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Banksy Tribute on Cardiff Kook by Snyder

An art movement is created by the growth of a group of like-minded artists with similar goals and philosophies over months, years and even decades. Their visual art and conceptualizations are broadcasted via a large variety of mediums including visual art, manifestos, word-of-mouth, performance and the ever powerful internet, ultimately establishing justifications for their artistic […]

Jefferson gets Toilet Papered

It can be a sly way to announce a secret crush. Maybe it’s a harmless retaliation, and others might see a rusty chain-link fence running the perimeter of a yard under the intertwined workings of a thick canopy as an ideal canvas for some midnight shenanigans. Regardless of the reasoning, kids have been sneaking extra […]

Carlsbad Locals at Full Mast

A Carlsbad State Beach Locals flag flies high above the Carlsbad coastline.

Paradise Pizza Donates

Paradise Pizza in the Carlsbad Village has teamed up with the Carlsbad Parks and Recreation Department. 10% of all food and beverage sales will be donated to the City’s Opportunity Grants program which helps send low-income kids to swim lessons, camps, classes and other Parks and recreation activities. Thanks Paradise Pizza! (website)

Keep on Truckin’ on Track

At times your chosen path isn’t always straight. It isn’t always smooth and it isn’t always easy. Your momentum might sputter and your destination might be as foggy as a mid year gloom. A thick fog can burn off and a nasty cold passes. A scraped knee heals and a broken kingpin can be replaced. […]

A Life Long Project

Your eyes are never at rest. You are constantly scanning the landscape in search for balance and composition. You pick up on subtle color relationships and anticipate the perfect frame. Months blow in the wind. Years tumble down sleepy village streets. Documented muses pile high and a life time of recorded observations are shared. The […]

It NEVER gets old!

photo by Snyder Art

Carlsbad’s cheap date

As noted in the recent July/August Carlsbad Magazine story titled Free Carlsbad, by magazine writer Wendy Hinman, there are a wide variety of free to low cost ways to spend your Summer in our village by the sea. Obviously the beach lures with daily warm sand and blue skies, that is if the dreaded Eddie […]

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