Jumpin’ Jim Uke at Giacoletti Music

An artistic community is strengthened through events, workshops and public demonstrations. Interest in life-long learning begins with the desire to expand one’s knowledge. Once you have found your artistic outlet, you begin to seek a mentor, someone capable of assisting your development to the next level. A healthy and nourishing community will offer venues and public workshops to allow these artistic passions to grow, simultaneously encouraging the development of an artistic culture.

On the evening of January 18th, Jim Beloff, taught a Ukulele workshop hosted at Giacoletti Music in Carlsbad. Nearly 30 students, varying in all ages, listened carefully as Jim explained everything from basic chord changes and strumming patterns to a his personal philosophy of Ukulele playing and the powerful transformation from simply strumming to performing.

While browsing the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market back in 1992, Jim and his wife Liz found a Ukelele. Flea Market Music, Inc., publisher of the popular Jumpin’ Jim’s series of ukulele songbooks, was later established. Jim’s professional resume quickly grew to authoring Ukulele books, CDs and DVDs. His wife Liz, who also attended the workshop at Giacoletti, does all the design and art direction for the FMM merchandise.

The night included simple instruction and group play as a wide collection of Ukuleles hung from the surrounding walls.

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