A Balanced Composition

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backColorfully textured paintings scatter across smooth white walls and bright lights beat down on the greasy foreheads of the night’s visitors. Appetizers balance on painted nails and bubbly refreshments fizz in-between sloppy clanks and glassy-eyed hiccups. Live music tumbles into the dark night and contemplative fingers rub chins as observations of colors and Snyder Art 3yr WEBcompositions itch under the skin of the creator. An art show is much more than the work that hangs from the walls. From food to refreshments, marketing material to music, guests to merchandise, the art is the entire experience.

A solid creative marketing plan is just as important as the art on the walls… and when done passionately, can be just as fun! Color swatches are chosen and print marketing material is created. Slogans are developed and iconographic images are 29086_1426104174281_1283070451_1208556_6178441_nslowly introduced. Coffee shop shows are scheduled as early promotional opportunities and detailed press releases are drafted. The seeds of an idea are gently planted into the fertile soil of each social networking site and days of handshakes, smiles and personal invitations meander the coastal streets from Solana Beach to Oceanside. A successful show not only has a thoughtful body of artwork, but is promoted through a high level of creativity, a wide variety of technological outlets and through the grass roots of any successful campaign.. the streets.

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Snyder Art and Design30588_1439876318576_1283070451_1240737_6539027_n
2695 State Street
Carlsbad, CA 92008
May 15th 6PM-LATE

Carlsbad’s First Art Show Created By YOU!!!

Email all thoughts, stories and photos to theartist (at) snyderartdesign.com