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5 years and counting!

5 years ago artistic observations of our Village by the Sea began… Happy 5th Birthday!

Street Artists of all Ages

The popularity of placing art in the streets with no immediate chance for sale has surged in the last 5 years. Art which once was created for galleries or commissions are now being showcased in urban atmospheres. The goal is to transfer an idea to the passerby, to ignite an artistic thought and to introduce […]

SNYDER x GREGORY SIFF limited edition print

Gregory Siff, a highly regarded LA artist, has made a name for himself with live painting demonstrations, numerous group shows, murals and his recent solo show in downtown LA. His signature style includes abstract arrangements of multicolored squares in a variety of hues including his most recognized combination of red, yellow and blue. Snyder, a […]

The Carlsbad Toreador by SNYDER

Some regard the bullfight as a tradition just as culturally important as other forms of art including painting, dance and music. Whether it is a violent dance with a bull or a beautifully balanced canvas, the development of culture is important for any community. It brings people together and unifies similar thought. It creates interest […]

Jefferson Elementary Art Show 2011

                        It’s an art show absent of vanity. The art is created out of the pure joy and excitement of making art. The goal is not to sell or fill a gallery request. The artists create art like children play and the opinions of others are as important […]

Noctrine Group Art Show

WHAT: Group Art Show WHERE: Gallery 204 (map) WHEN: Saturday Nov. 12 7PM See you there!

Recording Behind the Scenes of Hello Trouble

Stripped of their cowboy hats, matching wardrobes, poofy hair, vintage dresses and customized mic stands, Hello Trouble entered the Sacred Cat Recording Studio ran by Nathan James to record their first professionally mastered self titled album. The recording studio is a place of pure artistry. The bling and showmanship of the love performance is removed. […]

Multi-Talented Vocalist: Susanna Kurner

photography by Bryan Snyder Behind the vintage attire, hand crafted mic stands and music influenced by the likes of Hank Williams and Patsy Cline is the North County vintage country band Hello Trouble fronted by a musician with a wide range of vocal talents. Susanna Kurner, a lead singer and songwriter, was first exposed to […]

When describing the Village…

… I don’t think of free parking! I think of some of the most beautiful beaches in the nation. I describe the best coast boardwalk to jog along during early morning, mid afternoon or during one of the numerous breathtaking sunsets. I muse about the explosion of pink each early fall within the branches of […]

Doodle of the Week 11/05

Punks for Peace by unknown artist Doodle left on the Snyder Art and Design bulletin board.

Halloween 2011: Carlsbad Village

The night air had a crisp chill and the streets crawled with costume and shenanigans as Carlsbad again came to life, and death, during another Halloween weekend in the Village. Local pubs remained packed with libation and horror. Ghostly growls were accompanied by hiccups and headaches. Monster tunes echoed into the streets and candy wrappers […]

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