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Snyder Art Memory: 7 of 7 by bryan snyder

#7: Taking it to the Streets The walls of my studio were always scattered with paintings, but I never considered it a gallery. It was always a working studio where the art was the creative process, not the finished product. I considered the paintings more of trophies which represented a successful completion of a set […]

Snyder Art Memory: 6 of 7 by bryan snyder

#6: The Proposal at Snyder Art Since the very first painting in my signature drip technique, I have been using the same equipment. A table created out of 2 saw horses and a square piece of plywood has grown thick with many layers of excess paint. The brush hair of a collection of paint brushes […]

Snyder Art Memory: 5 of 7 by bryan snyder

#5: The Proposal at Snyder Art I have always been a believer in the ability of connecting people through art and there isn’t a better example than what occurred at my studio one evening. I was first approached with the idea of a ‘doodle’ illustration including a character proposing to another. I felt extremely honored […]

Summer Brooke Debut Album Release

WHAT: Summer Brooke Album Launch Party WHERE: New Village Arts (map) WHEN: Fri. January 27 6-9PM Congratulations Summer!

Snyder Art Memory: 4 of 7 by bryan snyder

#4: The First Day I was given the keys by Alice and Art Brown of Aurthur Brown Plumbing on May 8th, 2008, which coincided with the Carlsbad Street Faire. My doors swung open, music blasted on my boombox and a series of my first drip paintings created in my garage were on display. As the […]

Snyder Art Memory: 3 of 7 by bryan snyder

#3: Snyder Art and Design Sign Installation One day in early April, while riding my bike along State St. into the village, I glanced over at a storefront neighboring an old plumbing store. I had ridden my bike past this building thousands of times while growing up in the village, but this passing was different. […]

Snyder Art Memory: 2 of 7 by bryan snyder

#2: Snyder Art Bathroom Walls If you you visited my studio over the past 4 years, whether during one of my annual solo art shows, a ‘You Create the Art’ community art show or any of your random visits, you probably have added a doodle or message to my bathroom walls. I do most of […]

Snyder Art Memory: 1 of 7 by bryan snyder

After nearly 4 years of art, community and culture, my studio will be closing. These past years have been the most rewarding and creative period of my life and I would like to share some of my favorites with you. Each day leading up to the closing date of January 23, 2012 will consist of […]

Pulling Out All the Tricks: Carlsbad Winch Surf

Following the solid swell that pounded the San Diego coastline during the beginning of the year, the coastline went silent resulting in many surfers looking for other forms of recreation. Charley Stevens, Eric Geiselhart and friends weren’t going to let the lack of waves keep them out of the water. The mellow winds and flat […]

… another man’s treasure.

You rummage through yard sales and your wander the dusty aisles of thrift stores. You find forgotten treasures on the side of the road and you dig deep within the pages of ebay. A single sea shell finds its way to your garden and roadside debris decorates your yard. What do you collect and where […]

Snyder plants a Photo Contest on Melrose

5 mushroom clusters, each colored differently in Snyder’s signature drip technique, have been  placed in the streets of West Hollywood on, or just off, Melrose and La Brea. Each cluster is a piece of art, but more importantly, they are muses inspiring the creative process. Each cluster posed like a model for professional and amateur […]

Bonus Ornament ‘Village Sound’ Winners

Congratulations to the Murray family for finding a PROJECT: Plant an Ornament 2011 Bonus Ornament, logging it on and being the first to identify the secret ‘Village Sound’. The prize is an original painting by Snyder in his signature drip technique. Can you identify the sound? Click HERE to hear the sound! Click HERE […]

Snyder Art closing Jan. 23, 2012

Prior to opening my studio, I was working on my degree and living in the SF Bay area where I began to document culture and community hotspots which encouraged the development of a network of minds fueled by creativity. I learned how culture helps both the well-being of a community, as well as promotes local […]

New Year’s 2012 Vintage Prom @ NVA

The Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world in 2012, but that seemed like the last thing on the minds of those celebrating at the 2012 Vintage Prom at New Village Arts Theatre’s New Year’s Celebration. The lobby of New Village Arts Theatre was transformed by newly appointed event coordinator and Foundry manager Jenna […]

13 Best Posts of 2011

1. It’s Official: FAKESY in Oceanside (link) Bull Taco in Oceanside claimed that the mysterious piece of street art that was painted on their wall was done by the world famous street artist Banksy. After Bull Taco employees were quoted claiming they had documentation proving that Banksy was the artist, people representing Banksy denied its […]

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