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‘Firm Believers In’ Carlsbad

Your mind animates with ideas and bubbles with beliefs. It dictates the way you  live each day and encourages you to continue with steadfast determination. Against the worst odds and the heaviest weight, you push yourself, and those willing to join, towards the goals your passions have established. The FBI (Firm Believers In Christ) spotted […]

A new burst of color

It’s colors are bright and attracts the eyes of passersby. Energy explodes skyward in heated rays and marine life loiter at the base. As a resident or a Carlsbad Village visitor, you would think the above description would be referencing our daily sunsets. More rare than a sunset, but just as bright, is the newly […]

Green from head to toe

Though the Carlsbad Village barely survived another green wave of St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans, many individuals fell early and fell hard. What did you experience this year in the Village?

Carlsbad street art hot spot?

This Carlsbad Village wall has quickly become a street art hot spot housing a select collection of  artwork  that have also been popping up around the local streets. Much like the popular ‘Pinball Paste’ previously posted, this floating bottle boasts some talented traditional painting technique and renderings. Is there an underground art scene developing in […]

Carlsbad Street Art Scores Big

Carlsbad invites visiting families with fair weather and beach side accommodations. Retirees find quiet neighborhoods to count the minutes of the day and a new hairdo can be curled at any of the 1 millions village salons. The Carlsbad decision makers tend to keep things conservative, but a new explosion of creativity has been seeping […]

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