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Halloween 2011 Doodle: Limited Edition Art

click photo to enlarge A Halloween 2011 Doodle by Bryan Snyder • Water color and pencil illustration • Limited of only 50 pieces of art • 9in. x12in. on 140 lb. water color paper • Signed and numbered by the artist • Accompanied by Certificate of Authenticity Price: $90     (you DO NOT need […]

A Collaboration in West Hollywood

During the creative process of a collaboration, the initial participating artists build up a design as spectators watch, critique and document. Each step is captured through the eyes of each onlooker in multiple videos, a wide variety of photos and later analysis within blogs. At the point when the onlookers become engaged in the creative […]

What do you ‘meme’?

Culture is announced within the local streets. Marquess lure with flashing lights and flyers announce upcoming events. Banners invite the neighborhood and mounted wood signs foreshadow a congested village. The streets are scattered with memes looking to connect minds. In the same manner, though more discrete, local minds also use the streets as a way […]

Artistic Observations- Charlottesville

Through forest and along brick lined streets, our eyes attentively observed the colors, sounds and culture of Charlottesville, Virginia. Click HERE for all the observations and photos!

Charlottesville, VA bound…

Carlsbadcrawl will be on a hiatus for a handful of days. See you in a few…

The Currency of Time

The currency of time in the Carlsbad Village

Snyder Art Community Collage: THOM PAIN

New Village Arts Theatre in Carlsbad and Bryan Snyder of Snyder art presents a community based collage and project based on THOM PAIN based on thing by Will Eno

The Carlsbad Music Festival 2011

James Chute from the North County Times asked if the Carlsbad Music Festival is too cool for Carlsbad. He referenced the legendary artistic debacle of “The Bars” and suggested that the hangover once felt from the public outcry and eventual dismantling of the urban art piece might still be lingering, potentially preventing the coastal community […]

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