendships…through projects, we bring together our community!

Stay tuned for photos of each pumpkin and info on where you can find them.

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  1. 1 The Queen Nov 3rd, 2008 at 5:20 pm

    I can’t wait for the next art project!!!

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