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The Dark and Shady Shadow

For any given day, there is a dark hour. The smartest individual occasionally loses their keys and the fastest sprinter cramps. The loudest band blows a circuit and the funniest clown frowns. The tastiest beverage invites headache and your favorite dish offers gut wrenching indigestion. Your favorite musician occasionally strums the wrong cord and your […]

Hello Toruble tonight at the Flying Elephant

WHAT: Hello Trouble at the Flying Elephant WHERE: The Flying Elephant (Hensley’s) (map) WHEN: Sat. March 24th 8pm Click HERE for Hello Trouble’s CD review in the San Diego Troubadour! See you there!

Snyder Art at Señor Grubby’s

A NFL football player recently stopped by Grubby’s in the Village and purchased an original drip painting by Bryan Snyder. Click HERE to see the recently purchased painting! Stop in for a beer and taco and check out the new painting…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Snyder Art

Wishing all you a happy St. Patrick’s Day: 2012! -Snyder Art Carlsbad Village St. Patrick’s Day t shirts still available. click HERE for purchasing info!

Carlsbad Village St. Patty’s Day Shirts

Snyder Art is releasing a limited Edition Carlsbad Village 2012 t shirt design in celebration of this year’s St. Patrick’s Day. They will be available starting Fri. March 16th. T shirts are available at mobile locations around the village only. To find a location at any point during the day, click the below links. Updates […]

An Urban Pop-Up Gallery by Snyder

The streets have always been my chosen canvas beginning over a decade ago with the pasting of artwork in the streets due my inability to throw away old pieces. When pieces became outdated, or my studio became cluttered, I would use the streets as a way to avoid the extinction of a single idea much […]

Melbourne Street Art and Graffiti

click on all photos to enlarge! Graffiti became popular in New York decades ago through hip hop. These two forms of artistic expression soon expanded across the globe including massive appeal in Melbourne, Australia. Around the turn of the century stenciled images in the streets became increasingly popular in the UK due to Banksy and […]

Observations of an Artist: Australia/China

How many times have you heard someone say “that is a Kodak moment?” It’s that verbal stamp on a visual worth preserving. It captures a moment even the most creative could not make up and it documents an occurrence told in the future multiple times over a cup of coffee, at the dinner table or […]

SPOTLIGHT: Hosier Lane, Melbourne

A chosen form of recreation begins with a simple interest. Continued participation slowly allows these interests to evolve into a more trained set of skills, ultimately growing into a potential professional career. Basketball players improve their shots at public courts, baseball players work on their swing at public diamonds and in some communities skateboards perfect […]

Artistic Observations: Australia

The resulting itinerary would begin on the sizzling West Coast of Australia offering both beach and the downtown of Perth, and continue to the artistic culture of Melbourne, continue North to the breathtakingly simple beach lifestyle of Rainbow Bay located on the Gold Coast of Queensland and concluding in Sydney. Click HERE for the FULL […]

Artistic Observations: Beijing, China

To the eye, it looked like the urban landscape had been wiped with a rag dipped in the murky waters of painter’s wash jar. Click HERE for the FULL STORY and PHOTOS!

A Walking Tour by The Dude: Australia/China

The sound of Jeff’s leather sandals slapping against the asphalt still echoes loud as I walk the local streets of Carlsbad reminiscing of all day wanders by foot along foreign streets, through dense forest and along breathtaking beaches. While buses sped alongside, trains chugged in the distance and planes roared overhead, Jeff “The Dude” and […]

Show and Tell: Australia/China

As an artist you seek out inspiration from the local sites encountered each day within your community. Your route along your neighborhood streets offers inspiration and each encounter with fellow community members provides a potential muse. Inspiration is always just around the corner. Though your local findings can be very rewarding, sporadic adventures out of […]

Paradise Pizza turns 2 yrs.

WHAT: Paradise Pizza of Carlsbad turns 2 yrs. WHERE: Paradise Pizza (map) WHEN: Sun. March, 4th Noon-2pm Come celebrate 2 years of amazing food, service and atmosphere with free slices complimentary of Paradise Pizza of the Carlsbad Village!

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