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For Rent: FIESTA LIQUOR Upstairs

Fiesta Liquor in the Carlsbad Village is looking for a business to rent out its 2nd floor space. Check details below: Rooms: 2 Bathroom: 1 Deposit: $1350 Rent: $1350 per month This upstairs unit has a separate entrance and includes 1 very large bedroom and 1 medium size bedroom with window views facing North, East […]

Bigfoot Sighting in the Carlsbad Village

Do you think you know every back alley and smooth wall of the village? Can you create art and can you get it up in the streets? Carlsbadcrawl is challenging anyone who answered ‘yes’ to prove it. Lets see your ability to use the streets as a canvas! Carlsbadcrawl is guaranteeing that any art put […]

Win an Snyder Painting @ New Village Arts

Bryan Snyder from Snyder Art and Design and the New Village Arts Theatre in the Carlsbad Village have teamed up and are offering an opportunity to win an original painting created by Snyder in his signature drip technique. In addition to potentially taking home a painting, you will be helping raise funds for the theatre […]

Record Store Day 2012 in the Carlsbad Village

On April 21st, the parking lot of Spin Records in the Carlsbad Village filled early as large crowds gathered to celebrate the 5th annual nation wide celebration of Record Store Day. Early visitors waited in line before store hours for one of the scheduled limited edition releases by The Flaming Lips, Arcade Fire and others. […]

Record Store Day @ Spin Records

WHAT: Record Store Day at Spin Records WHEN: Sat. April 21 10am-10pm WHERE: Spin Records in the Carlsbad Village (map) WHY: Live music, free food and all ages Music by The Paragraphs, Sick Balloons, Oldest Boy and Girl, Nena Anderson, DJ Lexicon Devil and Trouble in the Wind!

David vs. Goliath Advertising

High profile companies branded by sleek advertising agencies use the streets to transfer ideas, products and services. Large billboards stand steadfast with catchy slogans and subliminal images. Wind battered banners are yanked across the Summer sky and the ever growing space between your favorite songs jingle with junk food and soda pop. On a much […]

A Snyder Pop-Up Gallery Book

A Snyder Pop-Up Gallery Book: Australia/China “With 30 pieces of street art ready to be pasted in the Australian streets, I began the 5 week installation of my most ambitious Urban Pop-Up Gallery where the street would be the gallery and the guests would be the unsuspecting public. There would be no wine, no sales […]

It’s Good to be Ugly

Art has the power to encourage viewers to speak their mind. A simple glance at a painting or a mumbling poem tumbling from the lips of the homeless has potential to spark a thought within the unsuspecting passerby. The growth of that thought planted by the initial viewing of art evolves. It is fueled by […]

An Eggless Village

The large amount of emails indicate that the local Carlsbad community misses’s annual PROJECT: Plant an Egg community egg crafting night and Easter morning egg hunt. For the first time in 5 years, event organizer and local artist Bryan Snyder is sad to inform that the event has been called. “The streets are a […]

Red Bull Curates: The Road to Basel

Red Bull has initiated a project titled Red Bull Curates: The Road to Basel where 20 of Los Angeles top street artists have been invited to paint canvas wrapped Red Bull Coolers. The coolers will be reveled at Lab Art on La Brea in Los Angeles Thursday, April 5th, 2012. The top 3 pieces from […]

Junior Carlsbad 5000 Candy Coma

What ever happened to the competitive nature of a race or that desire to beat a past personal record? It seemed like those motivators to excel just weren’t cutting it anymore as kids participating in the Junior Carlsbad 5000 on Saturday March 31st in the Carlsbad Village were enticed to run with a wide assortment […]

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