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Stinky, slimy and scientifically tested

Kids take advantage of the man made water park knowing that it will be another two years before this happens again.

The “stinky water” lagoon dredging is back

Every two to four years the late Winter coastal breeze is filled with a putrid scent sucked up from the depths of the “stinky water” lagoon. The long 20-inch-diameter black pipe, which begins at a dredging vessel floating in the lagoon’s outer basin transports accumulated sand out of the lagoon. The removal of this sand […]

…coils, corkscrews and claws.

A single idea is planted deep within the congested cracks of a beach side community. Virgin to the caresses of a waiting sun, it coiled, corkscrewed and clawed. It traveled through early brainstorms. It winced at rocky paths.  It gasped as it punched through the topsoil and onto its sunlit stage. The idea grew strong […]

Carlsbad Sign Lighting from the old Twin Inns

All photos taken by Bryan Snyder from the from the 2nd floor and attic above the old Twin Inns building.

Today’s palette 1.7.15

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