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The Evolution of a Mural

Many ask how I get my ideas and my methods when it comes to transferring that intial idea into a finished piece of art. Each project travels through the same stages: Initial brainstorming, detailed illustration, mural creation, documentation. Every project, whether a painting, an installation or a mural, begins with an initial onslaught of ideas […]

‘Happy Birthday Doodle -The Mayans’

Bryan Snyder has just completed his largest mural to date titled ‘Happy Birthday Doodle -The Mayans’ and is celebrating by giving away one original Doodle illustration of the the Mayan themed design. HOW IT WORKS 1. Visit Snyder Art’s facebook page and ‘LIKE’ the page. 2. Find the photo of Snyder’s finished mural of Doodle […]

The Keys to Life?

The consensus from all who have spent years, if not their entire life, in Carlsbad is that this coastal village is paradise. The weather is ideal. There is a bit of culture, but more culturally laden communities are only a short drive up or down the interstate 5 and the beach with above average surf […]

‘Urban Pop Up Gallery: Miami’ by Snyder

Click all photos to enlarge! The warm air greeted my bearded face and shaggy hair as I drove the empty early morning streets in route to the Wynwood Art District of Miami. The opening days of Art Basel, the nation’s biggest contemporary art fair, and the additional satellite fairs, were only days away, but an […]

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